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14 Jul 2017
09:27kr1shnathere are no options on ublock origin; unmht and dark background and light text addons options are incorrect on 20170713150325 build. is this part of implementation of webextensions only ? or a general error ?
09:27kr1shnai am verifying file formats supported. i am unable to find some file format samples online. please help
13:39Alex_GaynorMorning all, I'm seeing a pretty unfortunate bug this morning. I went to download a file while using the latest nightly, and I'm not quite sure what happened, but new firefox windows starting spawning by the dozens. The only way to stop it is to force-quit the browser, unfortunately when I reopen it, the windows just start spawning again. I think the only notable thing about my system is that the file is a PDF and I have
13:39Alex_Gaynorfirefox configured to open PDFs with firefox. a) Is this bug known, b) What can be done to get my firefox back into a usable state - I've now force-quit and restarted several times, and I never get the "which tabs would you like to restore" UI
13:40UsulAlex_Gaynor: url ?
13:40Alex_GaynorUsul: was the PDF
13:40Usulworeks for me opened only in pdf.js
13:41Alex_GaynorHeh, good to know not everyone's firefox is obliterated by it
13:43Alex_GaynorIs there anything I can do to trigger the "which tabs would you like to restore" dialog?
13:48Alex_Gaynor`/Applications/ --safe-mode` was the trick, should anyone else run into this
13:56Caspy7Alex_Gaynor: that's going to put you into safe mode each and every time. If that resolved your issue, the problem may be an addon
13:57Alex_GaynorCaspy7: Using --safe-mode triggered the "which tabs would you like to restore" dialog, where I was able to select the 30+ windows that had been spawned (as well as the original PDF page). I then quit firefox, and spawned it normally (not in safe-mode) and all appears well.
13:57Alex_Gaynor(about:support confirms that safe-mode did not persist that restart)
13:58Caspy7I see. I thought you implied you would use that to start from here on out
13:58Alex_GaynorAh, no, just to trigger the select-which-tabs-to-restore dialog
14:04kr1shnai am verifying file formats supported. i am unable to find some file format samples online. please help
17:21hwineahh, uBlock stopped the paywall popup -- it all makes sense now
17:30Caspy7I've had that happen before
17:30Caspy7hwine: I think I resolved it by blocking more elements...
17:32hwineI've heard of that :)
18:21telegram_bot1<PathfinderPC> Can anyone tell me what is the port for I tried port 6697 and 8443 but its not getting connected
18:32telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> how to enable auto downloader in Ubuntu.. i m worried not able to do it..
18:35claudijdhi, I&#39;d like to report some weird behavior I&#39;m observing in nightly
18:36claudijdRepro steps are this...
18:37claudijdthis on Mac BTW
18:40claudijdignore the window tidy part, looks like it&#39;s native issue
18:47claudijdfalse alarm ^ I think I was getting mouse lag, which was causing the clicks to come two close together and thus resulting in expected behavior of full screen on doubleclick in non-tab space
15 Jul 2017
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