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10 Aug 2017
00:00ianaca not ftp but maybe these?
00:01Someth|ngI would send a screenshot but uh
00:01Someth|ngJavaScript is required to upload to Imgur
00:03Someth|ngI never thought i'd say it, but I actually miss JavaScript
00:04Caspy7Asa: I don't know about last major or what, but it was a significant one that had been mentioned several times in the Quantum Flow newsletters
00:05Caspy7Asa: this one in particular shows a pie chart with it and it is about 2/3rds of the pie
00:05Asayeah. I was just looking at that.
00:06Caspy7sidenote: the chart below it makes me thing our adblock plus users will really benefit from the webextension version of the addon
00:09Someth|ngbit of a shame about the changes being made to add-ons
00:10Caspy7AdblockPlus:Message makes up almost *3/4* of that pie
00:11Someth|ngI honestly don't know what i'm going to do going forward if the extensability of add-ons is being diminished
00:14Someth|ngand more to the point, I don't know where i'm going to turn as someone who doesn't like tabs on top
00:18Caspy7Someth|ng: well, you could try getting used to tabs on bottom.
00:18Caspy7er, I mean getting used to tabs on top
00:18Someth|ngI tried that, didn't go too well
00:19Someth|ngI understand why its done, and it makes perfect sense, but aesthetically it hurts me deeply
00:19Caspy7things do change, of all things, this one is not functionally a significant difference
00:19Someth|ngaesthetically its a big one for me
00:20Caspy7does talking about tab shape get you impassioned?
00:20Someth|nghonestly, not as much as tabs being on top, but I actually do have strong opinions on tab shape
00:21Caspy7at first, change feels weird, then, I get used to it
00:22Someth|ngI've never gotten used to tabs on top
00:22Someth|ngits part of why I avoided Chrome (besides the other reasons)
00:23Someth|ng something about this feels wrong
00:26Someth|ng much better
00:29Caspy7it will just take some retraining. Otherwise, dunno what to tell you. Don't think there are any other secure, modern alternatives
00:30Someth|ngother than having to make my own builds of Nightly with code for tabs on top? Yeah, i'm a bit out of luck
00:36Someth|ngwell I guess I'm not a programmer for nothing and that I might just have to put my time where my mouth is and write it in
02:26karlsvecHi all. Im a macOS user interested in WebVR and got very excited about the announcement back in June (
02:27karlsvecI know that WebVR support on the Mac is very much still a work in progess, but hopefully somebody here can clear up some questions
02:28karlsvec1) Is the WebVR support in intended to work only on the High Sierra developer/public betas? The announcements around the time of WWDC from Valve regarding SteamVR and Mozilla regarding WebVR support in Firefox Nightly were not 100% clear on this
02:38karlsvec2) if the answer to #1 is no, it should work on Sierra too, would the Nightly dev team consider bug reports valuable, or is it too early for that?
03:42telegram_bot<Diffusive> The addons menu&#39;s text have the wrong color in the last build.
03:42telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Still not fixed according to me...there is difference in top and bottom margins. Can anyone please confirm??
03:42telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Fwd from Madhuri_mittal:
03:42firebotBug 1388087 FIXED, new nightly logo is oddly placed on &quot;about nightly&quot; window
03:42telegram_bot<Diffusive> (Photo, 1234x1280) its hard to see.
03:44telegram_bot<Diffusive> @Madhuri_mittal, i see the logo a bit too much up.
03:45telegram_bot<Siclemx> @Diffusive, I can&#39;t see the blue section in about:preferences on Debian
03:46telegram_bot<Diffusive> @Siclemx, Mine is all white.
03:46telegram_bot<Siclemx> @Diffusive, Yeah, do you what&#39;s happening?
03:46telegram_bot<Diffusive> But i can see the text as its black.
03:47telegram_bot<Diffusive> Maybe it has something to do with your Shell theme?
03:48telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Yes..thanks ...can you please comment there
03:49telegram_bot<Siclemx> @Diffusive, It could be, but yesterday it was all right
03:49telegram_bot<Diffusive> ill do it when have the chance.
04:05telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Diffusive, Yey ...thanks
04:07fwiwwhenever there was a discussion about firefox, it seems that nightly always mentioned
04:11telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> I have a question that nightly build gets updated at different times due to different time zones and bugs are verified under bug verification days. According to IST we usually get it at 6:30 or 7 pm in the evening which makes most of the tester unable to verify most of the bugs...... Can we have a solution for this ??
06:15telegram_bot<Zulfath> Yes, yesterday myself and @Madhuri_mittal verified few bugs under bug verification day, but with different builds. Bug event is updated by quality. mozilla at 6.30. But the updated veraion, we got it only at 7.00. If it happen. We have to wait until the new version to be released. Some contributors may verify bugs with old version. This is really difficult and many confusion arises. Do we have a solution for it.
06:16telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Zulfath, +1
06:16telegram_bot<Zulfath> what if the latest build has not been deployed before bug verification days....what should we do in that case?
06:21telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @Zulfath, Exactly .... Developers marked the issue as fixed , we will have that issue in TO DO verification list but build we have do not have the fix .....then conflict arises.... Even I marked some issues as not fixed after verification due to the same reason but the devs commented for the latest build ....and that&#39;s really increase the count of bugs that are not fixed or having conflicts.
06:34telegram_bot<prasanthp96> @Madhuri_mittal could you share the link for the bug that you faced this issue?
06:35telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @prasanthp96, Ya sure
06:35telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> This one
06:35telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Fwd from Madhuri_mittal: Yes it is
06:35firebotBug 1386222 FIXED, Text in URL/location/address bar is garbled/overlapping/corrupted/not rendered correctly
06:35telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> This one too
06:35telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Fwd from Madhuri_mittal:
06:35firebotBug 1388087 FIXED, new nightly logo is oddly placed on &quot;about nightly&quot; window
07:38DamienCassouI have the impression the &quot;Disable popup auto hide&quot; button in &quot;Developers Tools&quot; does not work anymore
07:39stoyanDamienCassou: WFM
07:40DamienCassouI clicked on debug for my add-on. Then, when I click on the button, the button doesn&#39;t change style and the popups close
07:41stoyanAh, I see. I experienced the same until cleared the console.
07:41stoyanDon&#39;t know why
07:42stoyanProbably some kind of focus issue.
07:42DamienCassouI&#39;m reporting
07:43stoyanYou&#39;re good citizen (;
07:45firebotBug 1389007 UNCONFIRMED, &quot;Disable popup auto hide&quot; button in &quot;Developers Tools&quot; does not work anymore
07:45DamienCassouIn the nightly wiki, it&#39;s written to add &quot;nightly-community&quot; as a keyword. Where should I do that exactly?
07:46DamienCassoufound it
07:47DamienCassoustoyan: I can&#39;t manage to activate the feature at all (clearing the console doesn&#39;t help). Is there a workaround?
07:48stoyanDamienCassou: let me try with add-on debugging. I was using the browser toolbox
07:51DamienCassouI&#39;m trying out mozregression
07:51stoyanit&#39;s working for me. Do you mind trying the toolbox?
07:55DamienCassoustoyan: what is the toolbox? Can you please guide me?
07:55stoyanDamienCassou: ^
07:56stoyanBasically the same but for the whole browser.
07:58DamienCassoustoyan: I get that when trying to open the toolbox: Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.
07:59stoyanYou should close the add-on debugger
08:02DamienCassoustoyan: I have just tried mozregression and I can&#39;t reproduce either on the latest build
08:05DamienCassoustoyan: I can&#39;t reproduce anywhere now... Should I close the ticket?
08:09firebotBug 1388990 UNCONFIRMED, Go back one page button not working on moving showside bars to the left of that button
08:32TobbiWhat&#39;s blocking the thunderbird nightlies?
09:41j605 is reloading constantly
09:41j605is anyone experiencing this?
09:42j605might also be related to sandboxing, hmm
09:56telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @j605, Yes ....I am facing
10:05telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @j605, Seems to be fixed now
10:07j605fixed :)
10:07j605that was quick
10:08telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> @j605, Not in private window
10:08telegram_bot<Madhuri_mittal> Still facing it is getting reloaded again n again
10:10jeyoung|workStill seeing the same thing.
10:10jeyoung|workGetting this in the console --> Content Security Policy: The page&#39;s settings blocked the loading of a resource at data:application/javascript;base64,KGZ1b... (&quot;script-src &#39;nonce-fd7e09d4-2aba-4375-9f9e-2d043b00e923&#39;&quot;).
10:20j605it is actually more irritating when I stop the site and a second later it loads the homepage so console is erased
11:06jeyoung|workj605, Toolbox Options -> Enable Persistent Logs should fix that.
13:37Defmanhi! does anyone know what engine (gecko/servo/blink/etc.) firefox nightly on android uses?
13:37Defmanthe new design is cool though
13:37Defmanare there any servo components btw?
13:42Caspy7stylo is not yet enabled, not sure if it will be on Android before 57, the main focus right now is desktop
13:43Defmanit wasn&#39;t enabled for me on desktop either. had to go to the about:config
13:43Caspy7it&#39;s only a percentage of nightly users currently
13:43PorkepixCaspy7: Oh, it&#39;s enabled by default for some people?
13:43Defmandidn&#39;t know that, thanks
13:53Caspy7Porkepix: yes
13:53PorkepixDidn&#39;t know
13:53Caspy7forget the percentage, maybe 10% now, then 50 percent soon
13:53PorkepixI enabled it by hand
14:36valentin1question: my windows firefox is still on 53.0.2 (32 bit). it says it&#39;s up to date
14:36valentin1is there a bug preventing it from updating?
14:37valentin1a friend is reporting something similar with two other PCs... one is on ff53, one on ff54, both are not updating
14:40PorkepixNo 55 is normal because updates were stopped due to a critical bug affecting some users
14:40PorkepixNo 54 for a 53 release, actually I don&#39;t know
14:41valentin1Porkepix: I haven&#39;t opened the PC for a while, so it&#39;s not surprising that it hasn&#39;t updated yet
14:41valentin1Porkepix: thanks for letting me know
14:41* stephend waves hello to Caspy7
14:41PorkepixYeah, I figured that out
14:42PorkepixWhat I means is that imho you should have least have 54 proposed as you&#39;re on 54
14:42PorkepixBut maybe is it intended not to have it as 55 is supposed to be the last one but is disabled
14:42PorkepixI don&#39;t know
14:53mastizada57.0a1: Restore tab (Ctrl+Shift+T) not works anymore
14:55mastizadaCtrl+Right Shift+T works
15:01Caspy7mastizada: just tried it in today&#39;s build and it worked no problem
15:02Caspy7do you have the latest? Maybe a legacy addon is interfering?
16:11linkmauveHi, this morning after updating Nightly all of my tabs were gone, I saw the sessionstore.jsonlz4 file being only 858bytes, while sessionstore-backups/upgrade.jsonlz4-20170809100326 (the most recent file there) is 14MiB. Is there anything I could do to get back my open tabs?
16:31alex_mayorgaHola! Do others see this error in when playing voice messages &quot;Unsupported media Your browser cannot play this media file. Try downloading the file and opening it in a standalone player. &quot; Funny thing the audios do play =)
16:59jeyoung|workHere&#39;s me hoping that mconley&#39;s tab warm-up makes it into nightly soon :-)
16:59mconleyjeyoung|work: fixing some tests, should have patches up for review today
17:01jeyoung|workmconley, cool. do you have the bug number? I want to follow its progress, if possible.
17:02jeyoung|workFound it!
17:05Caspy7jeyoung|work: warm-up?
17:05jeyoung|workCaspy7, yes. found the ticket
17:05firebotBug 1385453 ASSIGNED, Make it possible for async tab switcher to &quot;warm up&quot; tabs that are likely to be displayed soon
17:05Caspy7for the record, thanks
17:06Caspy7oops, forget I said for the record :)
17:06Caspy7...I&#39;ll just start saying that before everything in logged channels from here on
17:08Caspy7anyway, for the record, I just experienced a not fun thing. I closed a tab, immediately realized it was the wrong tab to close, hit ctrl + shift + T to restore it and got a blank ghost tab that I cannot select
17:08Caspy7(or close)
17:09Caspy7earlier someone here mentioned not being able to restore closed tabs in the same manner (though I can)
17:23jeyoung|workCaspy7, I don&#39;t this in 20170809100326 Windows 10 x64.
17:24Caspy7jeyoung|work: I also have win10, x64, build 20170810100255
17:25Caspy7it&#39;s possible there&#39;s something else going on...I&#39;ve been having massive memory usage lately
17:26jeyoung|workCaspy7, try about:performance for the memory usage?
17:28Caspy7jeyoung|work: is this what you meant?
17:29Caspy7also, the performance of web pages section below that is broken
17:29Caspy7for me, anyone else?
17:29jeyoung|workyes, and find the tab corresponding to the process id in the list below that.
17:37Caspy7jeyoung|work: there isn&#39;t any one process that&#39;s huge. And like I said, the tabs aren&#39;t loading in the below section
17:37Caspy7do they load for you in about:performance ?
17:38jeyoung|workYes, they do. But I&#39;m one build behind yours.
17:38telegram_bot<gaby2300> Hello! No update for Windows today yet?
17:49Caspy7mine says 57.0a1 (2017-08-10)
17:52Porkepix9th here
17:52PorkepixWhile my mac received the 10th update
17:52PorkepixDidn&#39;t checked Linux
18:05decebalusnow HD videos play well on Nightly..but..too bad..that some basic addons dont&#39;t work
18:11telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Mine 57.0a1 (2017-08-09)
18:12Caspy7dunno, maybe they paused updates?
18:13Caspy7I&#39;ve seen a few things being broken
18:25telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Caspy7, Rather than getting a faulty build as the one with the drag tabs issue, I prefer no update at all!!!
18:27SeburoLike the new Fennec Nightly icon. I was not so sure when I first saw the new design (on desktop) but I am starting to like it.
19:13telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Seburo, I like it too! I don&#39;t like the new Photon icons on Android at all though!!!!
19:33telegram_bot<gaby2300> No Nightly for Android update today either....
19:36mastizadaCaspy7: restore tab worked in latest update. just tested. May be it worked due to relaunching app or may be there was another update today, hell knows :)
20:04PorkepixAndroid Nightly was updated
20:04PorkepixIt got the icon change today
20:05Seburogaby2300: Fennec has not changed much in a while. Give it a few weeks and hopefully you will be used to it.
20:22SeburoI know this is the nightly channel, but is the update from 54 to 55 being throttled?
20:27akiwe&#39;re about to ship 55.0.1, so i think so
20:29Seburoaki: ok, fab, thank you.
21:58telegram_bot<gaby2300> @Porkepix, I got it too but not today&#39;s update. The latter I received only a while ago
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