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16 Mar 2017
04:14subhdeephow can i rebase my repo to latest mozill-central
04:14subhdeepmy patch cannot be landed because of that
06:01pulsebotCheck-in: - Piotr Zalewa - mozreview: HOTFIX allow to modify the DiffSet's files list for diff download. (bug 1346321) r=glob
06:01pulsebotCheck-in: - Piotr Zalewa - mozreview: filter out commit message FileDiff from downloadable diff (bug 1346321) r=glob
06:05mozreview-deploy-botProduction deployment of MozReview initiated from rev 58cf736cff7b
06:21mozreview-deploy-botProduction deployment of MozReview complete
10:21flyingrubHi ! I'm often getting a "abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error" when pushing to mozreview but it goes fine on the second launch. Is there anything I can do to prevent that ?
12:14mcoteflyingrub: no, unfortunately. we're working on it. tricky problem
12:14flyingrubok thanks !
12:15subhdeep:~mcote how can i rebase my code to latest mozilla central
12:25mcoteflyingrub: also try to use the latest mercurial if you can
12:25mcotesubhdeep: "hg pull --rebase" should work
12:30subhdeep~mcote do i need to do anything else
13:35zalunmcote: I've got autoland working locally
13:35zalunno idea how to test though
13:35zalunI might write pytest
14:07mcotezalun: how to do automated tests you mean? yeah pytest is preferable if possible
14:58zalunmcote: Imeant I've got bug 1345927 sorted locally
14:58firebot ASSIGNED, Autoland should respect the repository's configured ldap group for landing permissions.
14:59zalunI was hoping I will break some tests, but not
17:23milindlquick question: how can you submit two distinct patches for the same bug? I tried making different commits, but that shows up in the same reviewboard entry (same "draft diff")
17:25mcotemilindl: you need to specify a separate review id
17:25mcotemilindl: normally a review id is of the form bz://<bug id>/<irc nick>
17:25milindlyes, so it takes me to the same reviewboard page
17:26mcoteso you need to push with --reviewid and a different id, e.g. bz://<bug id>/<irc nick>-1 or something like that
17:26mcotelike bz://1234/mcote-1
17:26mcotethat&#39;ll create a separate review request series
17:26milindlThank you :)
17:26mcotenp :)
17:26mcoteit&#39;s a bit weird; we&#39;re going to introduce better logic for this in the future
17:29milindlthat&#39;s a good idea, it&#39;s pretty confusing at first (I was trying to use webUI)
18:23hwinequick question: how unhappy does review board/autoland get if bugzilla is not available?
18:24hwinedoes is just stop, wait, & retry? Or spew gobs of alerts that wake people up?
18:25mcoteshouldn&#39;t send alerts I don&#39;t think
18:25mcotejust no one would be able to log in or push to it
18:26hwineawesome! thanks!
18:26hwinemcote: that&#39;s 1/2 of that email answered ;)
20:45freddybI am new to reviewboard. I have an r+, the thing was sent to try via RB and I have now classified the failures as intermittents (which they are). What&#39;s the next step? Can I make RB aware of that change (try having become greenish), to enable autoland?
20:49freddybah, I don&#39;t have L3 :-)
20:49freddybI will request checkin-needed on bugzilla
20:50freddybfyi bug 1224225
20:50firebot ASSIGNED, International Domain Name in connect-src of Content Security Policy header not working
17 Mar 2017
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