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27 Jul 2017
00:26telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @Caspy7, I can always try! many thanks Caspy7!!!
02:04pboneis anyone else finding that nightly sometimes won&#39;t load a page.
02:04pboneI type in the address bar, press enter and sometimes it just does nothing.
02:04pbonefollowing links seems to be okay though.
02:08telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @pbone, Sometimes it happens to me!
02:08pbonegaby2300: Recently? This is new this morning for me.
02:10pboneHrm, it started to load the page that time, enough to get the SSL cert, then stopped.
02:14pboneSeems to be not following 302 and other redirects.
02:17fwiwhm... the nightly is kinda odd
02:17pboneworks fine on my other PC
02:20fwiwpbone: when that happen, did the refresh button also not working?
02:25pbonehuh, it&#39;s working now.
02:26pboneI opened preferences searched for an option that google searches suggested, couldn&#39;t find anything, closed it again.
02:26pbonenow things are back to normal.
02:29XrXrHello! I just updated Nightly and now I&#39;m getting a &quot;Access to file was declined&quot; on a page packaged inside an addon (resource:// url). Does anyone happen to know the bug number responsible for this change?
02:32XrXrI guess a better question is whether there is an easy way to find all commits that goes into a Nightly build :)
02:34akiXrXr: what does about:buildconfig say about the build revision?
02:35akithat&#39;s a good place to start
02:36XrXrAh didn&#39;t know about that page :D thanks aki
02:36XrXrIt&#39;s btw
02:36fwiwthat&#39;s the latest nightly it seems
02:37akiwhich platform? windows?
02:43aki shows all commits that went into that. if you knew the previous revision, you could do REV1:REV2 instead of just :REV2
02:45XrXrThat&#39;s great, I know it was working two builds ago. Shouldn&#39;t take me too long to find it :D
03:05XrXrI looked over the bugs in the changeset and nothing stands out. Looks like I will need to make some builds to find out
03:12catleeXrXr: maybe?
03:12firebotBug 1384327 NEW, Nightly & kaspersky antivirus cause a big issue at start-up
03:13XrXrIt can&#39;t be. I was on 2017-07-24 and it didn&#39;t have this issue
04:21Caspy7XrXr: I know that recently they enabled &quot;level 3&quot; of the process sandbox which increase restrictions to files on the hard drive. Though I&#39;m thinking it&#39;s been on for a few days.
04:24XrXrInteresting. The problem might go away in the next build also. I hope I&#39;m not the only one experiencing this :D
05:20ajaXrXr, think i read something aboout that message possibly being related to new caching method being cause...unconfirmed
05:20* aja isn&#39;t even Canadian
05:24ajatry searching bugzilla for sccache
05:28XrXrI&#39;m glad it&#39;s probably not intentional
05:33markh!topic/ and bug 1377522 relate to the sandbox restrictions Caspy7 mentioned, and I suspect are related. They also point to a pref that might help determine whether that&#39;s actually true or not
05:33firebot NEW, Let the Level 3 content sandbox ride the trains!
05:34Caspy7XrXr-away: ^
05:35ajaXrXr-away, i also recall discussion mentioning what markh said ^
05:35ajatks for that
06:49DamienCassouhi everyone
06:50DamienCassouI&#39;m using nightly for a few weeks now. I don&#39;t understand why the UI is in French (even though I prefer English) nor why I can&#39;t install any English dictionary (the add-ons interface tells me they are not compatible with v56)
06:56DamienCassouI&#39;ve reinstalled nigthly by downloading a new tarball and now the UI is in English (good). How do I get a French dictionary?
06:57tchevalierHi DamienCassou, have you tried this?
06:59DamienCassoucool, this one seems compatible. I didn&#39;t look at it as I thought all dictionaries would be incompatible with v56. I don&#39;t understand why the English one is
07:00DamienCassouit works perfectly tchevalier. Thanks
10:28ajapascalc: you might wanna put something in the &quot;Topic&quot; re: move of win builds to taskcluster, where to find builds now, etc. A blog post wouldn&#39;t hurt, either.
10:29pascalcaja, what do you mean? The normal way to get builds is to download them from, the backend used to generate our nightly builds should not be relevant to users as to how they get them, that&#39;s why we have download pages
10:30telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> (Document) from 2017-07-27 15:59:49.png
10:30telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> something strange
10:31ajappl test &quot;hourlies&quot;, find regression ranges, if for no other reason
10:33pascalcthe process for regression ranges is to use mozregression
10:33aja&quot;a&quot; process
10:33Caspy7the recommended process
10:34* aja hasn&#39;t tested mozregression tool since cutover to taskcluster
10:35ajadid note no updates to it since Feb, but maybe it knows where to go
10:38ajaand fwiw, doesn&#39;t work at all on Edge or IE11...might be worth mentioning, too
10:39aja...since we&#39;re talking about win testers
10:40pascalcaja, if you want to write a blog post about it, I will be happy to have it published on the nightly blog :)
10:40* aja has no blog
10:41pascalcwrite it in a text editor and I can publish it as a guest post in the nightly blog
10:57ajapascalc: sry....hit X on the wrong window....c/p to follow (it&#39;s only a few lines)
10:57ajaWhere to find win builds on taskcluster:
10:57ajaplus, these should be getting copied over to archive.m.o as usual.
11:01ajaerm s/win64-opt/win64-pgo/ for the nightly, if you prefer
11:01Usulaja that would eat too much space
11:01ajafor a blog post?
11:02ajagive url to blog post in topic, i suppose
11:24catleeaja: nightly builds will still be on archive
11:25ajai know
11:27catleeI&#39;m pretty sure mozregression knows how to deal with the taskcluster index....
11:27catleewe switched linux over in january I think
11:27ajathat&#39;s good!
11:30telegram_bot1<Iamvp7> @Iamvp7, Any problem with min vid in nightly
11:31ajacatlee, have any idea how many busted nightlies have been prevented cuz of judiciously testing hourlies? or identified bugs that&#39;d break nighlies, but are left in place just to get dumps with symbols?
11:31catleeno, sorry
11:31ajai could name several over last few months
11:32ajamostly due to bustage for which there is no test coverage
11:42telegram_bot1<marwendoukh> Hello , I couldn&#39;t play videos in Nightly (Fennec) . Here a screenshot . Android 4.4
11:42telegram_bot1<marwendoukh> (Photo, 480x800)
11:44Caspy7@marwendoukh: if you&#39;re willing to go on IRC, you may also mention this in the #mobile channel
11:45Caspy7...not really sure what are the most common hours kept by mobile devs
11:49telegram_bot1<marwendoukh> @Caspy7, Done
11:49jcristau@marwendoukh: could be bug 1383479
11:49firebot UNCONFIRMED, Can&#39;t play any video
11:51telegram_bot1<marwendoukh> @jcristau, Oh thank you
11:53jcristauseems to depend on the handset
11:54Caspy7pretty common for Android issues
13:15fwiwowh, I love how opening youtube video on new tab behavior
13:16WaltS48Using yesterday&#39;s Nightly on Linux, I&#39;m not being notified of an update via the door hanger, but Preferences > Nightly Updates shows an update available. Is there a reason for that?
13:16fwiwI don&#39;t know if it&#39;s youtube/firefox, but the video didn&#39;t play until I open the tab
13:17WaltS48That&#39;s good@
13:17WaltS48missed a key :(
13:18WaltS48I will have to test that
13:21fwiwit&#39;s really helps since I usually open a couple related videos on new tab, and now I didn&#39;t need to pause them one by one
13:21telegram_bot1<Madhuri_mittal> Some one Woking on test pilot experiments ?? Snooze tabs
13:23ilnehow often does nightly auto check for new updates?
13:25WaltS48Oh well, updated Nightly, quit, killed the process in my System Monitor and going to launch it again.
13:25Caspy7ilne: should be daily if not more (not sure *exactly*)
13:26Caspy7fwiw: yes, that option has actually be available for a long time in about:config (I&#39;ve had it set) but they feel like it&#39;s polished enough to turn on in 56 by default
13:26Caspy7very handy
13:26Caspy7I too open multiple background tabs
13:26Caspy7also sent tabs from my phone
13:26ilneCaspy7: just curious to know, i&#39;m impatient sometimes, i go to &#39;about&#39; and see that there&#39;s a new build :)
13:26ilnei now know it is around 15 CET daily
13:27WaltS48ilne: So I&#39;m not the only one that didn&#39;t see a notification. Nice to know.
13:28fwiwCaspy7: nice :)
13:29ilneWaltS48: yeah, i noticed this about two weeks ago actually
13:30ilnei&#39;m fine with daily check on beta/stable but i guess nightly should be more often
13:30ilneor perhaps daily is good enough... no idea
13:31WaltS48ilne: I just noticed it today, while checking my preferences for another setting.
13:32* WaltS48 was wondering why I wasn&#39;t logged into Discourse, which is a PITA to log back into now.
13:32telegram_bot1<Madhuri_mittal> @Madhuri_mittal, Anyone??
14:21marciaLooks as if the Mac Nightly Build hasn&#39;t come out yet today
14:25anthonyI can confirm that I didn&#39;t got any builds
14:25anthonymarcia: Is there a place to know if a release has been cancelled ?
14:27marciaanthony: Probably the page where they are actually doing the builds, looking now. Sometimes there is talk in the Release Engineering channels if builds are failing for some reason
14:27jcristaumarcia: there were repack failures
14:29jcristau is an attempt at fixing things, i don&#39;t know if there&#39;s a bug by now
14:50fwiwthis is strange
14:51fwiwublock origin didn&#39;t work when I open nightly the first time after restart
14:51fwiwbut if I close nightly and reopening it, it works
14:52fwiw(or opening new incognito window)
14:53fwiwdunno about normal window, but my guess is it&#39;s broken on first window opened, but works on any next instance
14:56* jcristau has no devtools today
15:15ilneweb developer menu is broken in latest
15:17pascalcilne, yes, we told it to one of the devtools devs, we are investigating now
15:17pascalcilne, what&#39;s your OS?
15:18pascalcso far, all people that reported missing devtools were on linux
15:18ilnepascalc: win 10, 1703
15:19ilnetwo workstations
15:19ilne(both run same version)
15:22stoyanno devtools, omg, omg, omg
15:28anthonyOk, I&#39;ll not update my nightly for now, I need this menu :p
15:30Porkepixanthony: Noob. You finally unlocked the hard mode of web dev, and run away from it :D
15:30telegram_bot1<Nukeador> Yeah, dev tools are gone with the latest nightly
15:31anthonyif($(npm run eslint) != 0) rm -rf *
15:31anthonyThis would be the hardmode
15:32Porkepixanthony: Nah, it&#39;s the level after :p
15:32PorkepixThe one that comes next
15:33fwiwuh, dev tools gone?
15:34Porkepixshit happens :p
15:35fwiwum... is it that React license stuff?
15:39anthonyIt&#39;s a build issue fwiw, it&#39;s not legal related
15:39anthonyAtleast not that i&#39;m aware of
15:39telegram_bot1<marwendoukh> Hi all , I have had the same issue but I solved it by restarting Nightly
15:46Caspy7I&#39;m holding my breath, but so far nothing catastrophic in today&#39;s build for me
15:49pascalcI just opened Bug 1384967 to track the devtools problem
15:49firebot NEW, Dev tools disapperared on Nightly for many users today
15:55Caspy7oh wow, yeah, they&#39;re totally gone. Keyboard shortcut, menu item, the whole shebang
16:03catleethe hamburger menu is busted for me
16:03catleeon linux
16:05UsullibGL error: Version 4 or later of flush extension not found
16:05UsullibGL error: failed to load driver: i915
16:05UsullibGL error: MESA-LOADER: failed to retrieve device information
16:05Usulis this filed already ?
16:05jcristauUsul: sounds like a local issue?
16:05Usulmaybe I wasn&#39;t seeing that before , just asking :)
16:05jcristaucan you run glxgears? :p
16:05Usulcatlee: burger menu is fine here
16:06catleeclicking on it does nothing
16:06Usulcommand not found
16:07Usulnothing on the console/terminal when you click on it ?
16:14telegram_bot1<gaby2300> @pbone, What are you referring to? = false <-- works around missing devtools, or so i read
16:28ajafwiw, i hit this using a win hourly last &quot;Inspect Element&quot; in context menu, and blank menu when clicking on devtool in hamburger menu. prob went away with a browser restart.
16:29ajaoops :)
16:34fwiwlouder :)
16:37ajasomething&#39;s happening here...
18:31deimidisHello, I&#39;m using Nightly 56.0a1 (2017-07-27) and I can&#39;t find developer tools, are they officially out of Firefox? Should I need to install an addon now? Or is a problem from today?
18:35telegram_bot<michaelkohler> deimidis: good to see you! yes, that&#39;s known:
18:35firebotBug 1384967 FIXED, Developer Tools disappeared on Nightly for many users on July 27 [devtools]
18:36deimidisHi Michael, thanks for that.
18:40deimidissolved that, now I have another problem. It&#39;s not aplying my userContent changes for a site. Was orking until yesterday
18:41telegram_botVishnu Prasath was added by: Vishnu Prasath
18:46firebotBug 1384483 NEW, userContent.css gets blocked with sandbox level 3 on Linux
18:46Tokoyamithere is a workaround inside
18:46Tokoyamialso check the last comment for extra detail on that
18:52deimidisyes, thanks Tokoyami I found it and applied the workaround
19:49ajafyi, don&#39;t be alarmed by huge win32/win64 zips for the re-spin...identified and being worked
19:49satdavthere is issues today with Android nightly
19:50catleehamburger menu, and other toolbar items, still don&#39;t work for me
19:52ajacatlee, ok here (win64 respin from the big zip)
19:52* catlee will file a bug
19:52satdavfirebot: ping
19:52firebotsatdav: pong
19:52ajasatdav,what issues?
19:53satdavaja: play store that&#39;s all I have been told
22:09pboneSomeone here was reporting an issue with soma addons unable to open resources.
22:09pboneI&#39;m having this problem with LastPass. I can&#39;t open my password vault.
22:09pboneThe file at resource://support-at-lastpass-dot-com/data/vault.html?lplanguage= is not readable.
22:21pboneo;/win 5
27 Jul 2017
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