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13 Sep 2017
19:10mcomellaI'm receiving autoland errors because the thing I need to rebase off of is only on autoland, not on m-c (, So locally I rebased on autoland but now when I push these changes to reviewboard, I get the error: "abort: we do not allow replacements
19:10mcomellato modify files". What can I do about this?
19:10firebotBug 1388396 NEW, Activity Stream: when have no good favicon, display letter from subdomain over stable color
19:10mcomellaI would like to land this today because of the FF57 merge thing
19:14* mcomella wonders if pushing directly to autoland is a bad idea
19:17* mcomella -> grabs lunch, back soon
20:03imaduememcomella: You can abandon that review request on review board then make a new one. You will have to remove the "MozReview Commit ID" at then end of each of your commit messages then push to review as usual. smacleod may have better advice for you :)
20:15mcomellaHad an idea: I can put the conflicting commit on top of m-c, rebase on that commit, push to rb, and then land it :)
20:20imaduemeGlad it worked out :)
14 Sep 2017
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