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17 May 2017
15:44gueroJeffmindjuju_: Hey! Sorry I was incomunicado yesterday, lots of doctor appointments. Because of doctor appointments and the trip to St. George on Friday, this weeks not looking good for us. But later next week would be great!
15:45gueroJeffmindjuju_: also, I wanted to run an idea by you, if you have a minute
16:14mindjuju_hey, totally ok
16:15mindjuju_i'm actually in a meeting, so IRC works great right now
16:15mindjuju_or do you need phone call?
16:20gueroJeffIRC is perfect :-)
16:22gueroJeffSo theres a local professional development group in Utah called Silicone Slopes Localization (not sure if Ive mentioned it to you before). I helped co-found it 3 years ago. Anyway, the group tries to meet up every 3 months to hear a presentation on an interesting l10n topic and network.
16:23gueroJeffWed like to have our next one in the next couple of weeks. I wondered if you and Brent would be interested in presenting the IRC project that UTOS is working on to the group and if we could use the UTOS space at the UVU Business Dev center for the meet up. It would be a good opportunity also to pitch OpenWest
16:24mindjuju_mi casa, su casa
16:24mindjuju_let me know when and I'll confirm availability
16:28gueroJeffWhat evenings do you have open next week and the week after?
16:33mindjuju_i'll check
18 May 2017
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