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12 Sep 2017
04:58PrathameshWhenever I open a youtube video and switch to the next tab, I have to come back to the youtube tab to initaite the video. It doesn't get automatically started even if I am another tab. Has anyone faced this issue in the Nightly?
05:20Caspy7Prathamesh: it is an intentional (new) feature in 56+ that new background tabs with media in them won't play until viewed. This can be disabled if you like.
05:21Caspy7go to about:config in the URL bar, search for media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground and toggle it to false
05:42PrathameshCaspy7 Thanks!
05:51FwiwPrathamesh: it's useful if you wanna open multiple youtube page in the background. You didn't need to pause them one by one agai
05:54Caspy7indeed. I do this.
05:54Caspy7I find this feature advantageous daily
06:00FwiwYups, and the best thing is it's working for any site with media on them
10:03oguzhanogredenHi! Bugzilla guideline link here goes to Vietnamese page.
10:03oguzhanogredenCouldn't easily find a way to fix/report this. Any suggestions?
10:05Porkepixoguzhanogreden: Well, you just need a wiki account and to edit the link
10:05PorkepixTo correct with the right one
10:06oguzhanogredenIt seems rather a long procedure to get a wiki account for mozilla wiki for a 3 character edit. I was hoping someone would pick it up?
10:06oguzhanogredenI mean with requesting and so...
10:07PorkepixOh, right, there's validation or something like that now
10:07PorkepixWell I don't have either iirc
10:07pascalcI just fixed the link, thanks for reporting
10:09telegram_botStefanoCecere was removed by: StefanoCecere
10:09Porkepixpascalc: Mmmh, edits should be instant, right? Because I still have the 'vi' link
10:09pascalcno, there is caching
10:10PorkepixWell, I tried to ctrl-shift-r, but yeah, maybe on CDNs
10:11PorkepixI trust you, I trust you :p
10:11PorkepixJust there could have been two links :p
16:22AviartZIs it me or 56.0b11 is passing time in GMT irrespective of system time ?
16:23TokoyamiAviartZ: do you have privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled?
16:26AviartZTokoyami, You are right. One of the EFF addons I installed recently seem to have done that.
16:26Tokoyamiso you know, in 57 it will also change your UA to a windows 64bit and a ESR version :)
16:27Tokoyami(also it disabled some other things)
16:33AviartZTokoyami, thanks :)
16:33Tokoyaminp :)
17:14mquandernewbie question: if nightly crashes, do i have to take any action to send a crash report, or does it take care of sending itself
17:15mquander(i have all the data sharing & telemetry options on afaik)
17:23mquanderhmm google thinks it's about:crashes, but oddly when i try to load that page it just spins and doesn't load
17:24PorkepixIt is about:crashes
17:25mosscapUps. ...
17:25mquanderyeah seems like i can't load about:crashes on my ubuntu nightly :(
17:29mquanderconfirmed that it seems to work for me in firefox stable but not nightly, update didn't fix it
17:31PorkepixWFM here
17:31PorkepixIssue with your profile maybe
17:33mosscapon windows works fine - at least for me
17:35mquanderif i mv ~/.mozilla/firefox-trunk ~/.mozilla/firefox-trunk-backup and reopen it still doesn't work
17:39mquandersame if i use safe mode
17:41Caspy7mquander: you downloaded this build from Mozilla's site and not from a distro, yes?
17:44mquanderCaspy7: i'm using this ppa which is official and up-to-date afaik
17:45Caspy7mquander: if it was not built by mozilla, the answer is no. I'm pretty sure those builds are not as helpful to mozilla as they don't report crashes or telemetry
17:46Caspy7and will not have about:crashes
17:46mquanderi c, i didn't know that, i will install directly from mozilla site then
17:50mquanderok verified that about:crashes works in the direct download but not the ppa build, ty
17:52PorkepixThat's lame from this ppa
17:59Caspy7almost no distros have crash symbols enabled
17:59Caspy7the one exception may be Ubuntu release at this point
18:00mquanderi guess my crash report from crash earlier is in /dev/null then ;_;
18:00mquanderoh well next time it will work
18:01Caspy7also, frequently distros modify things and break firefox and they may have done just that for Nightly
18:02Caspy7so so many times there are issues in distro firefox builds that get resolved by using the Mozilla build
18:32koheiHey Nightly testers, Ive uploaded the anticipated WebExtension version of Nightly Tester Tools to AMO! Its still on the Beta channel. Grab it, give it a try, and report any issues youve encountered!
20:08arnaudjkohei: installed!
20:08koheiarnaudj: :)
20:12arnaudjkohei: I can't read what is in the browser action popup
20:12arnaudjmaybe it is because I use a dark theme
20:13telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> this reminds me
20:13telegram_bot<nyuszika7h> it&#39;s funny how Nightly told me Add-On Compatibility Reporter is a legacy addon
20:16koheiarnaudj: hmm, its readable for me even with the dark theme. The background colour of the is unchanged from the default/light theme
20:17koheibackground colour of the *drop down menu in the action popup* is unchanged
20:17Caspy7@nyuszika7h: It is. But there&#39;s not really any reason to port it to a webextension
20:18arnaudjmaybe it is because my desktop environnement theme is dark too ?
20:19arnaudjthe background is dark on my computer
20:23arnaudjkohei: I changed my desktop environment theme to a light one, and now I can read the content of the popup
20:24koheiarnaudj: then its a Linux-specific issue, I guess
20:39sw1ayfeonly 2 days ago I disabled dark theme because of that issue in Arch
20:39arnaudjCaspy7: that&#39;s a good tip! but I don&#39;t think it will help here, because the problem isn&#39;t about input fields
20:40arnaudjtomorrow I will try at work on a Windows computer, to check if it is a Linux only issue
20:40Caspy7arnaudj: well, the CSS solution may still resolve it
20:40Caspy7as it is not specifically targeting text boxes
20:42telegram_bot<mstanke> @nyuszika7h, I guess with WebExtensions there will be very few need for such thing.
20:42arnaudjis there a way to inspect the style of a web extension popup ?
20:44telegram_bot<mstanke> Yet. Check the checkbox in about:debugging and than in the Tools > Web Developer menu you will find Browser Toolbox.
20:44telegram_bot<mstanke> It&#39;s basically Inspector, but for the UI.
20:44telegram_bot<mstanke> I hope the labels in the menus are these in English, as I haven!&#39;t seen English Firefox for a whiule.
20:46telegram_bot<mstanke> @arnaudj, This is probably the answer how to do it.
20:48Caspy7more like zero need for e10s compatibility checking :)
20:57arnaudjmstanke: thank you VERY MUCH!
20:57arnaudjmstanke: that&#39;s exactly what I was looking for!
20:59arnaudjaccording to the inspector, the text color comes from chrome://browser/content/extension.css
21:00arnaudjso, is that a style &quot;hardcoded&quot; in Firefox ?
21:47arnaudjI filed a bug :
21:47firebotBug 1399259 NEW, WebExtension popup difficult to read if the desktop environment uses a dark theme
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