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8 Oct 2017
00:04telegram_bot<rowdymehul> @Seburo, Sure, I will
02:08firebotBug 177175 REOPENED, Should not display more than one &quot;Master Password&quot; prompts.
05:34telegram_bot<mstanke> (Photo, 720x1280) Screenshot (8. 10. 2017 7:34:22)
05:35telegram_bot<mstanke> Anyome having this problem, the top bar Android status icons not visible on the white background?
08:07telegram_bot<OmkarNathSingh> True. I am facing it too.
08:08telegram_bot<mstanke> @OmkarNathSingh, Do you know, if this is already reported?
08:08telegram_bot<mstanke> I am on a conference and not sure when I will have enough time to look for an existing bug or file a new one.
08:09telegram_bot<mstanke> Hmm, working now... :(
08:09telegram_bot<mstanke> Looking for STR.
08:09telegram_bot<mstanke> Looks like happening in the battery safe mode only...
08:10telegram_bot<OmkarNathSingh> @mstanke, I am not sure of it. I ignored it for a while waiting for future updates.
10:31telegram_bot<mstanke> I will file a bug later today. I hope...
13:38telegram_bot<OmkarNathSingh> Nice work @rowdymehul
14:09katniphow can i get a sticker like that one on the laptop there? :)
14:31telegram_bot<arkagno> Yeah, I want one!
14:31telegram_bot<arkagno> Or a nightly sticker ;)
15:02telegram_bot<rowdymehul> @katnip, File a swag request
15:03telegram_bot<rowdymehul> @arkagno, I think I have that one too
15:05telegram_bot<arkagno> Please? :D
15:06katniphow to file a swag request? :)
15:14telegram_bot<rowdymehul> I think you can request from here :
15:14telegram_bot<rowdymehul> Hope this helps you :)
15:17katnipthank you
15:22DuClare_Can you request these cakes too?
16:08telegram_bot<facyber> Can anybody tell me what&#39;s the deal with the Clitz? what is taht?
16:17Caspy7@facyber: I have not had the physical/mental energy read up on everything and deal with it, but here&#39;s a post from one of the /r/firefox mod.
16:17Caspy7I haven&#39;t read it either - except for the beginning.
16:18Caspy7it appears, at least in that case, that users from 4chan may be involved in helping to drum up the crowd.
16:20Caspy7again, I know little about it, there may be some negative there, but the post in question had 650+ upvotes within hours. The numbers I believe are almost unprecedented
16:20telegram_bot<facyber> Ok thanks, I will read it too. :)
16:21Caspy7just checked, current votes are 700+ and it&#39;s the 3rd highest upvoted post of all time for the sub - the other two are positive images
17:13ShalokShalomhi there
17:13ShalokShalomthe current beta version of firefox for Windows 64 provides very slow download speeds on specific URLs
17:15ShalokShalomthe windows 64 exe here as an example:
17:15ShalokShalomother URLs, like and sourceforge are running quite fast
17:15ShalokShalomthe same URL above is running fine on Edge
17:15ShalokShalomhope this helps
17:43PorkepixShalokShalom: Same with clean profile/safe-mode? If yes, please file a bug
18:17ItielHi guys
18:20ItielCan I add a [triage] tag to every bug that I think that should make it into 57 or 58?
18:20ItielFor photon I mean
20:03telegram_bot<arkagno> Wait so could I request swag for just one person and say it&#39;s a party for just me?
9 Oct 2017
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