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13 Sep 2017
00:35katnipis it normal to get more than one update in a day? sometimes 3
00:36akiwe have 2 nightlies per day, so if you get those + the one from the night before, that can be 3
00:37Caspy7(so, yes)
00:37katnipok.. sometimes i get a small one like about 9-10 mb, then sometimes i get 50 mb
00:37katnipi just had one for 50
00:38akipartial updates can be small. completes are large. we're syncing those up so you should generally get the partials, but that isn't ready yet
00:38katnipi think this morning it was 9, as long as it's normal, im fine with it, i just wanted to be sure there wasnt something funky going on with my install
00:38katnipok gotcha thank you
06:49decebalusAny new information about to how can be customize the scrollbars on Nightly (size, colour)?
08:06PorkepixOkay, for informations to people here, here are the tested environment for Photon internally by Mozilla "for Photon Visual Redesign we are testing on Windows10, Windows 10 with touch, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 16.04 and Mac OS X 10.12"
08:06PorkepixSo if anyone use older OS X or other Linux DE, further testing might be really welcome
08:07Porkepixpascalc: Considering that Ubuntu drops Unity in favor of Gnome in 18.04 which is 5/6 months after photon release, I'd suggest them to at least test a Gnome distrib, Unity is dead in 8 months. Do you know if such decisions are taken on BMO or elsewhere?
08:09pascalcPorkepix, Redhat also tests Firefox as they maintain our GTK support
08:09PorkepixOn Fedora or on RHEL?
08:10PorkepixBecause RHEL use a very (very very) old GTK/Gnome
08:10pascalcRedhat did our GTK3 support
08:10PorkepixThen Fedora is the answer I guess
08:10pascalcprobably both
08:11pascalcbut it's a good point, I'll raise it at our next release management meeting, thanks :)
08:16telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> I think RH even still works on Wayland support, which is awesome
08:18PorkepixYeah, I was told that on #b2g
08:18PorkepixThere&#39;s a metabug on both BMO and their own bugzilla
08:19telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> Yes, I know, I&#39;m following our side of that
09:20telegram_botBhuv123 was removed by: Bhuv123
09:30telegram_bot<Mte90> (Document) on nightly doesn&#39;t start the communication with the other people
09:30Mte90on dev edition works fine
09:31telegram_bot<Edovio> @Mte90, I sent yet a Bug Daniele
09:31Mte90the link? I will add also my screen that contain the devtool output :-)
10:01telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> Hmm, last week I did without issues on Nightly. I sometimes cause an echo for others and need to reload for it to go away but otherwise it&#39;s fine.
10:46Porkepixpascalc: Btw, when there are such points raised in meetings, there&#39;s no &quot;bugs&quot; on BMO associated with it I guess?
11:17Mte90I released a new version of share backported with the settings to hide shares :-)
11:20Mte90funny if you use github on firefox dev edition report as an old version
14:51Usulis loading for you guys are you are getting white pages too ?
14:55Tokoyamiloads fine here
14:56Caspy7works for me
14:57Usuloki doki
14:57Usulcrappy cache on my side then
15:23danemacmillanThe last few days of Nightly I&#39;ve been unable to login to any Google Cloud Platform products--specifically the console.
15:23danemacmillanWhere would I report something like this?
15:27casperlHi, are bugs found in nightly eligible for bug bounty?
15:28WaltS48How do you add a new search engine when the Search Bar doesn&#39;t appear with a new profile?
15:28Caspy7danemacmillan: bugs can be reported at though I would start by attempting to log in in a private window
15:28danemacmillanCaspy7: Same thing.
15:29danemacmillanIs there a recommended category to file a site-specific issue in Nightly on Bugzilla?
15:30Caspy7danemacmillan: the other steps I would add would be safe mode and testing in a fresh profile (using the profile manager) this may help to point in the right direction
15:30Caspy7WaltS48: I saw something indicating that&#39;s a use case they need to fix
15:31danemacmillanCaspy7: Damn alright--someone already filed it!
15:31firebotBug 1398477 NEW, Blank page on Google Cloud Platform
15:31Caspy7ah, well then
15:31Caspy7casperl: security bugs you mean? I kind of doubt it, but you could try asking in #security
15:32WaltS48Caspy7: Definitely! I refreshed my profile yesterday, then added the Search Bar back so I could add the search engines I found missing.
15:33WaltS48Bugzilla and others
15:37casperlI have a question, how does javascript manipulate dom classes?
15:43Mte90what do you mean casper?
15:44Caspy7Mte90: Looks like the icon in the URL bar (on the left) is the wrong color
15:44Mte90Caspy7: of share extension? is a bug in firefox
15:45Mte90if i add the support for themed icons for the pageaction the extension crash so I have to wait probably for teh build of tomorrow for new test that will contain the patch
15:45Caspy7Mte90: do you know if there&#39;s a bug on how close the Right-most icon is to the border? It feels very crunched
15:47casperlMte90: when javascript being compiled into bytecode, how bytecode manipulates dom classes?
15:52Mte90Caspy7: no idea
15:53Mte90casperl: check on there was few post about how works the browser engine
15:53Mte90but this is not the right channel to talk about this kind of things
15:53casperlMte90: thanks :)
16:03pi-teuBonjour, hi, I&#39;m using ff nightly for a few months, thx for your great work. Using nightly and release on debian testing. After a reinstall of everything, the daily update of nightly doesn&#39;t work anymore, I need to install nightly manualy (download, tar, etc...) every day.
16:05pascalcpi-teu, make sure that firefox nightly and all of its files have the correct file permissions to allow the update, if you installed it in opt for example
16:13pi-teupascalc: merci. nightlyi is installed in /usr/lib/ drwxr-xr-x root root
16:14pascalcwell, if it is installed as root, you need to run it as root to let it update by himself
16:16pi-teuwould it work if i change the rights of the /usr/bin/firefox-nightly directory?
16:16Usulchown -R would work yest
16:21pi-teupascalc & Usul: merci, a marche, it works!
16:22Usulet super que t&#39;utilises nightly
16:22Porkepixpi-teu: Yes it works, but it&#39;s not really adviced to put manually installed programs in /usr/bin, you usually put those in your home directory, /opt or /usr/local for example :)
16:24catleeyes, I run mine out of ~/minefield still :)
16:26pi-teuok, I&#39;ll remember next time, thx prc-pic ;) But is it a security problem?
18:47gonhidiHi. Can the tab/page-loading throbber be the cause of getting high CPU usage?
18:49gonhidiIt seems that every time it is active, even if there is no apparent loading activity the main process goes from 5% CPU usage to 30% or more.
18:50gonhidiI also feel that it is not loading activity because when using the Treestyletab webextension sometimes the throbber gets stuck in the sidebar&#39;s tabs.
18:51gonhidiWhen that happens, showing or hiding the sidebar seems to reliably change the CPU usage.
18:51gonhidiThis is happening to me on macOS 10.12.6.
18:53Porkepixgonhidi: If you&#39;re reproducing it on safe-mode and in a clean profile, I guess you can report a bug
19:01Caspy7gonhidi: if the throbber is running, then it&#39;s likely that the browser is doing something
19:03gonhidiCaspy7: That&#39;s why I brought out the Treestyletab situation.
19:04gonhidiIn that case the horizontal tabs have no throbber but some verticals one do, and the high CPU usage is only when the sidebar is visible.
19:05gonhidiIf it is not due to the extension, the only apparent thing that is being done that is different is displaying the throbber.
19:06gonhidiTo be honest I am not quite convinced by my description, but the high CPU load on seemingly simple pages is real.
19:08gonhidiPorkepix: As you see, I am not too sure about the issue, but if with what I have holds up to some testing on a clean profile perhaps I will end up opening a bug report.
19:44firebotBug 1397092 ASSIGNED, High Cpu/GPU usage due to &quot;Ping Pong&quot; loading indicators in Firefox 57 affecting browser performance
19:57gonhidiCaspy7: Well, thanks! :-) I am confident I gave a good look to Bugzilla a few days ago, but I sure didn&#39;t do my homework today.
21:26Porkepixgonhidi: No worries, even dupes as a contributor aren&#39;t that much of a problem. It helps notice that many users are affected
22:03gonhidiPorkepix: Thank you: it is easier to get things done and not overworry when the consequencess of erring are put into perspective.
22:03gonhidiThank you all for your help. See you around.
14 Sep 2017
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