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13 Aug 2017
00:10gandalfvh: do you know how to record a screencast of this behavior?
00:46vhsorry, just returned
00:55vhCan I use recordmydesktop?
01:21Caspy7vh: I don't know if gandalf cared what you used...
01:22gandalfvh: sure :)
01:30telegram_bot<Diffusive> (Photo, 1280x320)
01:43vhYeah, sorry, my english is bad, I intended to ask something else, but expressed something else entirely
01:51gandalfvh: no worries, I&#39;m an ESL as well :)
05:38kr1shnadoes anybody issues or unable to use dark background theme or addon since 2 days
08:44PorkepixLegacy addons are disabled, yeah
09:15telegram_bot<facyber> Porkepix just set extensions.legacy.enabled;true
09:16telegram_bot<facyber> What&#39;s with the new Nighlty icon on Linux?
09:16telegram_bot<Zulfath> nightly again changes its look on update
09:17SeburoIt has changed again?
09:17telegram_bot<Zulfath> its changed in all os i expect
09:17telegram_bot<Zulfath> yes
09:17telegram_bot<Zulfath> (Photo, 1366x768)
09:17telegram_bot<Zulfath> but not in home page
09:17SeburoDoes not look like it has changed from what it was a few days ago...
09:18telegram_bot<facyber> I noticed just now the new icon
09:18telegram_bot<facyber> maybe because I&#39;m starting Nightly via keyboard shortcut
09:18telegram_bot<Zulfath> ya now only they released a build in that its been changed
09:18Seburolol, I just need Unity to update. Very funny.
09:20SeburoI have to go, but will keep an eye out for that. :-)
09:20telegram_bot<Zulfath> y the logo has been changed. new logo is very cartoonistic. kid will like it
09:20telegram_bot<facyber> It&#39;s from that famious comic I can&#39;t remember the name, but it is very nice
09:34David3khow do I remove the &quot;send page to device&quot; context menu?
09:36fwiwthis logo last night
09:37fwiwand this is probably new logo for this night
09:37fwiwI don&#39;t know why it&#39;s phoenix
09:38David3khow do I remove the &quot;send page to device&quot; context menu?
09:40ianacaif it were me I&#39;d do something with userChrome.css, but there might be a better way
09:41fwiwI wonder how people figuring out what selector to put in userChrome.css?
09:42fwiwpermalink for another logo
09:43fwiwDavid3k: using userChrome.css as mentioned above
09:43fwiwis one of the way
09:43David3kI want to disable the feature
09:43* fwiw don&#39;t know though
09:43David3kI don&#39;t want to hide a context menu item, I want to disable it
09:43fwiwDavid3k: disconnect the sync account?
09:44David3kI use sync to resync my profile on this computer
09:44ianacaDavid3k: you might want to either look into making an addon or compiling firefox yourself if you want to remove it &quot;entirely&quot;
09:44David3ksync account is only used on this same computer
09:45fwiwDavid3k: when you disconnect the sync account, the context menu won&#39;t shows up
09:45David3kianaca, don&#39;t fucking patronise me
09:45ianacaDavid3k: sorry, I&#39;m only trying to suggest ways for you to achieve what you want
09:46David3kianaca, go be sarcastic in your own little hole
09:46Porkepixianaca: Don&#39;t pay too much attention. This guy was already very aggressive other times
09:46David3kfwiw, so I get that it&#39;s tied to the sync account, but doesn&#39;t sync disable it when there is only one device?
09:46ianacaah, ok
09:46David3kthe feature, I mean
09:47fwiwDavid3k: I don&#39;t get what you means, but synced account include mobile device
09:48David3kyes, but I don&#39;t have any other device linked to this particular account, just this one PC
09:48David3kmy phone and tablet are linked to a sync account, but that&#39;s only to each other
09:49David3kthis one is solo, so there should be no context menu item in the first place
09:50ianacafwiw: btw, the method I use for finding the selector is chrome://browser/content/browser.xul, in case you want to know
09:50David3kis there no flag to turn this off in about:config?
10:10fwiwianaca: but that&#39;s onlly for visible ui right? how about right clicking, hamburg menu, and stuff?
10:12ianacafwiw: it&#39;s all there (I think), just hidden so some of it is a little hard to find. I can hide the dropdown that asks you to enable flash or eme, for instance
10:37ianacamostly for myself than David3k at this point, but I managed to hide the send to device from the tab and &quot;main&quot; context menus, only the page action thing left
10:46fwiwianaca: nice :)
10:48fwiwanyone find it slow to drag tab in the edge of tab bar?
10:49fwiwi.e. when dragging overflowing tab from leftmost to rightmost I expect the tabbar scroll faster the more I drag my cursor to the right
10:50fwiwbut it&#39;s really slow scrolling currently
10:50fwiwI don&#39;t know how previous behaviour is
11:15David3kfwiw, I just tried services.sync.enabled to false but the context menu is still there
11:15David3kjust &quot;greyed out&quot;
11:18fwiwDavid3k: what&#39;s being shown in about:preferences#sync
11:19David3kfwiw, seems to do the trick
11:19David3kI just need to toggle services.sync.enabled when I need to resync my profile
11:20fwiwDavid3k: what&#39;s being shown in about:preferences#sync
11:20David3kfwiw, still shows my firefox account
11:20fwiwDavid3k: if you disconnect your account, it will disable the context menu
11:20David3kI don&#39;t want to
11:21David3kI just want to disable/re-enable sync at my discretion
11:21fwiwDavid3k: the context menu is associated with your account
11:21fwiwDavid3k: when you login to sync, it will available again
11:22David3kfwiw, here&#39;s the thing: toggling a bloolean is easier
11:22fwiwDavid3k: yes
11:22David3kwhy do I have to logout and relog my sync account every few minutes when I can just toggle the services.sync.enabled boolean
11:22fwiwDavid3k: yes indeed
11:23David3know I need to find a way to toggle the boolean with a button
11:23David3kin the UI
11:25David3kfwiw, services.sync.enabled does not disable sync, it just greys out the option in the context menu
11:26David3kwhy does this have to be so roundabout?
11:26David3kthis sync thing needs a toggle switch
11:46David3kis there another way to toggle sync?
11:46David3kwithout logging out
11:46David3kI can&#39;t be relogging every few minutes
11:47David3khow do I toggle/disable sync without logging out
11:57ianacaturns out the page action menu entries aren&#39;t part of chrome://browser/content/browser.xul directly, they&#39;re loaded through javascript, and I can&#39;t find their exact ids, only the template `pageAction-panel-${actionID}`. gonna look through it again later
13:21ilneHAHA, new icon today
13:23David3khow do I toggle/disable sync without logging out?
13:56David3kfwiw, turns out &quot;Send to Device&quot; context menu still present even with sync disconnected
13:58fwiwDavid3k: nope, I have sync account disconnected and it didn&#39;t shows up
14:10David3kfwiw, well that doesn&#39;t help me, because I&#39;m looking right at the option after disconnecting my firefox sync account and relaunching the browser
14:46fwiwDavid3k: me too, I&#39;m disconnecting firefox sync account and relaunching the browser and all sync related thing including that send to device disappear
15:38jeyoungyet another icon for nightly
15:38jeyoungoh, that&#39;s an oldie: the phoenix
15:38jeyoungnice one.
17:11ignitingHi, my recent nightly build - 2017-08-13 (64-bit) is taking too much time for startup (even with addons disabled) and is taking lot of CPU too (at startup). Any known issues?
17:12ignitingnot just startup, each tab open and browsing is noticeably slower.
17:32dewyo anyone around to stop some bugzilla spam?
17:32dewbug 237623
17:33firebot FIXED, download manager sometimes thinks that incomplete downloads are complete; cannot resume/retry
17:41fwiwdew: bugzilla spam?
17:42dewyeah I&#39;ve gotten like 6 emails from the same person attaching stuff to that bug
17:42dewkohei is fixing it I think
17:43koheiyeah, just added spam tags to those comments to disable the guy
17:43Caspy7kohei: ok, so that should prevent them from posting more?
17:46koheiI think 3 spam tags will automatically ban the commenter
17:47fwiwwhat&#39;s this attachment about? why it&#39;s linked to a website?
17:48fwiwowh, it&#39;s a html snippet
17:53Caspy7if it&#39;s slightly malicious I think they should be deleted
17:53Caspy7no harm in doing that as it&#39;s spam, no kid gloves there
19:08fwiwianaca: related to using chrome://browser/content/browser.xul you&#39;re talking about previously, I try to fix this stuff with userChrome.css
19:08ianacafinally found the page action id, so I have now hidden all instances of send to device with userChrome.css. if David3k wants this alongside his technique of disabling sync, I can paste it somewhere
19:09ianacafwiw: addon?
19:09fwiwbut I can&#39;t trick this browser.xul to shows the icon
19:10fwiwianaca: that&#39;s custom container tab
19:10ianacaah, I don&#39;t use container tabs either
19:10ianacaI used to use some addon called dom inspector, which really helped me find things easily, but it isn&#39;t 57+ compatible
19:11ianacaalso the javascript is a labyrinth, I don&#39;t want to have to traverse that very often
19:15ianacafwiw: looking through the xul, it doesn&#39;t seem to have anything after the star by default, might be another javascript thing
19:23fwiwianaca: owh, found it :)
19:23ianacayou did? nice!
19:25fwiwI try opening some site and there was hbox#userContext-icons hidden inside the textbox#urlbar
19:26fwiwI think it&#39;s hidden by default for default container profile
19:33fwiwanyway, in case anyone has similar problem
19:40ianaca if David3k ever asks again how to hide the grayed out entries, show him this, he already did the &quot;removing&quot; part, this just completes it for him if he wants it
19:42fwiwthis is so much better
14 Aug 2017
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