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19 Sep 2017
01:44telegram_bot<kaebitch> Hello
02:05telegram_bot<kaebitch> I have a question about nightly for android. Which version is it exactly that doesn&#39;t have tabs at the top of the screen? I used to have it then I flashed a new rom, and now I have them again
02:16Caspy7@kaebitch: I seem to recall that depends on if your device/OS reports itself as a tablet or not
02:23telegram_bot<kaebitch> Oh huh
02:28telegram_bot<kaebitch> Yeah, you&#39;re right. If I turn the dpi waayyy up it goes the way I like it
02:28telegram_bot<kaebitch> I wonder if there&#39;s any way I can spoof that just for one app
05:56alex_mayorgaHola! I&#39;m not getting Pocket recommended content. What&#39;s the about:config preference to flip?
06:02telegram_bot<mstanke> @alex_mayorga, Hola! IIRC you need to update browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.section.topstories.options
06:02telegram_bot<mstanke> Contains JSON and I guess &quot;hidden&quot; needs to be false.
06:03telegram_bot<mstanke> But I don&#39;t have enabled it either now. I thinks it&#39;s disabled on purpose.
06:04alex_mayorgamstanke: You&#39;re a gentleman and a scholar. Gracias! That did the trick. Yup! the default seems to be hidden true right now...
06:07telegram_bot<mstanke> :) You are welcome, nothing to thank for. :D
06:31freijonPorkepix: I figured out what the problem was with the NTLM proxy with the authentication prompt that kept popping up all the time. I had to set *network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy* from 32 to 255
06:32freijonthanks for the help a few days ago
07:30Porkepixfreijon: It seems strange that 32 isn&#39;t enough. Or you open a lot of things with persistent connections?
07:47freijonPorkepix: I had about 12 open tabs. but one tab probably had more than one connection
19 Sep 2017
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