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17 Mar 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ashlee
06:24ewongany ircops around?
06:24ewongjustdave hi! is something like bug 1348211 ok?
06:24firebot NEW, infra@infra-ops.bugs please set +o to IanN on #seamonkey
06:59Usulewong|away: I would do , but he ain't online right now, so I can't
08:04ewong|awayUsul: thanks
08:26nthomaswhats up with irccloud ? is it just me getting 'The system is overloaded and functionality may be slow or unavailable., maybe after a netsplit
08:28Usulnthomas: we're looking into it
08:40nthomas_you're aware of irccloud being busted ?
08:41Usulof the netsqplit issue on irccloud yes
08:42SpikeUKIrccloud is not "busted" for me here in UK - maybe it is a local issue (I am not using Mozilla's account but my own if that makes a difference)
08:51justdave_cloudthe server youre connected to would be what affects it. People usually mean when they mention it in here.
08:53ashleehi unixfairy
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is Usul
09:23ewongis it just me or is the jumphost down?
09:24SpikeUKjustdave_cloud: Fair comment :)
09:26ewongUsul is the network issue (netsplit, irccloud) also affecting access? (out of curiosity)
09:28ewongUsul nvm.. just mentioning you managed to unhork the network hiccup
09:28Usulewong: what's the issue with the jumphost ?
09:28* Usul looks
09:29ewongUsul: couldn';t log on.. as it would time out.. now it's ok. probably a network hiccup
10:32nliI'm about to shutdown those devices on playbook checklist, you might want to downtime the alerting. :)
10:32firebotBug 1333891 is not accessible
10:32nliThank you.
10:32Usulnli: downtiming is on it's way
10:33Usulnli: downtime effective
11:03Usulnli: how are things going ?
11:10nliUsul: walked through all the check list
11:11nliUsul: I'm about to go home.
11:11nliAnything you need me to check?
11:13Usulnope Shall I start the status page maintainance window now ?
11:14nliUsul: Yes Sir. :)
11:17Usulhave a great week-end nli
11:17nliUsul: thank you Sir.
14:41mhoyehey, Usul - can you suspend a bugzilla account?
14:48pimuWhen will you allow registered Tor users to connect to the mozilla IRC server?
14:52Usulmhoye: yes
14:52Usulpimu: did you file a bug ?
14:53mhoyeUsul: killer. I'll file a bug.
14:54Usulno need I'll do
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is fauweh
17:56jlinhi ircops it appears nickserv is not an entity that can be messaged
17:57jlinis the nickserv bot still connected?
17:57ashishjlin: yeah, working on it
17:57jlink thanks
18:00Guest5147does that explain my forced nick change?
18:02fauwehjlin: just restarted nickserv
18:03ashishGuest5147: Guest36347: you should be able to reidentify
18:03fauwehsorry for the delay, was digging through logs
18:03jlincool confirmed that I can reach nickserv on a pm
18:03Guest5147ashish: thank you
18:34agibsonhi, I need some help enrolling my new phone using 2fa for ldap - can someone help?
18:36KWiersoagibson: might try #servicedesk
20:05nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
18 Mar 2017
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