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11 Jul 2017
06:35TD-Linuxdat reload animation
14:53mcoteCaspy7: 99% sure removing activity stream fixed my problems :)
14:58Caspy7mcote: hm, do you know when that's scheduled to be pulled?
14:58Caspy7if the behavior is consistent, would hate to have it on release
14:58mcoteI do not
14:58mcotegood point
15:01Porkepixmarcia: Looks like #macdev isn't really alive from my yesterday's try :d ; should I try with other timins regarding timezones?
15:05mcoteCaspy7: I'm asking the activity stream people if they know about this bug right now
15:07Caspy7Porkepix: #introduction is a common one for build related questions
15:07PorkepixCaspy7: This sin't really build related question :)
15:08David3kCaspy7, hey, when nightly first runs and loads a lot of initial tabs on startup like I have it set currrently, those tabs all load without being processed by ublock or umatrix
15:08David3k(webext versions)
15:08David3ksomeone might want to look into that
15:08David3kyou can just load up tabs before addons and extensions load
15:09PorkepixDavid3k: Well, those tabs are supposed to be unloaded until user go visit them
15:09David3kPorkepix, you're fucking stupid
15:10PorkepixThat's nice of you.
15:10telegram_bot1<KaiRo_at> Sorry, that&#39;s not the way to communicate in this project
15:10Caspy7David3k: that&#39;s uncalled for
15:10David3kanyway, so all my tabs that load on startup load way before the addons/extensions can process them
15:10PorkepixHeck, it was unexpected to find this here
15:10David3kI think I mentioned this a few months ago, too
15:11Caspy7Porkepix: it&#39;s abnormal, no need to worry
15:11telegram_bot1<KaiRo_at> Please adhere to when communicating and participating in Mozilla
15:12David3kis there a way to not get tabs to load before certain extensions are loaded?
15:12PorkepixCaspy7: Yeah I know, I&#39;m here for a very long time, and that&#39;s the first time I see this
15:12David3kI DO want them to load on startup and not when I switch to them, but I don&#39;t want them unprocessed by addons
15:13PorkepixWhich is why this is kinda unexpected :)
15:13David3kbecause chrome loads all the same tabs on startup faster AND processes them with extensions, too.
15:15David3kCaspy7, also, how do you manage to find things in bugzilla? whenever I search for stuff using only keywords I can&#39;t ever find relevant pages.
15:16David3kbecause I&#39;m pretty sure tabs loading before extensions aren&#39;t intentional, ever
15:25David3kCaspy7, I think the crash-on-exit bug is back
15:26David3kit was resolved already, but...
15:47PorkepixMatthew: /buffer padenot
15:48PorkepixAoutch, double fail, sorry guys /o\
15:51mcoteCaspy7: so apparently it is known that the activity stream add-on has a lot of perf issues
15:52mcotethey said they&#39;re stopping development on the add-on very soon
15:52mcoteit is at least marked as &quot;ending soon&quot; in the test pilot screen
15:52Caspy7mcote: by &quot;stopping development&quot; does that mean pulling the plug? We&#39;re better off with no addon than one that hurts Fx perception
15:53David3kCaspy7, isn&#39;t activity stream built into the latest builds of firefox?
15:53mcoteDavid3k: it is, but the add-on still exists in test pilot
15:53Caspy7I don&#39;t know if it is yet, but it will be - but that will be different code
15:54mcoteand it has a lot of issues (like causing my browser to freeze regularly)
15:54mcoteCaspy7: someone said probably tomorrow :)
15:54Caspy7ok, cool
15:55mcoteah actually the page says directly:
15:57Caspy7mcote: what does &quot;If you have the Activity Stream experiment installed, we will automatically upgrade you.&quot; mean?
16:00mcoteI assume that means the built-in version will be automatically enabled when it&#39;s ready if you had the add-on previously installed
16:00mcoteguessing anyway
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19:51cwreIs there a link to the telegram chat?
19:52marciacwre: If you want to join that channel, please let me know your Telegram user name and I can add you
19:53cwremarcia: just queried you! Thanks :)
19:54telegram_bot1alexroberts was added by: mozillamarcia
19:55telegram_bot1<alexroberts> Sweet, thank you!
19:56cwreNow everyone knows my name D:
20:12telegram_bot1<KaiRo_at> heh
20:13Porkepixmarcia1: So, any idea if I should try at a different time for the #macdev guys?
20:14marcia1Porkepix: Maybe - I think they are in a few different zones. Meanwhile I was looking for similar complaints about CPU usage spiking on Mac
20:16marcia1 was one bug I saw
20:16firebotBug 1379527 NEW, nightly using 3+ GB in parent process on mac with 2+ GB peak graphics textures
20:16Porkepixmarcia1: Nah, not CPU, memory.
20:17marcia1Porkepix: Ok, sorry I thought you said CPU.
20:17Porkepixmarcia1: Anyway, your bug reports memory issues, sadly I&#39;m unable to tell if it&#39;s the same. Just vsize is high too
20:18marcia1Porkepix: I just fired up my older Macbook Pro from 2011 and it was having some issues, will have to play around with it a bit more using Nightly
20:19marcia1Porkepix: I think you should file a bug, maybe we can get more traction that way than trying to reach someone in the channel
20:19Porkepixanthony uses a mac and didn&#39;t reported any when I told him
20:19PorkepixBut here it&#39;s just using huge amount of memory constantly growing, until it crash the whole OS if I don&#39;t stop Firefox
20:19marcia1Porkepix: Which Anthony?
20:20Seburo(Are you using the Activity Stream Test Pilot experiment?)
20:20PorkepixGrow is slow if I don&#39;t use it much, but it&#39;s still growing. youtube videos for example make it grow a lot faster
20:20anthonyNo, I&#39;m not
20:20PorkepixSeburo: No
20:20Porkepixmarcia1: The one here, belgian contributor
20:20marcia1Porkepix: Ok, wasn&#39;t sure if you meant Anthony in Graphics team
20:20PorkepixNo, I don&#39;t now him :)
20:20marcia1Porkepix: I have been having issues with youtube in general on Mac, although in my case more related to 10.13
20:21PorkepixI had no such issues before
20:21Porkepix(My mac is still on 10.9)
20:21anthonyMine is on Sierra 10.12
20:22PorkepixCould it be yet another 10.9 regression like I had one monthes ago?
20:24marcia1Porkepix: Possibly.
20:25PorkepixWell but to find another Nightly user on 10.9
20:25marcia1or we can ask Softvision team if they have one machine on 10.9
20:26PorkepixDon&#39;t know them :d
20:30anthonyI think it&#39;s the company doing our QA
20:33PorkepixOh, that&#39;s not done unternally?
20:35telegram_bot1<michaelkohler> correct, Softvision is doing a lot of QA for Mozilla
20:37telegram_bot1<KaiRo_at> SV is pretty much equivalent to &quot;internally&quot; - their team has been contracted for QA for so long that they are pretty much like Mozilla staff, just that they technically work in a different company ;-)
20:41telegram_bot1<michaelkohler> indeed
20:55PorkepixWell then, is there some way to get in touch with them?
12 Jul 2017
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