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15 Mar 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
04:22Tony_6unixfairy++ jlaz++ ryanc++
04:22ryanc: )
04:23unixfairyTony_6++ johnb++ johnb++ ryanc++ jlaz++
04:25Havvyunixfairy: Your second johnb ++ didn't do anything.
04:26unixfairyHavvy why not
04:26HavvyYou can only give somebody karma once in a short period of time.
04:26unixfairyshhhhh we do it all the time
04:26HavvyUnless you're using something other than firebot.
04:26unixfairydon't kill my dreams Havvy
04:26Havvyfirebot: karma unixfairy
04:26firebotunixfairy has 7 points of karma (rank 86).
04:27Havvyfirebot: unixfairy++ unixfairy++
04:27firebotHavvy: Sorry, I've no idea what 'unixfairy++ unixfairy++' might be.
04:27Havvyfirebot: karma unixfairy
04:27firebotunixfairy has 7 points of karma (rank 86).
04:27unixfairywhich is weird because I have 502 total but that is from wesley I guess
04:28* unixfairy feels bot challenged
04:28HavvyAh. I think firebot only reads `x++` if it's at the start of the message.
04:30unixfairyah ok
04:30unixfairythank you Havvy
04:30HavvyWelp, if wesley reads them all, I guess you get two karma.
04:31unixfairyI will make sure I work extra to deserve :)
04:31unixfairyok I am bushed and have to turn around and do this again in a few hours
04:31unixfairynite all
04:32globi was curious and looked at the firebot code..
04:32globso karma only works if you mention a single person. that's silly
04:33globi should fix that
04:35glob/^\s*(?:karma\s+)?ranks?[?\s]*$/os eww
04:43unixfairyglob that would be lovely
04:43* unixfairy waves at glob from across the way
04:43glob:) hai
05:35johnbshould just get wesly in this channel. he keeps score in other channels
05:36jlazah yeah, wesley is here :P
05:52johnb!score jlaz
05:52wesleyjlaz has 335 points
05:54jlaztime to redeem these points for prizes!
05:54Havvyjlaz: The prizes were inside of you all along.
05:55jlazbut...I want a cereal box type prize
05:59HavvyI haven't seen a cereal box with prizes in it in a long time. And I work in a grocery store.
06:07jlazHavvy: oh wow, TIL:
08:05jcristauhi, ipv6 seems broken in the paris office this morning, looks like mtr only gets as far as 2001:450:2002:52e::1.
08:07jlazjcristau: understood, let me see if i can find someone who can assist with the network issues
08:07* jlaz tries to replicate problem
08:09jlazXioNoX: still about by any chance, or justdave?
08:12jlazjcristau: in the meantime, are you able to stay connected via ipv4?
08:12jcristaujust did ip -6 route add unreachable ::/0 metric 100 so everything goes via v4
08:13jlazunderstood, im going to try to escalate to netops, but hopefully folks in the office are still able to stay connected in the meantime
08:14jcristaugmail at least didn't seem to fall back on its own
08:15jlazmorning dave!
08:15jlazi'll file a bug right now, as well
08:16justdavebgp for v6 is up, the last host in your traceroute is the host we're peering with, interestingly enough
08:17jlazinteresting, i wonder if it is related to bug 1347263
08:17firebotBug is not accessible
08:18justdaveresponse on the ticket:
08:18justdave"I have checked the reported circuit and was unable to find any issues or outages. The circuit is up, BGP has been established for 35 days and I am able to ping across with no packet loss or latency."
08:20jlazbleh, would be nice if they actually provided proof or what they did to troubleshoot
08:55bcjlaz: Ok if I update It will take 15 minutes +/- and involve multiple restarts of the host and the squid service.
08:56Usulbc of course
08:56Usulplease proceed
08:57jlazbc: thanks for the heads up!
08:57bcnp. thanks!
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is Usul
09:15bcjlaz, Usul : all done. Thanks!
09:15Usulhave a good bc
09:16Usulforgot a word
15:26mhoyehey, Usul
15:26mhoyeQuick question for you
15:27mhoyeDo you have a any sort of magic access to the vreplay servers?
15:27mhoyeAs in to download videos
15:27Usulnot from the top of my head
15:27Usuldid you search mana
15:27mhoyebooo urns.
15:27mhoyehaha, did you search mana.
15:27mhoyeI kind of laughed a bit
15:28UsulI have not I just remeber seeing richards adding note all over
15:29mhoyeUsul: It's no slight on you, but whenever somebody asks me if I "checked Mana", I think of
15:59jgmizewould an irc op mind making me the owner of #meao-infra? we lost all ops & owners of the channel somehow
16:02Usuljgmize: looking if I have fu for that
16:02Usulif not file a bug in infra:irc
16:02jgmizethanks Usul
16:10* jgmize filed
16:10firebotBug 1347615 NEW, infra@infra-ops.bugs Please make me channel owner for #meao-infra
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
17:50Calleksal: fyi, a bunch of irccloud "we failed to submit your message" of course. Not sure if there is an underlying infra issue about to surface
17:50Callek(though it then shortly submits it)
17:51salCallek: let me test, been good for me tho
17:51salno alerts tho
17:51Callekyea, its not every message for me
17:58salCallek: did this start for you today? I remember that happened to me last week
17:58saldidn't think much of it as it went away after it failed once
17:59Calleksal: I've had issues on and off since we got IRCCloud, *but* this is a newly started bout
18:00Callekin the past this was a sign of the webservice itself getting really bogged down, leaky, etc and could crash the whole system (especially due to tons of extra messages) and/or a sign of a spammer run amok somewhere on the network (as it links to irccloud users)
18:00CallekTHOSE situations seem far less common with the more-recent updates
18:00Callek(just got that message on the "in the past..." line)
18:02Calleksal: to be clear, I don't think there is any action you can/should take here, other than being aware of it happening right now -- its more "if we get more user reports" and/or "if nagios/monitoring alerts" for correlation
18:02Callek(if there is actions to take, *great*)
18:03salCallek: rgr, will let you know if anything pops up :D
18:04saland ty for bringing it up
20:54joeykHey sal just wanted to let you know I am going to be renaming the VIP that puppetdashboard.m.o lives on so it might freak out DNS for a bit, don't be alarmed :) Here's the change request # as well CHG0011371
20:55Paul_Pythian@here looks like the web-api in the LBS is down again :(
20:55Paul_Pythiansal: is there anyone around to take a look?
20:57salPaul_Pythian: hey, and this is for releng?
21:00saljoeyk: ty
21:00Paul_PythianHi Sal; not sure. we are testing against the web-api on zlb1/2 and earlier matt informed me to pop in here. Should i jump into webops or releng and ask there?
21:01fox2mikePaul_Pythian: I think we asked you not to test until further notice
21:01Paul_Pythianlet me inform the IPC
21:03Paul_Pythianfox2mike: let the IPC know. will hold off testing anything on the API till we hear back from you guys -
21:09nthomashows it related to us (releng) ?
21:12salnthomas: no I was just wondering since we didint get much details, I remembered the zlb issues we had last tcw
21:12nthomasah, ok
21:12salnthomas: srry for the highlight :P
22:35tannerdigi: i've messed up. do you by chance have any backup of the DNS on Akamai?
22:38digitanner: I do, you just need the zone data?
22:38tanneryes, that would be perfect
22:38digiyou got it
22:38digiI'll email you the zone file
22:39tannerthank you so much!
22:39digitanner: np at all. just emailed it over to you
22:39digithanks :)
23:41jbraddocksal: the noise is coming from the water line outside of boardroom, it's happened before
23:43saljbraddock: yea dude :( I filled a work SN about it
23:43salwe're in the room next 2 it
16 Mar 2017
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