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12 Aug 2017
11:11linuxmodderlatest nightly ( the beta ? ) is 56 or 57 now?
11:57fwiwwelcome Aceeri :)
11:58AceeriI feel like I stepped into a dark basement or something
12:00Caspy7just need to change your IRC theme then?
12:02fwiwAceeri: have you used nightly today?
12:52Caspy7KWierso|afk: FYI, a nightly user just reported that they're seeing this as their icon
12:52Caspy7found at
12:52Caspy7(I however am not)
12:53fwiwlol :)
13:48alex_mayorgaI have that too. Love it!
13:49* alex_mayorga uploaded an image: imagen.png (4KB) <>
13:49alex_mayorgaI got this flex area on today&#39;s update. Shall I file a bug?
13:50Caspy7alex_mayorga: what the problem?
13:50alex_mayorgaCaspy7: See that rectangle between home and awesome bar?
13:51Caspy7alex_mayorga: they have intentionally put flex areas on both sides of the location bar in order to center it
13:51alex_mayorgaNever mind, they&#39;re centering the awesome bar now I guess....
13:51Caspy7I saw some discussion on twitter confirming this
13:52Caspy7alex_mayorga: are you on linux?
13:52alex_mayorgaCaspy7: Win10 right now, rebooting to Debian.
13:53Caspy7alex_mayorga: you&#39;re seeing the calvin & hobbes icon on win10?
13:56fwiwowh, the location bar is centered now?
13:56Caspy7ok, just updated, now I&#39;m seeing it
13:56Caspy7(I checked earlier and there was no update)
13:59smallfoot-I updated nightly today and it got a new icon
13:59smallfoot-what is this?
13:59smallfoot-this is definitely not a fox
13:59smallfoot-it looks like some kind of pedophile dressed up as a fox
14:00smallfoot-can you put old the back icon without the cosplay pedophile guy hugging the globe?
14:01fwiwsmallfoot-: this one?
14:01smallfoot-yes, that one!
14:01smallfoot-i liked the old icon better
14:02dewI&#39;m assuming that was a joke?
14:02smallfoot-what was a joke? that they put it in there?
14:03smallfoot-yeah, i dont know
14:03smallfoot-i just saw it today, and was like omg what is this
14:03Usulsmallfoot-: there is a work around for this
14:03Usulwith a pref
14:03UsulI just don&#39;t rememebr it
14:04smallfoot-oh, okay
14:04alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: No pedo but Hobbes form
14:04smallfoot-also when i go on preferences everything is rly big
14:04smallfoot-oh, i see
14:04smallfoot-yeah, that hobbes guy is gonna sue you
14:10smallfoot-also crashes on startup on Wayland
14:16alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: Got a screen capture of those &quot;big preferences&quot;?
14:24sw1ayfesmallfoot I&#39;m on Wayland in Arch running Build ID: 20170812100345 and no crashes
14:24alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: I see what you mean, it does not honor the text preferences from the OS. Dunno if that&#39;s intentional for Photon.
14:44smallfoot-Oh, yeah I think it should be 16 pixels or something
14:44smallfoot-this is way too big
14:44smallfoot-much of the content doesn&#39;t even fit on the screen when you got the browser on half of the screen
14:45smallfoot-about:addons look much more sane than about:preferences
15:57Caspy7alright, so the current icon update is intentional
15:58Caspy7though likely temporary (in my opinion)
16:07telegram_bot<gaby2300> @alex_mayorga, They are intentional. You can get them out via &quot;Customize&quot;
16:15Caspy7the intent, I believe, is to center the location bar a la Safari (and others before it)
16:28alex_mayorgaFor me it looks like a waste of precious pixels.
16:28alex_mayorga@gaby2300 Thanks for the tip! I&#39;ve removed those. Gracias!
16:34Caspy7@Mte90: it is known. It is temporary. All is well.
16:34telegram_bot<Mte90> yeah I know but the discussion on reddit is fun
16:36Caspy7alright, I used Chrome store foxified to convert Imagus to a Firefox webextension
16:37Caspy7the only catch is you can&#39;t change preferences
16:47Caspy7I also signed it in case anyone wants me to send a copy of it
16:52PorkepixDoes anyone know *why* they switched to it, even temporarily though?
16:59Caspy7Porkepix: you probably won&#39;t like my answer, but I&#39;m guessing it is to add a touch of whimsy for the day
17:08PorkepixWell, without any reason? On a sudden impulse?
17:10Caspy7I said it. Whimsy
17:14Caspy7I can&#39;t find the old blog post on whimsy
17:22UsulCaspy7: look on
17:24Caspy7Usul: did a site search with google and didn&#39;t find anything relevant
17:24Caspy7oops, wait
17:25* Caspy7 includes subdomain
17:48telegram_bot<mauricio> (Photo, 720x1280)
17:48telegram_bot<mauricio> (Photo, 720x1280)
17:48telegram_bot<gaby2300> @alex_mayorga, You are welcome!
17:48telegram_bot<mauricio> Is ta just me, or a Nightly bug?
17:48telegram_bot<mauricio> It was working just fine on yesterday&#39;s build, as follows:
17:49telegram_bot<mauricio> (Photo, 720x1280)
17:50telegram_bot<mauricio> Reference address. Hope someone can help to reproduce.
18:02kebolioim sure i&#39;m not the first one to ask about the new new icon
18:30PorkepixOthers stayed more time :D
18:43agarziaAloha Friends, hope everyone here is feeling fine and thanks a lot for the hard work on recent nightly enhancements, it rocks! I decided to come here with a legal question that might have been answered before but since I could not find the answer, it sounded like this was the only venue to get some information. I have noticed the new nightly logo and while I do love Calvin and Hobbes as if they were my best childhood friend, I
18:43agarziaalso am aware that the author refused for the paste couple decades to license any of his properties to be used in any form of merchandise ever. There is no authorized poster, t-shirt, sticker, bag, of Calvin and Hobbes. So, how can we be using hobbes in a logo when the author express wish is that the characters should not be taken out of the strip context? Cue: two documentaries that touch the subject &quot;Dear Mr. Watterson&quot; and
18:43agarzia&quot;stripped&quot;, where this is mentioned.
20:48telegram_bot<Diffusive> The Nightly icon has changed ? I see something like a tiger I don&#39;t know.
20:49telegram_bot<Diffusive> Also I&#39;m seeing the URL bar is missplaced seems like there&#39;s a transparent stuff in the place
20:49telegram_bot<Diffusive> Oh the Flexible space
20:53telegram_bot<Diffusive> Yeah I just saw it in various tweets and in a chat
20:55telegram_bot<Diffusive> (Sticker, 1024x1024)
21:42fwiwhello, lunix
21:42telegram_bot<YunitoMH> Can I ask why did it change?
21:43lunixwhat&#39;s the recommended way of installing firefox nightly, if not through a package manager? I run arch, and I would install it through the aur, but my processor is crap
21:43lunixso I can&#39;t compile it
21:43lunixDoes firefox nightly update itself?
21:44fwiw@YunitoMH, it? the logo?
21:45lunixno offense, the logo is godawful
21:45lunixI think it&#39;s like a google doodle
21:45telegram_bot<YunitoMH> Yes. The logo
21:46fwiwlunix: which one, there&#39;s three version of nightly logo as far as I know til this point
21:46lunixfwiw: the calvin and hobbes one
21:46telegram_bot<YunitoMH> The last one
21:47telegram_bot<YunitoMH> The one everybody is talking about
22:03fwiwI&#39;m sure it&#39;s a temporary thing
22:15telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Diffusive, Yes, you can take it out via &quot;Customize&quot;
22:51telegram_bot<michaelkohler> Quick backround here, it was probably possible to do before &quot;Australis&quot; and now it&#39;s back, you can put those things anywhere not just next to the bar.
22:52telegram_bot<michaelkohler> Need space between the next/back icons and other icons you have in front of the bar like the reload button, go for it
23:01Caspy7@YunitoMH: I think mostly for fun
23:54vhHey all, I think I&#39;m having a bug with Firefox 57.0a1. When I open a GitHub repository and pass the mouse through the files and directories, the highlighting that indicates to which file my cursor is pointing at, occasionally fades, sometimes not.
23:54vhI tested on my FF 55.0.1 and it doesn&#39;t happen there.
23:56vhI&#39;m not sure if this is worth reporting, but I didn&#39;t find references to it in bugzilla yet
23:56vhHowever, I&#39;m not very well experienced with it
13 Aug 2017
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