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11 Aug 2017
04:31fwiwanyone find that some container icons are too close to the awesomebar border?
04:31fwiwlike this shopping one,
04:32fwiwand the work one,
06:38ShalokShalomhi there
06:39ShalokShalomas you can see, the file is there
07:23dietrichanyone know of getUserMedia problems in latest nightly?
07:25dietrichah, audio only is failing
07:25dietrichif i add video, works fine
07:25* dietrich files bug
07:36ShalokShalomhi there
07:36ShalokShalomas you can see, the file is there
07:37ShalokShalomyesterday, i went into a white screen for all of the websites, it stayed after a F5
07:38ShalokShalomi happens after the usage of a desktop video player (mpv)
07:49iCjaySecure Connection Failed The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading. Using NIghtly,,, had to use EDGE strange...
07:50iCjayany ideas?
07:51ajaiCjay, known issue...problem ticket was opened with with mibbit a few days ago
07:51iCjayahhh ok
07:51iCjayfunny funny 8)
07:52PorkepixSeems they messed with their SSL
07:52ajaiCjay, basically, they fall back to using a 3DES cipher...not longer supported in Nightly
07:52Porkepixaja: But Kiwiirc is a pretty good alternative if you prefer your IRC client into your webbrowser :)
07:53PorkepixiCjay: I mean^
07:54* aja is old school, prefers standalone client
07:54iCjayI just installed win10 8( on my six core and I have not loaded my irc client yet so I got lazy and used the web embed
07:54Porkepixaja: Me too
07:55PorkepixI even use it through SSH :D
07:55PorkepixWeechat <3
07:55iCjaywill get around to being legal here later tonight
07:55PorkepixThere even is a smartphone frontend besides a Web one
07:56PorkepixiCjay: Yeah, when I&#39;m the situation of using a temporary Web one, I go for kiwiirc
08:04iCjayI was looking at beta and compairing it to nightly and I have to say I like the clean look of nightly, good use of space and that sort of thing
08:19DamienCassouThere is something wrong in the communication between with my add-on and its native application. In the browser console, I always get &quot;error is undefined&quot; (in MessageChannel.jsm:667 on nightly). If I expand the error in the console, I get &quot;_handleMessage/deferred.promise<&quot; (in resource://gre/modules/MessageChannel.jsm:667:1). Is that a bug in nightly? How can &#39;error&#39; be undefined here:
08:21TokoyamiDamienCassou: it might be good to ask in #extdev
08:22Tokoyamiprobably a higher chance of success there :)
08:24PorkepixDamienCassou: To know if that&#39;s nightly-specific, you can also want to test it in stable/beta
08:25PorkepixAnd if that works playing with mozregression or just reporting the bug as is
08:25DamienCassouthanks. I asked in #webextensions too.
08:25DamienCassouBy looking at the Firefox source code referenced above, do you see any reason why we would get &quot;error is undefined&quot;?
08:28DamienCassouPorkepix: is there a way to test on v56 easily?
08:29PorkepixDamienCassou: Installing beta or dev edition which is now using beta channel
08:31DamienCassouPorkepix: I just tried with mozregression --good 55. The problem is already there. But is it a problem in firefox or in my code? This &quot;error is undefined&quot; is really not clear
08:37PorkepixNo idea
08:37PorkepixI don&#39;t develop Web extensions :)
08:53DamienCassouI created a ticket:
08:53firebotBug 1389414 UNCONFIRMED, &quot;error is undefined&quot; and &quot;_handleMessage/deferred.promise<&quot; in MessageChannel.jsm:667
08:57PorkepixHowever, while addons development isn&#39;t really something I&#39;m really aware, wasn&#39;t communication with external native program on the computer supposed to be come impossible due to security matters?
08:57Porkepixanthony: Maybe do you know something on the topic?
08:57anthonyThere is a nativeMessaging API on webExtensions but I never used it before
09:15j605my installed flash doesn&#39;t get recognized by certain websites. how do I force it to work
09:21j605I was troubleshooting another issue when this came up: this is the url:
09:21Usulj605: tell the website owner that flash is dead ....
09:22j605it is supposed to work till 2020, so I don&#39;t care if it is dead
09:23j605I avoid it whenever possible but you can&#39;t tell them to switch because it &quot;works in chrome&quot;
09:24j605just checked, it does load in chrome :(
09:26DamienCassouPorkepix: anthony: this is exactly the API I&#39;m using. The security matters are limited because the native app cannot be installed through firefox and the native app has to declare which add-on can communicate with it
09:27Porkepixaspx + flash. Nice trip to grave /o\
09:28Usulj605: I don&#39;t have a colution hence my shitty answer
12:18bkeroJust upgraded to nightly on Linux. I run it by doing &#39;firefox &&#39; + ^D. It seems to be crashing because of the lack of I/O FDs.
12:18bkeroTabs crash often and can never be restored in that case.
12:22Usulyou are crashing in stylo code
12:23Usulbkero: check when 1389411 was fixed and if it should be in your nightly
12:23Usulif not
12:23Usulfile a new bug in core:css computation start the bug subject with stylo: and cc bholley
12:26bkeroUsul: Looks like my nightly is 4 days old, will try upgrading
13:33geraldobarrosHello Hello :)
13:34pascalchi geraldobarros
13:34geraldobarrosHi @pascalc :-)
13:34geraldobarrosThank you for your reply in the e-mail
13:35pascalcyou&#39;re welcome
13:35geraldobarrosI hope everything is going well.
13:35geraldobarrosI have one question
13:35pascalcin holidays in a few hours so I guess yes ;)
13:37geraldobarrosWhat is the best way to give feedback about Nightly?
13:40pascalcof course it depends on what you mean with feedback
13:40geraldobarrosfor issues, in bugzilla, right?
13:41geraldobarrosAnd for suggestions here: ?
13:41pascalcall firefox bugs should be reported in Bugzilla
13:42pascalcI am not sure this site is actively monitored but suggestions can also be filed in Bugzilla as requests for enhancement
13:42geraldobarrosmenu > help > submit feedback
13:42pascalcyeah, I am not sure somebody actually reads all the feedback ;)
13:43geraldobarrosThis will help us in our campaigns, we will certainly receive many questions about suggestions and bugs, so we can guide correctly.
13:44pascalcje crois que c&#39;est l&#39;quipe sumo qui est charge de a
13:44pascalcoops, wrong channel and language
13:44pascalcUsul that was for you :p
13:44geraldobarrosThis bug writing guidelines is good to recommend?
13:48Caspy7geraldobarros: just to confirm, the feedback method is not something that&#39;s monitored individually
13:50geraldobarrosgood to know
13:50geraldobarrosthank you Pascal and Caspy
14:21jeyoung|workWeird Nightly bug. I increase the zoom to 110%, all the tabs with the same base URL also zoom to 110%.
14:21firebotBug 1331680 FIXED, Consider not doing sync IPC for document.cookie getter/setter
14:21jeyoung|workon Nightly 20170809100326
14:22PorkepixActually I&#39;m not sure it&#39;s a bug and I think it&#39;s been here for quite a long time
14:22jeyoung|workOops, that completely did not make sense with the link in there.
14:24jeyoung|workPorkepix, OK. If it&#39;s by design, then fine :-) But it&#39;s the first time I see the behaviour.
14:25Porkepixjeyoung|work: It seems there is a preference for that. Read
14:25firebotBug 1304138 WONTFIX, All tabs, All windows for site have same zoom level
14:26ajaCaspy7, noticed User string when you signed St Louis area?
14:27jeyoung|workPorkepix, thanks for the link. I&#39;ll see if I get used to this, but it kinda makes sense though. Pages on the same site will share the same CSS and probably require the same amount of magnification.
14:27Caspy7aja: yeah
14:28* aja is in north county
14:29ajaspent a few years in mehlville
14:29tracyjeyoung|work: you may change the behavior via browser.zoom.siteSpecific set to false
14:30jeyoung|worktracy, thanks. i saw that on the bug, but i&#39;ll see if i get used to this behaviour. it was just a bit unexpected.
14:31Caspy7aja: yeah, not far from me
14:31tracynice disc golf course at Jeffereson Barracks Park :)
14:32ajaCaspy, wife owned a condo across union from the mall
14:33* Caspy7 nods
14:34Caspy7grew up some in the city, then lived further south, now in South County
14:34Caspy7going to Florida very slowly.
14:35ajahurry, before it&#39;s all under water
14:36aja....says the one who almost moved to New Orleans right before Katrina
14:36Caspy7at this rate it will take 1000 years, so maybe by then it will have dried out
14:37telegram_bot<KaiRo_at> Well, New Orleans is still a great city, the time after Katrina seems to have brought the inhabitants even closer together
14:38ajaKaiRo, try to visit every autumn
14:39Porkepixaja: (S)he&#39;s probably better going to see Venezia (Venice), then, it&#39;s gonna be under water a lot sooner :P
14:40* aja is a he
14:40ajawas song/album i was listening to the first time i needed an irc nick
14:40Porkepixbetter off going* btw I think
14:41PorkepixWas talking about Caspy7 , but yeah, I didn&#39;t know for both of you anyway :p
14:43* Porkepix don&#39;t even remember where its nick comes from
14:43Usulmine comes from Dune !
14:44PorkepixI would probably pick something else as of today, this one being kinda ridiculous in French, and probably as ridiculous besides being hard to figure out the pronounciation for foreigners
14:44Porkepix(Even if I have no idea what would I pick :D)
14:45Caspy7I, too, would likely pick something different, but I&#39;m probably a bit locked in at this point
14:45anthonyI love Porkepix, it suits you well
14:50ajatracy, from KC?
14:51tracyaja: Yes, Kansas side.
14:51* aja won&#39;t talk baseball this week, then
14:52tracyHeh, wont bother me. I dont follwo baseball much. If I did, it would be the As
14:52tracygrew up in NorCal. 30 mins from Oakland long ago was that?
14:53tracyMoved here 12 years ago.
14:53* aja remembers KC A&#39;s
14:57tracythat predates me. ;)
15:00ajatracy, they moved after &#39;67, iirc
15:00tracyok, guess I was too young to remember.
15:01ajaprobably have some KC A&#39;s baseball cards up in the attic
15:02tracyWow. thats pretty cool.
15:07ajaactually, probably i gave em to nephew a few years ago...he&#39;s a collector/trader
15:09ajapretty much just have recent Cardinals & Marlins stuff from spring training over last few years
15:11tracyI never was much of a collector things. Got some great dust bunnies in the corner.
15:12ajamy wife was more of a baseball collector than me
15:17ajalater all
15:24Porkepixanthony: How am I supposed to take that? :P
15:25anthonyAs a compliment off course
15:47jeyoung|workThat ( is one epic code review! The patience of all parties involved is extraordinary.
15:47firebotBug 1331680 FIXED, Consider not doing sync IPC for document.cookie getter/setter
16:00jeyoungAre there no successful nightly builds? Or are artefacts just not being published?
16:12PorkepixOh, damn. Legacy addons can&#39;t be run anymore at all?
16:13Tokoyamithere is a pref but a lot of code was removed, too, so it depends
16:14decebalusno..even some basic addons no more working..Why Moziila not build himself some basic addons?..I think is very simple.
16:16Porkepix&#39;cause that&#39;s not their job?
16:16PorkepixAnd actually they have some I think
16:16akijeyoung: how do you mean?
16:17jeyoungaki: I&#39;m not getting automatic updates. And the latest download on the Nightly channel page is from 2017-08-09.
16:17akijeyoung: this is non-en-US windows?
16:17jeyoungaki: yes. en-GB.
16:17tracy64bit Win update is also not available
16:17Caspy7anyone know how I can turn previous.jsonlz4 into sessionstore.js ?
16:18Caspy7just lost me some tabs
16:18akijeyoung: tracy: working on it, hope to have a fix + new nightlies by my EOD
16:18tracyCaspy7: sumo had some guidance
16:18tracyaki: thanks
16:18jeyoungaki: ah! cool :-)
16:19Caspy7tracy: particular link in mind? Did they update since the change to how backups are stored?
16:19tracyCaspy7: heh, it was a long thread from old method to newer. I think let me look
16:20Caspy7not really looking for a long thread to read atm :) Hope someone can have some updated instructions. I have instructions I wrote up on reddit.
16:22tracyok, sorry, I dont know how to do it off the top of my head.
16:24Caspy7tracy: ...really, I&#39;ll be fine if you have a long thread with instructions :)
16:24Alex_GaynorFor addons which do not yet have a webExtension port, once they do switch to webExtensions, will they be autoamtically installed and re-enabled, or do I need to take some manual action once they&#39;re ready?
16:34Caspy7tracy: so, turned out that I was looking at the old sessionstore.js file. The new one is called sessionstore.jsonlz4, all you have to do is rename the backup to that (while firefox is exited) and place it the profile folder
16:34tracyCaspy7: cool, thats easy enough.
16:35Caspy7was afraid I needed to decompress it with magic voodoo
17:38telegram_bot<Iamvp7> in todays update.. there seems to be change in all the position of icons.. missed containers on first sight.. but was able to customzie.. hope the position on browserAction icons should not be changed..
17:44j605yeah, now I don&#39;t know how make a site open by default in a container
17:44j605that option has gone missing
18:06florentHey there. Is this odd offset in the latest Nightly between buttons and input fields (search and URL bars) a known issue?
18:06Porkepixflorent: Added flexible space
18:06florentAccording to this search, it appears that no, but not sure if I take a look correctly :)
18:06PorkepixGo in customize
18:06PorkepixYou can remove it
18:07florentPorkepix: Oh, thanks!
18:07florent(It appeared to me to be a bug, may I suggest to leave it as an option item?)
18:08PorkepixWhat do you mean?
18:08florentWell, I first thought that wasn&#39;t an intended feature, but rather a graphical bug
18:09florentit looks nice anyway, but I would let the user decide to add these flexible items in the advance settings
18:09PorkepixThis isn&#39;t settings
18:09florentcustomization panel if you want to :)
18:09PorkepixThis is in customize. You can add more or move them if you want
18:10PorkepixAnd so user already have the choice
18:10PorkepixJust, Mozilla decided they wanted those spaces to be here by default
18:10florentyeah, and I told (to my point of view, that&#39;s just my feedback) that this could be the contrary by default
18:11PorkepixIt was
18:11PorkepixAs you had not those spaces before
18:11PorkepixLooks like they wanted to add those for the default design
18:11PorkepixBut feel free to find the bug that added them and explain it was better without for you
18:12PorkepixI don&#39;t think this is the kind of choices we can argue against though
18:12florentThese are tastes and colours as we say in French :)
18:23telegram_bot<gaby2300> They are flexible spaces. You can get rid of them via &quot;Custmomize&quot; if you like!
18:28decebalus1I ask again: there is any possibility to customize scrollbars?
18:36telegram_bot<gaby2300> @decebalus1, I don&#39;t think so
18:36telegram_bot<gaby2300> Maybe some pref in about:config?
18:37decebalus1too bad! Untill last 2-3updates I used an addon wich now is not working
18:46tracydecebalus1: sure, its possible, if you want to play around with CSS
18:48PorkepixAhahah. With the adblocker being broken since nightly update I discover that some ads are triggering a switch to the dedicated discrete graphics card
18:48decebalus1tracy: I&#39;d be very grateful if you could tell me how. I don&#39;t have special skills.
18:49tracydecebalus1: I dont know how either, other than to search on it.
18:51decebalus1tracy: I don&#39;t&#39; know even where to find the CSS code:D
18:52tracythere are probably alternate solutions. sure new (or reworked) add-ons will be available
18:54decebalus1I don&#39;t think least no soon.
18:57decebalus1this addon was very useful for me..I have 1920x1200 monitor..and I use an optimal zoom (125% from Windows + 117 browser zoom) and in this case the scrollbar became veru tiny on large pages..and is hard to catch them
19:06Porkepixdecebalus1: If this is only a scale issue because your scrollbars aren&#39;t proportional to zoom level, you can try to open a bug requesting an option for that
19:09decebalus1Porkepix:no..this happens also in other browsers..and beside that i use a 17px default size (width) for scrollbars and other color not the shitty grey
19:11PorkepixColors are another matter
19:12PorkepixBut having scale that does match computer zoom/scale levels might make sense imho on the accessibility point of view
19:12PorkepixFor people with vision deficience
19:13Porkepixvisual impairment* actually
19:14decebalus1That scale I figured is optimal for avoid eyestrain because I spend many hours on the computer
19:15decebalus1It is not too big how you think for a 1920x1200 monitor
19:16PorkepixWell, just try to open it. It doesn&#39;t cost anything to ask. In the worst case, it&#39;s gonna be closed as WONTFIX. And if you&#39;re lucky enough, they&#39;ll eventually do something about it later on
19:21SeburoWow, more big changes in the new Nightly.
19:35ilnei can&#39;t get rid of the third flex. space
19:36PorkepixThere are only two
19:36ilneoh yes, correct, sorry, the 2nd one
19:36ilneafter the search bar
19:36ilnethe first one, yes, 2nd, no
19:36ilneor perhaps i&#39;m just too tired after this insane day at work :P
19:37SeburoTry not to bend the space, try to bend the space around the space.
19:37ilneit seems i can&#39;t even move it anywhere else like with the first one :(
19:38Seburoilne: This has only just landed with . Maybe a bug to be reported?
19:38firebotBug 1383009 FIXED, Add flexible spaces around the URL and search bar by default and replace the bookmarks button with t
19:38ilneyeah, perhaps
19:38ilneis anyone else having the same issue here?
19:38ilnethe first one gets removed just fine
19:40PorkepixI removed both without issue
19:41ilnereset, remove first one
19:41ilneremove second one
19:41ilnegoing to try the same on a win 10 1703 VM :)
19:44SeburoSpace....the final frontier.....
20:51jeyoung[17:18:30] <aki> jeyoung: tracy: working on it, hope to have a fix + new nightlies by my EOD
20:51jeyoungaki: ^-- damn long work day you have :-)
20:52akijeyoung: it&#39;s still afternoon in pdt
20:53jeyoungaki: i know :-) just being impatient to see goodies.
20:56akiyou can follow along in
21:00jeyounghow many builds do you have running on that!?
21:07aki5+ platforms, 90+ locales, multiple signing steps / upload steps / submission to balrog (update server) etc
21:07akidoesn&#39;t even include our on-push or android
21:11aki for a different view
21:11jeyoungpush to update server for en-gb win64 says unscheduled. win64 == win7-x64?
21:12jeyoungthis is what my CI/CD at work wants to become when it grows up :-)
21:12akiunscheduled is because the deps aren&#39;t complete
21:32jeyoung aki: downloading :-)
21:33jeyounghot off the press! :-)
21:34akithat&#39;s this morning&#39;s nightly, same as every other platform. we hit random long hg clones, and the win64 nightly build hit that. all the l10n repacks are dependent on the en-US build, so all win64 nightlies were dead in the water
21:36jeyoungah, nice to know.
21:40jeyoungright... thanks for your help. have a good week-end, everyone! i&#39;m off to bed.
12 Aug 2017
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