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17 Mar 2017
04:01pulsebotCheck-in: - byron jones - vcssync: Change error notification email address (bug 1345155)
04:05zalunglob: do you have few minutes? I believe I've got some issues with Selenium tests in MozReview
04:05zalundo we have it documented somewhere?
04:05globzalun: sorry, something in servo-vcs-sync just broke and i'm working on fixing that
04:05globthe selenium tests don't work
04:05globignore them
04:25zalunjust like that? Maybe there should be a bug and all these should be skipped?
05:04pulsebotCheck-in: - byron jones - vcssync: configure ui.username so commits work (bug 1348199)
23:45markhwhat's the best way to make a "test" push to mozreview? I was having trouble with git, which we think has been fixed, but I already pushed the patch I was working on via hg, so don't want to push again to that bug
18 Mar 2017
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