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17 Jul 2017
08:38telegram_bot1<facyber> Caspy7 I have that bug for a while
15:27telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Yes, I can confirm even in today&#39;s build
15:28Caspy7gaby2300: thanks
15:34telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Is there a bug I can add my commeto to?
15:43Caspy7gaby2300: I haven&#39;t filed it yet
15:44Caspy7gaby2300: actually, maybe bug 1378351
15:44firebot NEW, &quot;Share your page&quot; button is not working
15:50telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @Caspy7, I added my comment, thanks @Caspy7!
15:51Caspy7thank you
19:03telegram_bot1JonVadillo was added by: gaby2300
19:37telegram_bot1<gaby2300> Welcome Jon!!!
19:37telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Np! :)
19:58telegram_bot1<JonVadillo> @gaby2300, Thank you! Hi everyone! I&#39;m Jon Vadillo, Computer Engineer from Spain and happy to start helping to the project
20:01SeburoHi Jon. Welcome to Nightly.
21:05telegram_bot1<alexroberts> Seems like Min-vid and Nightly aren&#39;t playing nicely with one another.
21:05telegram_bot1<alexroberts> Frequent crashing.
21:31Caspy7alexroberts: would also mention in #min-vid
21:56Asaanyone seeing gmail basically seizing up and not working on nightly lately?
21:56telegram_bot1<mozillamarcia> @Asa there was one bug report I saw today regarding that
21:57telegram_bot1<satdav> yes quite a lot Asa
21:57firebotBug 1381534 NEW, When Using Nightly, GMail causes it to freeze and crash and I have to move off nightly onto old FF.
21:57firebotBug 1380896 NEW, gmail is slow or stops responding in nightly
21:57SeburoAsa: Hi. I am using Gmail right now on Nightly, no problems at all.
21:57telegram_bot1<satdav> but I have lots of tabs open
21:57AsaI have no problems either. couple of people on slack have seen it though plus the bug reports
22:03Caspy7I&#39;ve had a couple times where it just sits there with blank tabs. I forget if I just had to wait or clicked the inbox again...
18 Jul 2017
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