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6 Aug 2017
07:27telegram_bot<mstanke> Hi. I wonder what is the status of userchrome.css and usercontent.css. Do they still work, and will still work with Firefox 57?
09:06ianacaas of nightly 20170805 they still appear to work
09:07ianaca(on linux)
09:43decoderjust upgraded to latest nightly and all my tabs that were restored have no title, only the favicon is visible
09:43decoder(that is with all addons disabled)
09:46decodercompletely unusable
09:51Caspy7decoder: I&#39;m going to guess this is a result of an addon breaking
09:52decoderyes. I think it was CTR
09:52decoderthe problem though is:
09:52decoderI was not able to uninstall any addons
09:52decoderI closed firefox and moved CTR out of my profile dir
09:52decoderthat seemed to fix it
09:52decoderthis should never happen and I&#39;m surprised we are not testing this with the more popular addons (and CTR certainly is one)
09:59Caspy7decoder: I&#39;d recommend filing a bug on your particular situation. We don&#39;t want people, whether nightly or release, to end up in a broken state just because they had legacy addons installed before the upgrade
10:06decoderalready did
13:00decoderadblock plus also seems to be broken in nightly
13:23Usuldecoder: I don&#39;t think ad block finished the transition to webextension yet
13:23decoderwell thats pretty bad because my page loads were broken in about 30% of all loads
13:23decoderand we are still loading this addon
13:25Usulswitch to ublock :
13:25Caspy7yeah, might go ahead straight to the webextension version of uBlock
13:27telegram_bot<mstanke> I have installed pure webext version of ublock origin today. I used hybrid for about two weeks and after switching to pure webext, I feel and see dramatic speedup in page loads, especially for page I know that a &quot;rich&quot; on ads.
13:27decoderUsul: ublock doesnt block all ads for me reliably, I actually use both
13:27decoderbut I will try to switch ublock to the webext version
13:28decoderwill this transition happen automatically for the end user?
13:28telegram_bot<mstanke> Is it something where the webext APIs are really faster than access via XUL, or only my subjective feeling?
13:29Usuldecoder: no idea
13:29Caspy7decoder: uBlock is very effective for me, you may need to check more 3rd party filter lists.
13:29Caspy7decoder: first install the hybrid which will import your data from legacy to WE, then install the pure WE
13:30decoderi cant even download the xpis
13:30decoderright click save as gives me &quot;The download cannot be saved because an unknown error occurred.&quot;
13:30decoderwhy is *everything* broken in this nightly?
13:30Caspy7decoder: you probably need to disable signing enforcement
13:31Caspy7don&#39;t think that&#39;s specifically broken
13:31decoderthat shouldnt stop me from right click downloading it
13:31decoderalso signing enforcement is off by default in nightly right?
13:31decoderI just sideloaded another addon just fine
13:31decoderwithout a sig
13:31decoderlemme check
13:31Caspy7what is the value of xpinstall.signatures.required ?
13:31Caspy7no, don&#39;t think it&#39;s off by default, just able to be toggled off
13:31SeburoSlightly more important, anyone notice a small logo change....?
13:32Caspy7yes... &quot;small&quot;
13:32fwiwand big
13:36decoderCaspy7: i resorted to wget to get the xpis, firefox is not able to save them for me
13:39Caspy7decoder: did you try saving them first or just clicking them to let Firefox handle it?
13:39decoderand both didnt work
13:39decodersaving with wget then sideloading worked
13:50j605I sent someone the link to firefox screenshots and they got this instead:
13:51j605the have no js and use a custom stylesheet
13:56j605it is broken with English text and mixture of text from other languages. I think that shouldn&#39;t happen
13:58Caspy7j605: if someone showed me that the first thing I&#39;d say would be test in safe mode, then test (temporarily) in a fresh profile [using the profile manager]
14:00j605they use luakit and not firefox. But it worked well with chromium, so luakit might also be a problem
14:03j605but overall, the screenshot program is great. I was able to capture the whole page by scrolling till the end. It is not possible to do that with an external program
14:04Caspy7j605: scroll? You don&#39;t have to scroll to get the whole page though
14:05j605I don&#39;t get the full page option
14:07Caspy7weird, maybe they removed it. There used to be a couple buttons
14:08Caspy7one for visible page region, another for full page
14:08j605that is mentioned in the website but it doesn&#39;t show up for me
14:08Caspy7I don&#39;t know if anyone&#39;s awake in #testpilot but you could try asking there
14:08Caspy7also you could show them that screenshot
14:08Caspy7me neither
14:09Caspy7it used to be there
14:10j605ok, I asked in that channel
14:19Caspy7j605: I just saw. What I meant was the question about your friend, and their screenshot
14:29fwiwCaspy7: I remember someone said in here that it&#39;s removed because of performance concern
14:30Caspy7I&#39;d be interested to hear from a pageshot dev on the matter
14:31Caspy7j605: oops, perhaps should have directed you to #screenshots
14:32Caspy7the same devs from there are probably in the former, but it is a less noisy channel - admittedly not this time of the day
15:06Caspy7@mstanke: it&#39;s possible it&#39;s faster. Here&#39;s a recent article on the NoScript Webextension Scroll to the question &quot;Can you tell us about where you are with the migration?&quot; and he talks about it being more performant in some places because of async
16:10j605Caspy7: #testpilot is very quiet
16:11Caspy7it&#39;s a Sunday morning in the US, so, yeah
16:19PorkepixGosh, just did a couple of days of upgrade, lost almost all the tabs of my main window :/ ; and recovery/previous sessions sin&#39;t fine. No idea why, on a window with many tabs and 7 pinned ones, only one pinned tab is remaining
16:21Caspy7Porkepix: several addons stopped working, do you think it&#39;s connected to that?
16:22PorkepixDont think so
16:24PorkepixBut yeah, I&#39;ve hot some problems related tout addons either
16:26PorkepixDamn phones autocorrect
17:11telegram_bot<facyber> Does by any chance is someone here plays Forge of Empires online game? It requires to activate Flash Player in order to play it and after I enable it, on around 70-80% of loading page, Adobe Flash crush. Facebook also use Flash but everything works fine there, don&#39;t know why this game have problems.
17:21Caspy7@facyber: what OS are you on? Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit Firefox?
17:22telegram_bot<facyber> Caspy7 Ubuntu 17.04, 64 bit Nightly
17:23Seburo\o/ Same as me
17:25Caspy7@facyber: do you know if Flash is attempting to do any hardware acceleration?
17:40* Caspy7 is thinking that&#39;s not even an option on Linux...
17:42Caspy7@facyber: if it&#39;s easily reproducible, you may try to test in a separate profile as well as in Beta. See if the issue may lie in your profile or in Nightly
17:42Caspy7I which 56 had hit Beta already
18:09telegram_bot<mauricio> Can&#39;t decide if new logo posted by @pascalchevrel is the Firefox alola form or its mega X evolution. I love it
18:15Caspy7@mauricio: I&#39;m not sure what you&#39;re referencing, do you have a link?
18:16telegram_bot<facyber> Caspy7 How to check if its attempting? I will try with new profile now.
18:16telegram_bot<facyber> I don&#39;t like new Nightly logo. It&#39;s sort of childish
18:17Caspy7well then buckle up, because the new Firefox icon will be similar...except with Release colors
18:17telegram_bot<gaby2300> @mauricio, I love it too!!
18:18Caspy7@mauricio: Are you referencing the new Nightly icon?
18:19Caspy7@facyber: it&#39;s probably not worth bothering, pretty sure it&#39;s not available on linux... You right click on Flash content and bring up the preferences I think
18:31telegram_bot<mauricio> @Caspy7 it&#39;s just a joke about pokemon mega x evolution:
19:47telegram_bot<gaby2300> Does someone know if the new Nightly Photon icons differ according to Window&#39;s 7 versions?
20:12Caspy7@gaby2300: I&#39;m not immediately sure, but maybe this will give insight:
20:13Caspy7it looks like the answer is no
20:13Caspy7looks like they match
20:14Caspy7actually, all platform icons look the same to me
20:29telegram_bot<Diffusive> Anyone has been having troubles with the tabs in nightly?
20:31telegram_bot<Diffusive> (Document)
20:33telegram_bot<Diffusive> (Photo, 1280x470) Here. It happens sometimes 2 times today. Don&#39;t know the process. I just open tabs and then when I know it&#39;s broken.
20:38telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Yes, they look like that in my home PC but differente in my work&#39;s one
20:40Caspy7telegram_bot: yes, I&#39;ve seen multiple reports that tab dragging is broken
20:41telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, The difference is related to the backwards arrow: here it&#39;s inside a cirlcle. In my work&#39;s one it&#39;s the same as the forward arrow: just an arrow
20:43Caspy7@Diffusive: sorry, I meant my last msg to be to you
20:44Caspy7@gaby2300: it&#39;s probably your density. Go into customize and change your density
21:03telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, You where right! Thanks @Caspy7!!
21:04telegram_bot<gaby2300> I&#39;m having issues dragging tabs too: I cannot move them :(
21:04Caspy7yes, tab dragging is broken in the current build
21:05Caspy7gotta keep devs from making changes just before or on the weekend :)
21:07telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Hope it gets fixed soon! It makes Nightly nearly unusable!
21:08Caspy7well, it&#39;s Sunday, so probably not until tomorrow
21:10Caspy7@gaby2300: if you&#39;re desperate, you can pull the tab down into a separate window, then place it again
21:11telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Unfortunately not...
21:12telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, I can always do that, thanks!
22:30telegram_bot<Diffusive> @gaby2300, Having like 80 tabs at the same time without changing the order is a pain :(
23:22telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Diffusive, It is! :( That&#39;s why I commented it&#39;s nearly unusable!
7 Aug 2017
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