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20 Apr 2017
03:12globvct env build time: ~1h45m vcssync env build time: 59s
11:49freddybthis review request shows the try push as red, but that's not what I see when I click the link. bug?
12:02Gijswhat do I do with ?
12:02Gijsit lists 2 issues
12:02Gijsbut also 0 unfixed issues in the issue list
12:02Gijsso I can't clear the 2 issues thing
12:02Gijsso I can't autoland :\
12:03Gijsit looks like the internal state of mozreview got messed up somehow
12:03Gijswhich is scary.
12:05freddybI have a similar problem where it thinks a try-run was unsuccessful when it wasn't. but it seems folks are not awake yet :)
12:06GijsI didn't think try runs stopped you landing?
12:07freddybit did once, maybe that changed?
12:23Gijszalun: yes, note the [!2] at the top left and the "There are no open issues" at the bottom
12:23Gijszalun: mikedeboer says he's run into this before and smacleod fixed it for him
12:23GijsI've tried reopening and closing issues, but that doesn't seem to help
12:24mikedeboersmacleod told me it's a known issue
12:24mikedeboerzalun ^
12:24mikedeboerI think it needed a manual DB edit to fix it
12:25zalunaye - I remember seing the bug
12:30freddybGijs: ah. try doesnt stop landing, but it stopped autolanding via checkin-needed. I'm have "only" L1 access.
13:14Gijszalun: so is it possible for you to fix the issue list in the review I listed? (and/or can you link me to the bug?)
13:23zalunAfair the solution is to manually fix the DB and glob/smavlaod is the guy
13:23zalunI'm talking from the phone now...
14:37globGijs: should be fixed now
14:37Gijsglob: thanks!
14:37Gijsglob: do you know the bug id for this?
14:38globbug 1292371
14:38firebot REOPENED, Number of open issues is sometimes incorrect
17:09imaduemeWorking on bug 1286740, and ran `./run-tests -j2 hgext/reviewboard/tests/ autoland/tests/` to run the unit tests, getting 1 failure (which has about 10 subfailures). Does mozreview currently have tests that are supposed to fail?
17:09firebot ASSIGNED, Changing reviewer in MozReview changes the requester on bugzilla
17:10imaduemeo wait
17:11mcoteimadueme: I am not sure; you'd have to run against tip
17:12mcoteheh those don't look like errors we should be getting tho :)
18:37gpsthat's an odd failure
20:22imaduemeis it normal for the reviewboard and mozreview tests to take like an hour each run? :~)
20:31mcotenot normally quite that long
21 Apr 2017
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