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8 Sep 2017
16:11mikedeboersmacleod: can you reset the issue count at for me?
16:12mikedeboeror glob ^
16:28smacleodmikedeboer: I'll take care of it, one minute
16:29smacleodmikedeboer: should be good to go
16:29mikedeboersmacleod: yup! Thanks! ^5
18:09grishaWhat's a good channel for reporting autoland bugs? this seems like one:
18:09firebotBug 1335110 ASSIGNED, Crash in java.lang.SecurityException: at
19:59mcotegrisha: yeah this channel is okay although doesn't always get immediate action
19:59mcotegrisha: you can file a bug too, under MozReview :: Autoland
20:04grishathanks mcote, filed Bug 1398315
20:04firebot NEW, Trying to auto-land results in: push failed: 'repository changed while pushing - please try again'
9 Sep 2017
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