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18 Apr 2017
08:29hsivonenWhat's the correct way to re-request review on ReviewBoard after the reviewer has removed their nick from the reviewer field?
08:29hsivonenemptying the field, publishing the change and then putting the nick back in the field goes back to the state where ReviewBoard remembers that the reviewer has removed self
08:37brennieI would help, but the r? stuff is in the mozilla fork and I have no idea how it works.
10:24zalunhsivonen brennie: the state is remembered, there is a bug for that
10:37hsivonenzalun: ok. thanks
13:13katsfor some reason trying to `hg import <url>` patches from mozreview is giving me 404 errors / not working. even though if i visit the url in the browser it shows me the patch. did something change on the server? this used to work
13:14katsmcote: gps: ^
13:17zalunkats: - revision not found: 43856e04b4c140cc789a0f31edf253f985b0daf8a
13:18katsoh looks like there&#39;s an extra &#39;a&#39; on the end of the hash for some reason
13:18katsmy bad
19:52erahmIs there some way to get around the &quot;this patch has issues, but it got r+&#39;d and I just want to land it&quot; conundrum?
19:53erahmissues in the review board sense, not that it&#39;s currently problematic
20:01KWiersoerahm: import the patch and push to inbound?
20:02* erahm sighs
20:02erahmthat&#39;s so incredibly janky
20:11firebotBug 1357534 NEW, Allow landing a bug that has open issues
20:19wlacherahm: just mark the issues as resolved
20:20erahmwlach: I can&#39;t
20:20wlacherahm: oh :(
20:20erahmwlach: It&#39;s a mentored bug, I didn&#39;t raise the issues. TBH I don&#39;t think the reviewer meant to raise the issues either, I think they just wanted to add comments
20:43mcoteerahm: I might be able to resolve/drop them as admin
20:43mcoteif you like
20:43mcoteannoying, I know
20:45erahmmcote: Thanks for the offer, I just ni&#39;d the other reviewer
20:47mcoteok lemme know if you get tired of waiting & want me to close them :)
20:48erahmmcote: hah, thanks :)
19 Apr 2017
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