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10 Sep 2017
06:49telegram_bot<mstanke> The post are taken from Pocket, but they have been added as part of Activity Stream.
06:50telegram_bot<mstanke> Well, looking closer, the highlighs are maybe just from the history, as I do not see any page that I haven&#39;t visited yet.
06:50telegram_bot<mstanke> From Pocket I think it should be called Top stories.
07:49PorkepixWell, for me it keeps memory of pretty useless webpages
08:47smile4everWhere is the data saved in stored on disk?
09:46sw1ayfesmile4ever: tried Storage Inpsector?
09:47sw1ayfe* inspector
10:23sw1ayfeotherwise cache? about:cache and select `disk` option &quot;list cache entries&quot;
11:07smile4eversw1ayfe: thanks
11:10smile4eversw1ayfe: nope, it only lists localStorage, not (WebExtensions)
12:29sw1ayfesmile4ever: within the profile&#39;s `browser-extension-data`. Each extension has its own local storage.js in there
12:30smile4eversw1ayfe: thanks!
12:35sw1ayfelooking at bug 1371255 though I can see there is discussion moving it to Indexeddb. This is all real recent
12:35firebot NEW, Very bad memory efficiency of
12:45sw1ayfebut indexeddb can&#39;t be used in private browsing mode ahahaha all the drama
12:55sw1ayfeHere&#39;s a good blog entry on Fx56 re webextensions, including out of process (OOP) extensions enabled in Windows, and more on the IndexDB `unlimitedStorage` permission
13:28WaltS48Just fired up the Linux computer for the day, started Nightly, received an update notification, clicked Restart and Nightly hasn&#39;t restarted yet. It&#39;s been about 4 minutes. Known issue?
13:31WaltS48Clicked the launcher to start Nightly and got the installing updates window. The my profile manager opened. Selected the nightly profile and ...
13:32WaltS48it looks like everything is okay BuildID: 20170910100150
13:36sw1ayfeWaltS48: I just restarted fine onto that build in Arch Linux
15:44telegram_botStefanoCecere was added by: StefanoCecere
16:41ETI&#39;ve generated a profile where the new Options window takes about ~5 seconds to load, only on first launch
16:41ET(in a session)
16:41ETNot sure where else I can post it, bugzilla doesn&#39;t seem like the appropriate platform to post it on
16:44ETCan I post it there, or..?
16:47koheiloading the redesigned Preference page is always slow even with a clean profile. It takes 3 sec for me
16:48ETHmm. Is that to be expected?
16:48koheiI miss the original, well-organized Preferences page :(
16:49ETBlame the new specs :D
16:49koheithe slowness is probably by design :(
16:52koheiI thought performance was the top priority in Firefox 57, have no idea why this becomes the norm
16:54ETI think in this specific case, it&#39;s probably because stuff gets loaded only when necessary, and not on first paint
16:55ETIt&#39;s a compromise I think
16:57Caspy7kohei: I highly doubt that the slowness is by design
16:58koheibut theres no bug for the performance issue and it hasnt been changed for months
16:59Caspy7kohei: best I can say is file a bug
16:59Caspy7no one sat down and said &quot;yeah, this should take at least 3 seconds to load&quot;
17:00ETCaspy7: I&#39;m on it
17:01Caspy7ET: you can also try shopping the profile on #flow (though it&#39;s the weekend, so maybe better tomorrow)
17:03koheiI dont think it depends on computer spec. My laptop is MacBook Pro with 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB memory
17:04koheistill takes 3 to 5 sec to load the Prefs page
17:04firebotBug 1382170 FIXED, New Preferences is too slow
17:05ETAn old one
17:06firebotBug 1389550 ASSIGNED, Sync reflow at init_dynamic_padding in preferences.js
17:06Caspy7old? It was filed two months ago and fixed a month ago
17:08ETTime is quite relative :)
17:09Caspy7well, on bugzilla, a two month old bug hasn&#39;t left the hospital yet :)
17:14firebotBug 1398597 NEW, Preferences/Options page takes a lot of time to open (3-5 sec), especially on first launch in a sess
17:15ETYou&#39;re welcome to add any comments that you may have on the matter
17:25cinHi guys!
17:25cinIs there a way to change the new tab page?
17:26cinNever mind, I&#39;m actually retarded!
17:27cinThe way is to hit the settings icon on the page
11 Sep 2017
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