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8 Aug 2017
00:09pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - pushlog: record exception message in pushlog error message
00:45pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - pushlog: don't coerce SQLite data to/from unicode
11:47aygSo MozReview says it's r-, and Bugzilla says it's r?, who's right?
11:47aygIn particular, I haven't figured out a way in MozReview to re-request review after receiving r-.
13:09aygOh, I already reported it four months ago and got no response.
13:09firebotBug 1359032 NEW, Uploading a new version of a patch clears r- in Bugzilla but not in ReviewBoard
17:01zalunayg: I'm afraid it's the same as bug 1195661
17:02firebot NEW, Cannot re-request review after getting an r+
17:02zalunsorry - cancel that
22:24markhI've a first-time contributor who claims they need to be the assignee on a bug to submit a mozreview patch - is that correct?
22:35mcoteHmm i don't think so. It's the same permissions as attaching a patch to a bug
22:35mcoteI always forget what you can and can't do without editbugs though
22:36mcotedylan: ^ we should have that clearly documented somewhere
22:51dylanagreed, I thought it was in the user-guide
22:51dylanthe rule is: you need edit bugs or be the assignee or reporter of the bug
23:08markhah, ok, thanks
9 Aug 2017
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