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20 Apr 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ryanc
03:49nlihey moc guys, I happened to see bug 1357978, thought you might be interesting in this. :P
03:50firebot NEW, network-operations@mozilla-org.bugs Beijing office builing power supply system maintenance
05:14ryancHey nli
05:14ryancAnd yes, we're aware
05:14nliryanc: :)
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is pir
11:58cknowlespir: CHG11609 - VC/PSC upgrade starting shortly
13:02cknowlespir: CHG11609 - VC/PSC upgrade complete
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
20:14garndtis there someone that can help me with this bug?
20:14firebotBug 1358208 NEW, Enable for push access
20:27vinhgarndt: I've reenabled your access
20:27garndtvinh: thanks!
20:29garndtyup, confirmed, it works. thanks again
22:17unixfairyCurrently our status page both internal and community are not available - just a friendly note to let you know that the MOC team is aware and we will send emails as our backup procedure in case of other incidents. Thank you!
22:32unixfairyOur status pages are back to normal - thank you for your patience
21 Apr 2017
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