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19 May 2017
03:40pulsebotCheck-in: - byron jones - autoland: prevent duplicate jobs (bug 1365487) r=gps
17:08pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - ansible/hg-web: add "frame-ancestors: https:" to CSP (bug 1336590); r=fubar
19:14aswancan somebody clear a ghost issue on
19:14aswanie, they aren't actually any unresolved issues but the issue summary says there is 1
22:00rforbesHello, I have this review that I have a question about.
22:01rforbesdecoder tried to land it for me but it is erroring out but I am not sure why.
22:01rforbeson top of that, I do not have the right kind of access to land commits. What would the process typically be for me once a review is approved?
20 May 2017
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