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7 Sep 2017
01:47* Keiro-M uploaded an image: 0_192215_63d51e4a_orig.jpg (1845KB) <>
01:47Keiro-M^ ez a kp
08:28smallfoot-Everytime I open a tab it says the tab crashed. I can&#39;t navigate to any website. I use Windows 10. I deleted my user profile, I refreshed Nightly, I restarted without extensions. I uninstalled Nightly, and re-installed it. Nothing works.
08:31PorkepixWell, no issue here
08:32smallfoot-Oh well, guess I will just stay away from Nightly for a while then
08:34Caspy7smallfoot-: please go to about:crashes and share an ID
08:36PorkepixAll works well on both OS X and W7 here
08:36smallfoot-I have shared id
08:37pascalcsmallfoot, you didn&#39;t share it with us
08:38pascalcsome here (not me ;) ) know how to read the stacktraces associated with it and maybe get a better guess at why you are crashing
08:39pascalccan you paste the link in about:crashes instead of just the ID ?
08:40Caspy7smallfoot-: that ID did not give any results
08:40Caspy7did it get submitted?
08:40pascalcI don&#39;t think it was submitted
08:41Caspy7smallfoot-: my initial guess is it&#39;s this bug
08:41firebotBug 1397214 NEW, Crash in gfxPlatform::InitAcceleration
08:45smallfoot-pascalc, I can&#39;t paste the link because when I click the link, the tab crashes
08:46pascalcsmallfoot, right click on it, copy link, paste here
08:47smallfoot-Caspy7, yes that seems like it could be the bug
08:48smallfoot-pascalc, it just says
08:48Caspy7smallfoot-: feel free to CC yourself and maybe comment that you&#39;re experiencing it too and offer any info they may want
08:49Usulgreat crash I got
08:50Caspy7smallfoot-: there are two sections on that page the &quot;Unsubmitted Crash Reports&quot; and the &quot;Submitted Crash Reports&quot; what&#39;s the date/time of the top Submitted report?
08:50pascalcsmallfoot, I am guessing that you are always crashing for the same reason that&#39;s why the crash reports are no longer sent, if you look at the list of your crash IDs, the last crash submitted is probably the one you could paste here
08:51smallfoot-pascalc, when I clicked on the last ids, they were removed from the list
08:52Caspy7smallfoot-: do you have any reports in the Submitted Crash Reports section? If so, please right click and copy the top one
08:57smallfoot-Caspy7, I have many but none are submitted, and when I click on them, they don&#39;t get submitted
08:57smallfoot-Caspy7, oh in that section, yeah!
08:58Caspy7...yes, that&#39;s why I was specific
08:59Caspy7smallfoot-: yes, that looks like that bug I linked
08:59smallfoot-yes it indeed does
09:00smallfoot-I wish I knew that before I cleared my profile :(
09:00smallfoot-oh well
09:01Caspy7smallfoot-: what method did you use to clear your profile?
09:04smallfoot-First &quot;restart firefox without addons&quot; then clicked &quot;refresh&quot; and then after, also firefox.exe -P, then delete, delete
09:05Caspy7smallfoot-: when you do a refresh, that saves a copy of the original profile on your desktop. That profile can be restored
09:05smallfoot-oh, true
09:29nyuszika7hthis page is otudated
09:30nyuszika7hit sitll mentions Developer Edition / Aurora as a separate update channel
09:30nyuszika7hand doesn&#39;t even explain that Developer Edition was Aurora
10:15Porkepixnyuszika7h: Well, it&#39;s a wiki, feel free to update it :p
10:15PorkepixOr tag it as outdated if it&#39;s something possible
10:26nyuszika7hoh I can edit it? :P
10:29pascalcwhich btw is linked from
10:48smallfoot-but in Firefox you cant have two different instances of Firefox running at the same time with different profiles
10:48smallfoot-so if you are on your Work profile and want to switch to your Porn profile, then you have to close Firefox, and start with another profile
10:49Caspy7-no-remote is your friend
10:49telegram_bot<michaelkohler> I think --new-instance is preferred nowadays, not 100% sure though
10:50Caspy7@michaelkohler: as I understand, this does not work properly on OSes other than linux (if it still works properly on linux)
11:07Porkepixnyuszika7h: Yes, that&#39;s a wiki, anybody can edit it, you just need an account (sometimes you can&#39;t create one due to spam issues. I don&#39;t think that&#39;s currently the case, but if it is, go on #mdn)
11:07telegram_bot<decode_dev> @smallfoot-, You can use custom containers, which makes it easier to chnages between the environments like work, personal and all
11:08Porkepixmichaelkohler: What is this parameter?
11:08Porkepixsmallfoot-: I used up to three or four profiles simultaneously for test purposes
11:30Caspy7smallfoot-: what OS are you on?
11:33smallfoot-Windows 10
11:38Caspy7smallfoot-: ok, I wasn&#39;t here for the earlier conversation, but if you want to set up shortcuts or learn how to do multiple instances of Firefox, let me know
11:54pascalcor you could read the documentation here which includes a Windows 10 screencast to install Nightly with its own profile
11:55Caspy7smallfoot-: ^
11:55pascalcsorry for insisting for people to actually read the doc / watch the tutorials, but it takes a lot of time to actually maintain that FAQ and record that stuff so I&#39;d like to think I am not doing it for nothing ;)
12:05fwiwa really old session window that I think lost now back
14:51telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> some of them probably migrated from Aurora
14:51telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> I&#39;ve been using Release for a while but got annoyed by all the slowdown which got better with e10s and only WebExtensions
17:16telegram_bot<Iamvp7> (Photo, 720x1280)
17:16telegram_bot<Iamvp7> Ister something wrong
17:21Porkepixalex_mayorga: Was going to answer on ; don&#39;t have a W10 close now, but iirc even if it&#39;s less chocking than your screenshot, the new icon still makes it a bit strange
17:21firebotBug 1372566 WORKSFORME, Nightly&#39;s icon background is black and not matching the Windows 10 theme colors
17:30alex_mayorgaPorkepix: Do has spoken...
17:31* alex_mayorga uploaded an image: imagen.png (73KB) <>
17:32Porkepixalex_mayorga: Well, that&#39;s still not good :/
17:32alex_mayorgaPorkepix: It still looks iffy IMHO, but &quot;Meh!&quot;...
17:32Porkepixalex_mayorga: I think I&#39;ll still comment. Maybe for naught, but well
17:32alex_mayorgaPorkepix: My screen cap is hereby CC licensed =)
17:33Porkepixalex_mayorga: Too late, I commented. And the one I saw was with blue background for OS icons :p
17:33Porkepixalex_mayorga: You can add it though ;)
17:47alex_mayorgapascalc: Who ultimately decides if the above looks &quot;good&quot; or &quot;bad&quot;?
17:48telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> someone from the UI team I&#39;m sure
17:48telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> shorlander or so
17:49alex_mayorgaWould bwinton do?
17:56Caspy7we must summon them carefully. Don&#39;t want to invoke the wrath of the UX gods.
18:01alex_mayorgaAfter Firedoge I&#39;m fearless =)
18:02telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> well, firedoge was one of their better ideas in the last year in my eyes ;-)
19:03pascalcalex_mayorga not me :)
19:03pascalcI feel that you are right but I am not a windows user
19:06SeburoHi. Have people here seen this theme? >
19:21alex_mayorgaSeburo: Apparently 58 people have =)
19:21telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Seburo> Hi. Have people here seen this theme? , I didn&#39;t see it till now. The addon doesn&#39;t recognise Firefox is already installed! It shows a red button &quot;You need to download Firefox to install this add on
19:22Seburogaby2300: I see a green button, no issues here.
19:22Seburoalex_mayorga: I downloaded it when it was at 57. When I saw the number I knew I had to download it. :-)
19:23Porkepixalex_mayorga: &quot;Inteded background color&quot;, da fuck seriously, this looks like an error in the middle of other icons
19:23alex_mayorgaSeburo: I&#39;m a +1 now
19:23alex_mayorga@ gaby2300 That sounds like a bug worth investigating.
19:24telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Seburo, Seburo, well, I do! Would it be a bug?
19:24alex_mayorga@gaby2300 Have you poked at the user agent recently?
19:24telegram_bot<gaby2300> @alex_mayorga, Not at all
19:25telegram_bot<gaby2300> @alex_mayorga, Not at all!
19:25alex_mayorgaPorkepix: No need for the F-word, this is a family friendly channel, let&#39;s keep it that way.
19:25alex_mayorga@gaby2300 Try &quot;Safe Mode&quot; and file if it still reproduces I&#39;d say.
19:25Porkepixalex_mayorga: I don&#39;t think &quot;wtf&quot; is something unfriendly :d
19:25Seburogaby2300: Assuming you are using Nightly, which OS are you using?
19:26alex_mayorgaPorkepix: It is certainly something I don&#39;t want my kids to read, so please.
19:27telegram_bot<gaby2300> I am on my phone so it was my mistake, sorry!
19:28telegram_bot<gaby2300> I will try again later on my PC
19:28Seburogaby2300: It should still work in Fennec Nightly.
19:29telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Seburo, It seems to need Firefox already installed, which I have!
19:29Seburogaby2300: Does it install in Nightly for Android?
22:05telegram_bot<gaby2300> I don&#39;t know. The link took me to the Firefox addon&#39;s site and it required Firefox to be downloaded. The I tried opening the link with Firefox and there was no install button
22:06telegram_bot<gaby2300> Trying with PC now, it works fine!
8 Sep 2017
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