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11 Sep 2017
10:07sw1ayfeDeveloper Edition get 57 a week early, September 14!topic/
11:29PorkepixSomeone on the channel did report the missing border on if I remember correctly. Can't remember who and what the bug number is though. Can someone help finding it back?
11:29Porkepix(Not idea what working can I use to search through BMO for that)
11:42telegram_bot<mstanke> Fwd from Porkepix: <Porkepix> If people reproduce on Recent Windows/OS X or on Linux and maybe also feel free to comment :)
11:42firebotBug 1397305 DUPLICATE When awesome/address/url/location bar gets focus, the outline result in the whole toolbar increasing
11:42firebotBug 1395436 UNCONFIRMED Tab strip overflow indicators overlap the nav bar
11:42telegram_bot<mstanke> I think it was this one. ^
12:16PorkepixNo, that&#39;s not the same one
12:17PorkepixAnd those were reported by me :p
12:17PorkepixThe bug I&#39;m talking about was reported by someone else here
15:12marcool_04Hi all, I am a new contributor working on this bug:
15:12firebotBug 1360457 NEW, Network monitor columns are shifted
15:14marcool_04I have pined it down to an issue with CSS &quot;overflow&quot; property, which causes the part of the network monitor table that contains the request lines to shrink when the scroll bar appears, but not the header line, thus creating an alignment error.
15:14marcool_04It seems, according to the CSS3 docs, that there is a conflict of interpretation over the specs, regarding how the browser should report the window width then scroll bars appear
15:16marcool_04But I just can&#39;t figure out the best way to fix it: is there a pure CSS solution? Or will this require some javascript to get the size of the request-list if/when a scrollbar appears, and apply that width to the header bar? (this seems like a hack to me... but could be the only way)
15:16Mte90write it in the ticket :-)
15:16marcool_04I&#39;m also dubious about the fact this seems to not happen on mac OS when scroll bars are set to &quot;auto-hide&quot;
15:16marcool_04Mte90: oh, yes didn&#39;t think about that... I just wanted to see if I could get anywhere with actually offering a fix before :)
23:23tcampbellhmm.. gmail never finishes loading. The bouncing icon goes forever
23:39tcampbellerror cleared up. can&#39;t reproduce. ah well
12 Sep 2017
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