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12 Oct 2017
08:18telegram_bot<LucentW> Is anybody having issues with Webrender on Windows with the latest build? Seems like bug 1403439 resurfaced
08:18firebot FIXED, Black rectangles appear on Windows
08:18telegram_bot<LucentW> (Photo, 1280x615)
08:20fwiwlooks like a cencored page :)
08:27telegram_bot<LucentW> probably the culprit is this rebase from yesterday:
08:28firebotBug 1371190 FIXED, Update ANGLE to chromium/3229 in Firefox 58
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16:07WaltS48My Windows Nightly is not respond when I clicked Help > Troubleshooting Information. Today&#39;s build.
16:10WaltS48ending the task and restarting appears to have fixed it
18:37telegram_bot<mozillamarcia> Is anyone else seeing
18:38firebotBug 1408052 UNCONFIRMED, Nightly does not load web pages with multi-process setting on (Windows 7 64-bit updates after 2017-1
18:46alex_mayorgamarcia: Not me, but I&#39;m on Win 10 64-bit...
18:50tracymarcia: my guess is that its add-on related. commented in bug to help users investigate further.
18:50marciathanks tracy
18:56tracymarcia: check this crash out: one install crashed over 1100 times.
18:57marciatracy: looks like it was us:
18:57marciaThis is in the profile
18:57tracyah, knew it had to be automation.
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19:53telegram_bot<RajasekharP> Hello Nightlies :P There is some problem with the 57 version. I used 57 continuously about 3 days with 128 tabs enabled - suddenly all the websites started jumping upside down(just like page reload automatically) when I move cursor it&#39;s showing entire page as a white space and when I start to type something page loads and loads and loads jumping something like that.
19:54telegram_bot<RajasekharP> While this is not the case with 56 version. As i used 56 browser continuously for 5 days with usage of 150 -180 tabs. Bit slow but I haven&#39;t seen performance issues like this before.
19:57Caspy7@RajasekharP: just doublechecking. Do you have Webrender enabled?
20:00telegram_bot<RajasekharP> @RajasekharP, As @gaby2300 asked to have a screengrab video. It&#39;s a nice idea actually but I already closed it and started rechecking from yesterday, not it&#39;s just 78 tabs in usage no such problems till now... Let&#39;s see when it reached 100 and above.
20:01telegram_bot<RajasekharP> @Caspy7, What&#39;s that?
20:01Caspy7I&#39;ll take that as a hard &quot;no&quot; :)
20:01Caspy7it&#39;s...lemme find a link
20:02Caspy7&quot;The goal of the Quantum Render project is to take the WebRender compositor in Servo and embed it in Firefox. It will replace Gecko&#39;s existing compositor, interfacing with Gecko&#39;s main-thread layout code. As WebRender is written in Rust and uses a very different design approach, we expect to get stability and performance benefits from this switch.&quot;
20:03Caspy7most notably it uses the GPU for compositing webpages
20:03Caspy7if you really want to read up on it, here&#39;s an excellent writeup that just came out recently
20:04Caspy7complete with illustrations an animations
20:04telegram_bot<RajasekharP> @Caspy7, wow it&#39;s nice, will enable now!
20:04telegram_bot<RajasekharP> @Caspy7, Yeah just checking this.
20:05Caspy7@RajasekharP: it should be mentioned that Webrender is incomplete and the current version in 57 stopped receiving updates when it graduated to Beta
20:06Caspy7so testing it doesn&#39;t exactly help the development of it, nor does it fully reflect the state of it (and isn&#39;t necessarily more efficient or faster :) )
20:06Caspy7so atm, maybe the worst of all worlds :)
20:06Caspy7otherwise, it&#39;s generally a really cool tech
20:07Caspy7unfortunately, based on current expectations, it may not be released for a few versions
20:10telegram_bot<RajasekharP> @Caspy7, No, not enabled.
20:11Caspy7it is not enabled by default, so when you said you didn&#39;t know what it was, that was made clear
20:22smallfoot-Finally nightly fixed so about:addons icons are black/white same as about:preferences, before the icons looked different, now they look same style
20:24Seburosmallfoot-: A lot of great work has been done by some of the contributors to Mozilla to fix that. Glad you like it. :-)
20:24smallfoot-yes, now it looks much more same everywhere, i like that
20:25smallfoot-so it dont look different in diff places
20:25smallfoot-now it look more harmony \o/
20:25Seburo\o/ Harmony is good on the open web.
20:25smallfoot-yeah, it makes a good user experience
20:28telegram_bot<RajasekharP> good to know this!
20:30smallfoot-Things I wish Firefox had, &quot;system-ui&quot; font support, <dialog> element support, Wayland support, GTK CSD support
20:33Caspy7I know at least one of those is coming, and I think Wayland maybe too...
20:33Caspy7dunno about the others
20:57smallfoot-and not fun to be a webext developer and coding in HTML/CSS and try to integrate look and feel with Firefox while they use XUL
13 Oct 2017
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