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17 Jul 2017
15:37chuttenMozreview looks like it ate some of my commits. According to git, my branch and its tracking branch have diverged by 13 commits... but it's only showing 2 of them now, having obsoleted the earliest 11 of them (which were unchanged locally)
15:38chuttenNo data lost, but it seems to be confused about which commits (of the two it is showing) are r? or r+
15:38chutten for reference
21:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - firefoxtree: add test for unknown revision (bug 1377081); r=glob
21:26pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - firefoxtree: ignore unknown revisions (bug 1377081); r=glob
22:10pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - hgmo: expose web command to test for ancestry (bug 1247322); r=ted
22:19pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - hgtemplates: put description inside <div> (bug 1360007)
22:22pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - overlay: glob over dynamic test result
22:39pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - hgtemplates: render whitespace in commit messages properly
18 Jul 2017
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