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21 Apr 2017
01:49MattNOne of my main annoyances with mozreview for non-trivial patches is still the inability to see/review one file at a time. I case there was any doubt that it's necessary GitHub recently added that feature (of course Splinter had it for a long time too)
01:50MattNIt definitely hinders my productivity continually having to jump around all the time
05:19zalunimadueme: if you run all of them - it could take that long
21:50froydnjwhat does "abort: Review request is submitted or discarded" actually mean that I need to do?
21:50froydnjthe message is kind of unclear
21:51froydnjnew commit-id?
22:13imaduemefroydnj it sounds like you are trying to push a commit that contains the commit id of another commit on a review request that was submitted or discarded. So yeah, just remove that from your commit message and push again.
22:51froydnjimadueme: thanks
22 Apr 2017
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