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12 Jul 2017
06:22telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> Do any one felt pages getting loaded slowly.. in Ubuntu 14.04
06:23telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> Have never seen such a slow loading for past 6 months
07:09telegram_bot1<prasanthp96> nightly works fine in my ubuntu
07:09telegram_bot1<prasanthp96> have you checked your internet connection ?
08:28telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> Yes my office internet is good..
08:40telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> Will check again
08:41Caspy7Iamvp7: test in safe mode
08:44telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> Will update by evening
09:03SimounetHmmm it seems to be a regression on addons into the last nightly. I can fill a bug but I would like a confirmation. Can you install the wallabagger addon. Fill-in the url with with the HTTPS protocol activated. You should see new inputs appearing.
09:03Simounet(Fx 56.0a1 64-bit)
15:22telegram_bot1<alexroberts> Does anyone know if there are plans to allow MinVid to be resized?
15:40digitalis there a debian repository for nightly updates?
15:43digitalfound it
16:27Caspy7alexroberts: there&#39;s a #min-vid IRC channel
16:28telegram_bot1<alexroberts> Caspy7, thanks!
16:39Porkepixdigital: Are you sure it is up-to-date and untouched builds? It&#39;s generally adviced to use Mozilla&#39;s tarballs
16:39digitalPorkepix; well there is an ubuntu repository
16:40digital5h ago, should be up to date
16:42Caspy7digital: there&#39;s a nightly repository other than Mozilla&#39;s? I wonder if Mozilla is going to be able to get proper telemetry from that. Like crash symbols for instance
16:43digitalit is
16:44PorkepixMmmh, looks like Sylvestre-pto is part of that team on launchpad, so he could maybe tell us. Looks like he&#39;s on PTO too, sadly.
16:47digitalis there an easy way to keep preferences across nightly updates? am i not seeing something obvious?
16:48PorkepixWell, preferences are not supposed to be lost at all if you keep using the same profile
16:51digitalthey were lost when i switched form the version i installed from the ubuntu ppa and the one from the tar file
16:54Caspy7digital: you should be able to find the location of your profile folder (for each profile) by clicking the button to show it in about:support
16:55digitalnvm, i messed something up
17:48marciaPorkepix: See
17:48firebotBug 1380231 DUPLICATE, Firefox exhausts system memory on macOS
19:03Porkepixmarcia: It could be that, however it looks like the fix have been pushed more than one day ago and I still had the issue yesterday evening. Restarting now with today&#39;s build and let&#39;s see if problem happens again. Thanks for the informations anyway
19:04PorkepixSad I can&#39;t read what&#39;s the root cause :p
19:06marciaPorkepix: Yes, frustrating since all the Apple OS&#39;s are slightly different as well
19:07PorkepixYeah. Actually everyone always talk about Apple&#39;s uniformization and that it&#39;s easier for devs
19:07PorkepixBut well
19:07PorkepixOnly two three windows are supported
19:07PorkepixLinux doesn&#39;t change that much over the time
19:08PorkepixBut one OS X every year
19:08PorkepixWith breaking changes in their SDK just every time
19:08marciaAnd 10.13 will have a number of changes
19:08marciafrom 10.12
19:42PorkepixYeah changes everytime
19:43Porkepixmarcia1: Btw, on another topic, what could result in one basic button disparition from the interface? I&#39;ve an old Windows computer at home, nightly lost its &quot;new tab&quot; button on it. That&#39;s a profile issue as a clean profile correctly have it, but that&#39;s a kinda strange issue
20:07marcia1Porkepix: Strange issue - haven&#39;t heard about the new tab button missing. Going to dig around a bit
20:07marcia1Is it Win XP
20:07PorkepixNo, seven
20:07PorkepixAnd it&#39;s anyway a profile issue
20:08PorkepixAs nothing is missing on clean profile
20:08PorkepixBut it probably messed at some point
20:08Porkepix(Btw, the memory nightmare seems gone as of now)
20:08marcia1Did you even use it on multiple different versions? I have a seen a few bugs where people were using nightly profiles on beta and things got messed up
20:10PorkepixWell, the nightly profile comes from stable, but that&#39;s from a long time ago and I didn&#39;t opened it on other versions as far as I remember
13 Jul 2017
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