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7 Aug 2017
04:43telegram_botkelimuttu was added by: kelimuttu
05:04telegram_bot<kelimuttu> am I the only one who experience that the tab can not be moved to the left side?
05:05telegram_bot<kelimuttu> (Document)
05:05David3khow do I make nightly block all popups, even the ones from extensions? (file picker popups)
05:05David3klike a legit strict blocking rule
05:06telegram_bot<prasanthp96> @kelimuttu which Operating System are you in ?
05:07telegram_bot<kelimuttu> I&#39;m on OS X El capitan
05:07David3kI used to use strict pop-up blocker before this bullshit with nightly 57 (just switched the about:config setting as a button)
05:08telegram_bot<kelimuttu> @David3k I believe it&#39;s in the privacy and security setting in the about:preference
05:08David3kno, that&#39;s not it
05:08David3kthere are actually three states, allow popups, allow listed and block all
05:09David3kstrict pop-up blocker allowed me to toggle between allow listed and block all
05:09telegram_bot<prasanthp96> yeah.. i too can&#39;t move the tabs leftwards .. I&#39;m in latest nightly . Ubuntu 16.04
05:09telegram_bot<prasanthp96> @kelimuttu
05:09David3kblock all legit means &quot;block ALL&quot;
05:10telegram_bot<kelimuttu> @prasanthp96, wondering if it&#39;s photon related
05:13telegram_bot<kelimuttu> @David3k it&#39;s there. You can even choose specific website to be blocked or allowed
05:13David3k@kelimuttu, I don&#39;t WANT to allow any website or event to allow for a popup
05:14David3kthat is the OPPOSITE of what I was asking
05:14David3k&quot;<David3k> how do I make nightly block all popups, even the ones from extensions? (file picker popups)&quot;
05:21David3kforget this, I&#39;m legit done with firefox.
05:21David3kmigrating my shit to vivaldi, where strict popup blocking is actually possible
05:25telegram_bot<kelimuttu> @prasanthp96, Anyway, I filed a bug.
05:25firebotBug 1387943 NEW, [photon] Can not move tab to the left side
05:35telegram_bot<prasanthp96> (Sticker, 512x512)
07:07pboneSomething wrong with re-arranging tabs today?
07:08telegram_bot<kelimuttu> @pbone, yes. I filed a bug #1387943
07:08firebot NEW, [photon] Can not move tab to the left side
07:08pboneokay thanks.
07:20telegram_bot<mstanke> I have just added the regression window for this bug.
07:21PorkepixHi guys, after trying to solve by myself yesterday&#39;s issue and coming with no solution, asking in case anybody can help: is there a way to manage (read, merge, manipulate) previous sessions files?
07:22PorkepixTh idea being to merge previous upgrade one with one before to try to retrieve most of the tabs I lost in this messy sessionstore save
10:07telegram_bot<michaelkohler> did the pinned tabs get wider recently?
10:07telegram_bot<michaelkohler> somehow I feel I have less space for my non-pinned tabs, but I&#39;m not fully sure
10:32sw1ayfePorkepix having a browse in add-ons I came across this one which has an option &quot;Append to current window&quot;. Might that be a solution to merging?
10:34sw1ayfe* in fact there&#39;s &quot;Append to current session&quot; too
10:35Caspy7I was not here for the original conversation (and the log&#39;s down) but that is a good extension - however it&#39;s legacy, at least for now, so may go away in the (near?) future
10:36sw1ayfeit sounded rather urgent
10:36Usulany one knows while we see some debug output of font initialisation when launching fire fox ?
10:37Usulsomething like:
10:37Usulserialization: Helvetica
10:37Usulserialization: Arial
10:37Usulserialization: Helvetica
10:37Usulserialization: Arial
10:37Usulserialization: arial
10:37Usulserialization: rosettaicons
10:37Usulserialization: edgeicons
10:37Usulserialization: rosettaicons
10:37Usulserialization: edgeicons
10:37Usulserialization: rosettaicons
10:37Usulserialization: arial
10:37Usulserialization: rosettaicons
10:37Usulserialization: edgeicons
10:37Usulserialization: rosettaicons
10:41Caspy7please keep large pastes like that to
10:46Usultoo lazy ;) sorry
11:21Porkepixsw1ayfe: notre exactly as I only want one window, but it would do the job. However I used to use this addon before and tried to reinstall it this morning, it&#39;s broken in current nightlife&#39;s.
11:21PorkepixSame goes for tab mix
11:23PorkepixDunno this when and because of what. Maybe it can have to deal with lz4 compressed sessions, maybe not
11:23PorkepixSince when*
11:25sw1ayfeare they essentially json files?
11:28PorkepixI think so
11:28PorkepixAnd I tried to play with it bit, but format is kinda hard to manipulate
11:29PorkepixUncompressing lead to a one-liner of what seems to be a json
11:30PorkepixAnd jq seems to works a weir way, like piping to less give empty result and redirecting output to a file throw and error
11:34sw1ayfeAnd re the legacy add-ons: best we can do is communicate with devs and assist where we can as a community. Discussion of sunsetting xul/xpcom been around since circa 2013 and the firm decision almost a year ago. The change might be a little tetchy in some eyes - but the improvements we&#39;ve been seeing lately show why it&#39;s been so important to do.
11:36PorkepixYes. But everything isn&#39;t gonna be possible
11:37PorkepixEven things used for a Mozilla addon (MDN helper) were rejected when requested the needed API
11:37PorkepixRequired API*
11:38sw1ayfeoh I was aware there&#39;s been some action with MDN extension via GSOC - not aware of its status though
11:39PorkepixIt&#39;s pretty finished, that&#39;s anthony&#39;s work
11:40PorkepixHowever he won&#39;t be able to reproduce the behavior where the sidebar was opening by itself when visiting the corresponding pages
11:40PorkepixBecause of lack of the right APIs
11:40sw1ayfeahh I see
11:42anthonyWell they have their reasons which are good by design. It&#39;s logical to avoid to let everyone mess with the sidebar, it put the user at the center of its usage. A non power user would be terribly annoyed if an extension keep popping open a sidebar
11:42PorkepixYes. Which is why we created permissions.
11:43PorkepixOptional permission for it, and that&#39;s all. User is free to accept or reject it.
11:44PorkepixThis reason would be a good one without a permission system, but have no sense with it imho.
11:47sw1ayfeI only spotted all the MDN add-ons earlier in the year. Some variant of them would be defo helpful in oboarding new contributors
11:47PorkepixOnly knew one of them, done my a Mozilla&#39;s employee of the MDN team
11:47PorkepixThe one anthony based it&#39;s work on to recreate it as a webextension
11:49PorkepixYeah, phone autocorrection
11:49sw1ayfegrammar police stand down
11:49PorkepixI wish it would be smarter :d
11:51PorkepixOr rather it&#39;s been smarter*
11:51sw1ayfeback to the json merge: did you manage it using release/beta?
11:53anthonyMy extension is an helper for MDN Writer but there is a lot of examples webextension done by the MDN Team (wbamberg and the others) and contributor that are helpful to learn this new technology.
11:55sw1ayfethese anthony?
12:01Porkepixsw1ayfe: what do you mean?
12:02sw1ayfedid you fix the merge? I understood it was broken in Nightly, but perhaps opening said profile inside release or beta
12:03PorkepixDidn&#39;t try actually
12:05PorkepixI should try something like that, but well work&#39;s profile
12:05sw1ayfeI use around 8 profiles across all 4 versions of Fx so your use case is a somewhat interesting scenario
12:06PorkepixWhat do you mean?
12:06PorkepixAnd there are only 3 versions remaining :p
12:08PorkepixThings always go wrong in the end :D
12:10sw1ayferelease, beta, developer edition, nightly
12:10PorkepixThere are no developer edition anymore, right?
12:13sw1ayfeit merged into using NIghtly perhaps but it still *exists*
12:13sw1ayfecheck the footer even on
12:15PorkepixMmmmh, strange. I don&#39;t see any button to download though
12:15telegram_bot<michaelkohler> developer edition is based on beta
12:15Porkepixpascalc: Shouldn&#39;t developer edition have disappeared?
12:15telegram_bot<michaelkohler> no
12:16telegram_bot<michaelkohler> just the channel fo rit
12:16telegram_bot<michaelkohler> *for it
12:16telegram_bot<michaelkohler> so now it&#39;s three channels, Release, Beta, Nightly
12:16telegram_bot<michaelkohler> and DevEdition is just a special build from the beta channel
12:16PorkepixSo, developer edition is a beta with a theme?
12:16telegram_bot<michaelkohler> and some more prefs enabled, etc, but basically yes
12:17sw1ayfeah thx michaelkohler the release numbers made no sense - should have sussed that out
12:18sw1ayfeanywho FOUR :p
12:19Caspy7Porkepix, @michaelkohler: btw, as I understand it, Dev edition actually gets more updates than standard beta, so that is a slight difference
12:19Caspy7it&#39;s kind of like Beta with beta RCs
12:20Caspy7as I understand from a convo w/ a dev
12:21sw1ayfe* five with ESR actually
12:32PorkepixJust thinking. Firefox 52 only have basic first Webextension APIs. Next ESR is 59. Switch is for 57. I guess it lets room open for extensions that will have moved to webextensions and not update legacy one anymore. And then a little risk for security issues
14:03WaltS48woohoo! 2nd Linux Nightly update today :)
14:04telegram_bot<arkagno> How often are versions released?
14:06PorkepixCurrently it should be one everyday, by night on US timezone (somethign like 3AM)
14:06PorkepixIt&#39;s planned to have two so that Europe/Asia can also have it by night
14:07PorkepixBut there can be some manual respins if there was some major bugs which is now fixed
14:07PorkepixOr if they had to rollback due to one major bug
14:10telegram_bot<gaby2300> Does someone know if the drag tab&#39;s issue has been fixed?
14:12WaltS48I dragged a tab to bookmark it earlier today, before my 2nd update.
14:16telegram_bot<arkagno> I meant like actual releases for Stacie
14:16telegram_bot<arkagno> *stable
14:17telegram_bot<gaby2300> @WaltS48, Have you tried dragging it left to right or right to left?
14:18WaltS48telegram_bot: No, and I&#39;m not using Nightly atm.
14:19Caspy7@gaby2300: just tested. Looks like they fixed it.
14:22WaltS48Fixed here
14:23telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Great! I&#39;ll update my work&#39;s Nightly then!
14:31telegram_bot<gaby2300> Tabs are draggable but don&#39;t drop in the correct place!
14:47telegram_bot<gaby2300> No issues with pinned tabs!
14:53telegram_bot<gaby2300> The related bug shows 57 is still affected so... I suppose we&#39;ll have to wait for another update
16:36akihas the pocket button disappeared for anyone else?
16:43pascalcaki, it&#39;s in the url bar and the page action menu now
16:44akity :)
16:52fwiwis there an easy way to &quot;backup all currently open tab&quot; to something that can be imported later?
16:53Caspy7well, Session Manager addon just that&#39;s out
16:54Caspy7fwiw: make a backup of your current session file (with Firefox closed) I suppose
16:55fwiwCaspy7: ah, that also works I suppose
16:56fwiwtho, I&#39;m expecting something along the reverse of &quot;Open All in Tabs&quot; in bookmarks, i.e. &quot;Bookmark All Tabs&quot;
16:58telegram_bot<gaby2300> I received another update. Now the draggin tabs issue is fixed!!
16:58Caspy7fwiw: well....I mean, bookmark all does exist :) but yeah, that doesn&#39;t save more than the URL.
16:59fwiwlol :)
17:01fwiwI feel silly now
20:05telegram_bot<mstanke> @michaelkohler, Yes. I saw a bug, IIRC to 40px.
20:06telegram_bot<mstanke> @fwiw, I use add all to bookmarks and tham you can export them?
20:08telegram_bot<mstanke> @Usul, I see those when I enable Stylo.
8 Aug 2017
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