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15 Mar 2017
00:40glandiuminterdiff is confused by commit-message
00:40glandiummcote: known bug? ^
00:51brennieglandium: thats an interesting one
00:52brennieHowever its hard to say if thats caused by stuff y'all do (I'm willing to bet yes)
00:53brennieSince it is being added dynamically, i imagine its an issue with that
00:53mcoteglandium: hm I know something was fixed related to the commit message today (but not yet deployed)
00:53glandiumbrennie: note there *are* two file changes in the real interdiff
00:53mcotenot sure if that's related
00:54glandiumfrom the look of it, only the label for the first file name is wrong
00:55mcoteglandium: ah yes, that might be bug 1345740
00:55firebot FIXED, diff view shows file diff as commit message
00:55mcotethe one that was fixed today
00:55mcoteyup looks like
00:55brenniemcote: *waves*
00:55brenniehows it going
00:55glandiummcote: I agree
00:56mcotebrennie: heyo :)
00:56mcotenot bad
00:56mcotedoing my US taxes
00:56mcoteyay for having a work status in the US...
00:56mcotebest thing is that in Quebec we have separate tax returns as well
00:56brennieDouble boo
00:56mcoteand California wants their own tax returns
00:57mcoteso I have 4 tax returns to send out :)
00:57brennieOK at that point you get an accountant (or 4)
00:57brennieor I would at least
00:57mcoteheh yeah the US/California ones are actually handled by Mozilla's accountants
00:57mcotebut I still need to fill in a bunch of info and send them scans of stuff
01:00mcotebrennie: how're you? :)
01:00brennieGood :)
01:01brennieJust working on some boring e-mail stuff
01:02mcoteheh after my exciting tax stuff I get to finish writing up meeting minutes for my daughter's school governing board :)
01:02mcoteexciting tuesday
01:03brenniesounds thrilling :)
04:43globi'll kick off a deploy soon to land bug 1345740
04:43firebot FIXED, interdiff view shows file diff as commit message
04:47mozreview-deploy-botProduction deployment of MozReview initiated from rev 5edc2b524db5
04:52zalunglob: thanks
05:01mozreview-deploy-botProduction deployment of MozReview complete
05:02pulsebotCheck-in: - byron jones - ansible: configure log rotation of apache logs (bug 1347161); r=fubar
12:39subhdeephow can i rebase code
12:50imaduemeYou can use hg rebase subhdeep
14:15pulsebotCheck-in: - byron jones - vcssync: update paths checked following rust vendoring (bug 1347039)
15:26zalunI'm looking for a way to test posting autoland jobs with level_{number} privileges
15:27zalunI assume this is not the right way to do it as level2 was able to post
15:28milindlhello, I'm having an issue while pushing to review, "abort: authorization failed". I was able to push successfully around 2 hours ago. I've tried regenerating my bugzilla api key and my .hgrc (by deleting and running mach mercurial-setup again)
15:37mcotemilindl: hm so the api key in your [bugzilla] section of your .hgrc matches one you can see in ?
15:38mcotei.e. it's visible, not a "hidden" one?
15:38mcoteand your destination is (not ssh://)?
15:39milindlmcote: yes, that's true.
15:40milindlBefore it stopped working Imade a new bookmark and commited.
15:40milindlotherwise, I didn't anything else.
15:41milindlI found : which seems to be somewhat related, however, I want to make sure what I do is right
15:42milindl(I get the same sort of errors while --debug is set)
15:42milindland anyway, it's over SSH :P
17:08mikedeboerhi! can someone remove the erroneous issue flag from ?
17:30mcotesmacleod: hm seems there's an issue-count mismatch again... do we have to poke the db to fix that?
17:46smacleodmcote: just need to run a management command on the admin node, give me a sec
17:50smacleodmikedeboer: sorry about that, should be fixed now
17:54mikedeboersmacleod: np, thanks!
17:57mcotesmacleod: can you add instructions for fixing that to mana?
17:57smacleodmcote: the instructions are in the bug for the issue
18:02mcotemana is still better if we have to do this semi-regularly. I'll copy it over.
20:11erahmHi mozreview folks! I've r+'d a patch ( but it doesn't show up as being r+'d
20:13jmahertrying to automation->land commits for a bug with 3 patches which are all r+ now, if there are open issues does that prevent it:
20:15erahmjmaher: it would appear so, I just cleared the issues on my review and now it claims it's landable
20:16jmaheroh, cool
20:16erahmalthough I'm still not listed as a reviewer but meh
20:16jmahererahm: want to do the honors?
20:16erahmjmaher: sure!
20:17erahmjmaher: oh you have to clear your own issues :(
20:17jmaherheh, I have issues
20:20jmahererahm: try it now :)
20:21erahmjmaher: \o/
16 Mar 2017
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