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15 Jul 2017
07:31amezarashi97hello =)
07:32telegram_bot1<PathfinderPC> Hey!
10:47Usullayout.css.servo.enabled is currently my favorite switch in ff, easy to find some bugs with it @ true
10:53PorkepixUsul: What does it do? Switch the whole CSS engine to Servo&#39;s one?
10:54PorkepixMmmmh. This is unexpected, I thought the plan was only to use very little pieces of Servo a bit by a bit incorporated in Gecko. Not to use a whole engine/piece of Servo directly
10:56Caspy7Porkepix: perhaps your expectation of the size of the pieces was a bit small is all :)
10:58PorkepixYeah, but I thought this was their plan :d
10:59PorkepixUsul: Can it be switched on and off without any restart? I guess there are quite some websites which are breaking when using it
11:13Usulyes it can
11:13Usulnot that many :)
11:14Usulbut if you find some
11:14Usulfile bugs in css parsing
11:14Usulstarting the bug with stylo:
11:15PorkepixOh, with colon, not square brackets?
11:15PorkepixUntil here most of the time this kind of informations in the summary was done using square brackets like [gtk3] or [e10s]
11:29Usuldepends on the team :)
12:57PorkepixAnyway, I guess there&#39;s a keyword or whiteboard too :p
23:02Caspy7Can anyone use the &quot;Share this page&quot; button? You may need to grab it from the customize area
23:03Caspy7I try and the panel for it pops up momentarily and disappears immediately
16 Jul 2017
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