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21 Apr 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ashlee
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is Usul
14:34safwanUsul: Is is down?
14:35* Usul looks
14:35Usulsafwan: nope
14:35safwanUsul: I can access b.m.o but not
14:36safwanWho maintain the shortlink?
14:36UsulI think it's reed but justdave might know better worked for me
14:37safwanIts working now, but unreliable!
14:37safwan1 request pass
14:37safwananother fail
14:37justdaveyeah, that's reed
14:38safwanjustdave: So the shortlink is maintained by reed?
14:38UsulI think he pays a service for that
14:39safwanIts not official?
14:39safwanI mean paid by mozilla or reed
14:40safwanOh! :(
14:40safwanSo no complain! :/
14:41Usulno issues
14:41safwanI think it should be paid by mozilla
14:42safwanfirebot: uses this link
14:42firebotsafwan: Sorry, I've no idea what 'uses this link' might be.
14:42safwanfirebot: why do you use ?
14:42firebotsafwan: Sorry, I've no idea what 'why do you use' might be.
14:43Usulglob: might know why firebot uses
16:11* hwine lobs a clarifying email in cshields' direction ;-)
16:12cshieldshwine: can I catch you for a vidyo later? might be easier :)
16:12hwinefwiw, is identified in the <head /> section of b.m.o as being the official &quot;short link&quot;
16:13hwinecshields: sure - my schedule is up to date. I&#39;m clearly missing something :D
16:13cshieldshwine: can I catch you right at 1 today?
16:17hwinecshields: your 1 or my 1 ? but yes to either
16:17cshieldsyours, thanks, invite inbound
16:17hwineso, I&#39;ll be between you and MFBT? That should keep us focussed ;)
16:19cshieldsexactly :) I have a hard stop at 4:30 my time for a happy hour meet..
16:58safwanjustdave: As hwine mentioned its identified in the b.m.o, is it possible for mozilla to take the responsibility of the url?
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
17:03justdavesafwan: I have no idea, I don&#39;t so anything with Mozilla&#39;s Bugzilla these days (I&#39;m all upstream)
17:04safwanjustdave: Do you know who do it?
17:04justdavewhat is it you&#39;re trying to do?
17:07safwanjustdave: I want mozilla should take responsibility of
17:07safwanSo want to reach any person to b.m.o in order to get it
17:15justdavewhat do you mean by take responsibility of?
17:29unixfairysal I just approved CHG0011635 can you add to calendar and send out comms cc Tony_6
17:30safwanjustdave: I meant pay and maintain the provider that reed do!
17:32salunixfairy rgr
17:33justdavesafwan: I&#39;m not sure who would need to deal with that, but I know there was some agreement between Mozilla and reed for him to maintain it on their behalf, that&#39;d probably need to be renegotiated, so it would need to go though whatever part of Mozilla did that deal (and I have no idea who that is)
17:34justdaveit&#39;s possible that the guys running bmo might know, since they&#39;re actually using it.
17:35safwanThanks a lot for the fruitful information justdave
21:03dylan|travelsafwan_: we have no official relationship with
21:04dylan|travelin fact the official short url uses on buglists is
22:15justdavein case anyone&#39;s wondering, we haven&#39;t taken down anything in TOR1 yet. (I notice it&#39;s on the status page already)
22:16saljustdave: yea that&#39;s automated
22:16salit goes by whenever start/end times are in the change
22:17justdaveyeah, knew that, was just explaining why you hadn&#39;t seen any alerts yet :)
22:17saljustdave: ahhh yea :D you guys have all weekend
22:17justdavethe email that EUS sent out to the office personnel actually said 7pm on it instead of 6, so we&#39;re going to wait at least until then.
22:18justdaveand we may wait later, because there&#39;s actually quite a lot of people in here still, and we&#39;ve gotten enough pre-work staged that we&#39;re not in as much of a rush as we thought we were going to be.
22:19saljustdave: rg, ty for the update
22:19salcc ashlee as she&#39;s next oncall
22 Apr 2017
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