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11 Jul 2017
15:13pulsebotCheck-in: - Steven MacLeod - manualoverlay: add extension for manually creating overlay commits (Bug 1374534). r=gps
15:58smaugwhat was the schedule to replace mozreview?
15:59smaugand is it somehow possible to use the new tool already?
15:59mcotesmaug: I hope to have an update posted today, but general launch of phabricator is late Sept or early Oct
15:59mcotemozreview will be enabled until after 57
15:59mcotesmaug: you can play with an in-development version at
15:59mcoteif you have a bugzilla-dev account
16:00smaugI don't have
16:00smacleodsmaug: or a github account, which you can use to login to bugzilla dev to create that account
16:00smaugaha, that I do have
16:00smacleod(otherwise #bteam can help create a "traditional" bugzilla-dev account)
16:04* mcote adds that GitHub login part to the update post
16:09smaugFWIW, doesn't seem to load here
16:09smaug"The server at is taking too long to respond."
16:13mcotejust the index page?
16:13mcotethat's weird
16:14mcotetakes 400 ms for me
16:23smaugloads now
23:03pulsebotCheck-in: - Gregory Szorc - mozhg: add module for "is Firefox repo" test
23:18flyingrubHi all !
23:18flyingrubI just found a weird bug with mozreview :
23:19flyingrubI had a bug with a patch that is r+
23:21flyingrubI created a new commit that I wanted to add to the bug but was on a branch with commit linked to other bug so I ran `git mozreview push COMMITID`
23:21flyingrubnow the new commit has replaced the old one and is still r+
23:21flyingrubI don't know if this can be considered as a security issue ?
12 Jul 2017
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