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19 Apr 2017
00:08justdavepir: there's an event on the infra-shared calendar at 4pm PT that says "Change Requests entered for CAB review 5p PT". So is that meant to give you an hour warning before the 5p PT or did it get moved and the title didn't get changed?
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
02:42ewongjlaz re: regenerating a ssh-key ping
02:45jlazewong: heyo!
02:46jlazewong: if you need your ssh key added to your LDAP account, i do not have that capability unfortunately
02:46jlazvinh may be able to assist you, but you'll need to file a bug for starters :)
02:47ewongjlaz I'd like to regenerate my ssh-key . do I re-open my old sshkey bug or file a new one?
02:47jlazewong: file a new bug for now, with reference to your old bug so that they can trace it back
02:47ewongjlaz ok. thanks!
02:47jlazno problemo :D
02:48vinhyou can add via
02:48ewongjlaz which product/component should this be ? repository account requests?
02:49ewongvinh is adding via the same as filing a bug and submitting the pub key?
02:49vinhewong: it's self service if you go on
02:50ewongahh yes... found it.
02:50vinhI'm on my computer now if you need assistance
02:51ewongvinh ok... will try to figure this out
02:52ewongvinh quick question... once uploaded, I can use the new one to login to the jumphost (etc) or is there a propagation time?
02:52vinhI would give it a few minutes to propagate
02:54ewongvinh thanks.. this is definitely a step up from manual stuff
03:07ewongjlaz are you able to check the logs for for my attempts to log in using the new key?
03:22ewongor was I supposed to ping vinh?
03:26ewongwill wait for a bit more for the propagation
03:32ewongah nvm... working now
03:41ewongjlaz yup.. thanks guys!
03:48jlazno problemo :)
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is pir
15:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is vinh
16:36jlinircops can someone unbann rfeeley? he accidentally pasted some logs in and got caught by the ban bot
16:36jlin(this was in #servicedesk)
16:37ashishjlin: you are a channel oper. you should be able to unban him :)
16:39ashish/ban should list all bans on a channel
16:39ashish/unban mask should remove the ban
16:45jlinlol ok let me try
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
17:07unixfairyarr do you have anything for the meeting today cc catlee cshields jbarnell fox2mike
17:08arrunixfairy: nothing for me
17:08unixfairyshall we cancel cc catlee cshields jbarnell fox2mike
17:10unixfairyneed one more vote for a majority but looks like we are good - if you think of anything email will work today too - thanks!
17:50safwanhey sal, there was a transition of sumo from lithium to kitsune at 7 am Pacific. I would like to know how much downtime we had. Do you have any log from pingdom?
18:05bensternthal^ no downtime this was just a DNS switch
18:06safwanoh! Thats cool bensternthal. I thought kitsune needs some time to start up
18:07bensternthalluckilly no
18:07salahh nice, yea nothing on my end
18:07salsafwan missed the highlight
18:08safwanbensternthal: Thanks a lot
18:08safwansal: no problem. Its not emergency
21:32kazuma[22:31:43] * Mighty_Warthog (Mighty_Wart@moz-3kg16r.g15v.q2k0.fb90.2607.IP) Quit (Quit: AtomicIRC: The nuclear option.)
21:32kazuma^ needs a temp gline
21:34kazumabeen going on for a long time and he is manually connecting /quiting
21:34kazumahe is just spamming atomicirc
21:35salkazuma: checking
21:38catleehow does one set up a new email alias/list?
21:39salkazuma: looks like ashish handled it :D
21:39salcatlee: i would say service-now, let me check tho
21:42salcatlee: yup just search for alias in "the hub"
21:42catleesal: thanks!
21:44catleesal: ah, sounds like I want a 'distribution list'
21:50salcatlee: ahh sorry
21:50sallook at "Initial requests"
21:53catleewoo, it's self-serve through google
20 Apr 2017
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