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17 Apr 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
02:43rkumar@here we got alert for replication on backup3.db.phx1
02:43rkumarFound out that slave is broken for long
02:43jlazrkumar: hey there
02:43* jlaz checks
02:44jlazrkumar: does it say how long youve seen replication having issues?
02:44rkumarmaster server is itutils1.db.phx1
02:44rkumarI found out from error logs
02:45rkumarand also it cannot be setup now, will need rebuild, as logs required have been purged from master server..
02:47jlazrkumar: understood, if you can file the necessary bugs and the detail you've gathered, thatd be good for tracking
02:48rkumarok sure
02:48HavvySomebody want to gzline Tardvvy using AWS as a proxy to ban evade.
02:49jlazHavvy: got it, one sec
02:50jlazHavvy: done
03:21rkumarmissed to update, created bug
03:21firebotBug 1356945 is not accessible
03:26jlazawesome, thanks!
03:26jlazrkumar: how long do you think the rebuild may take?
03:27rkumarI think around 4-5 hours, will need to stream data from master and then setup replication
03:27jlazah ok, sounds good, ill downtime accordingly
03:28rkumarok sure, let us know when to start on this today or may be scheduling for some other time
03:28rkumarfor now i have downtime the check for 12 hours, as slave is already broken
03:29jlazrkumar: i think you may need to coordinate with matt on this, since im unsure of what the impact may be, if any
03:29rkumarwill check with Matt
03:33jlazsounds like a change request and potentially cab may be needed
04:46gcoxitutils is a pythian box for testing ansible (1271997). That it's still being backed up should only be looked at in that context.
04:47gcoxI'd pull the monitoring if I didn't think that would mess up good testing. It keeps tripping everyone up for no good reason.
04:51jlazgcox: ah, this is good to know, i didnt know it was just a pythian thing
04:51jlazthought it might have had some other users within the group, bah
04:52jlazin that case, i would suggest for them to have it regarding that bug
06:22rkumarthanks for information @gcox
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is vinh
18:05catleehi! can somebody check if a few users have L1 commit access for me?
18:05vinhcatlee: PM me
19:08cpetersonare there any known issues with I have a wiki page that times out with &quot;Database error&quot;. My wiki page has some very slow <bugzilla> queries, but they have never caused the page to not load until this today. Other wiki pages with <bugzilla> queries still load correctly.
19:09SpikeUKcpeterson: I am seeing same problem although there is not an underlying issues with wmo (as far as I can see)
19:11cpetersonSpikeUK: thanks. maybe the number of bugs returned by my queries increased over the weekend and that finally made the page load longer than some database timeout. I&#39;ll see if I can edit the wiki page to reduce the bug queries in the meantime.
19:13SpikeUKcpeterson: Looking like a huge page. Maybe worth splitting into two and see if that helps?
21:35SimonSapinHi. I followed a link to and got &quot;Your connection is not secure. uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,, *,;
21:35SimonSapinWhats the right place to report this bug?
21:38KWiersoSimonSapin: known issue: bug 1357118
21:38firebot NEW, Please set a correct certificate on (hosted on github)
21:38SimonSapinok, thanks
21:38KWiersouse http for now, I guess
21:53SimonSapinhttp redirects to https for me
22:50gpsBMO is sluggish and I&#39;m getting red &quot;Service Unavailable&quot; intermittently from the load balancer
22:51gpsvinh: ^
22:52gpsoh, i just saw the alert in #sysadmins
22:52gpsso you&#39;re probably on it already
22:59vinhgps: how about now?
23:06gpsvinh: seems much happier!
18 Apr 2017
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