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15 Apr 2017
00:02salfauweh: pushed
00:02salerr felipe
00:05felipethanks sal! I just saw it live on the cdn. I'll close the bugs
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ashlee
01:43Caspy7someone here is reporting that always times out on them. It did time out on me as well. Can anyone speak to this?
01:56fauwehCaspy7: I'm getting connection refused with lftp as well
01:56fauwehcc ashlee
01:57ashleesame for me
02:00fauweh"After 8/5/15, ftp protocol support for will be completely disabled and downloads can only be accessed through http/https. "
02:00fauwehCaspy7: ^
02:01Caspy7hm, I see
02:02Caspy7hrm, that links to
02:02Caspy7which is miss :-|
02:03fauwehyeah, which is strange
02:04fauwehbut we only monitor HTTP/s for so seems that FTP is indeed not supported
02:07Caspy7fauweh: this is all rather confusing. There's a bug here that got WONTFIXed on 2015-10-29
02:07firebotBug 1174462 WONTFIX, Remove built-in support for FTP
02:08Caspy7while that post apparently said After 8/5/15, ftp protocol support for will be completely disabled and downloads can only be accessed through http/https
02:08Caspy7imagine I quoted that properly...
02:12fauwehCaspy7: that looks like a bug that was attempting to remove FTP support from the FF browser itself
02:12fauwehand was wontfixed (you can still use ftp:// within firefox)
02:12Caspy7ah, my bad
02:13fauwehI found a recent link to that broken link above, in this bug
02:13firebotBug 1237199 UNCONFIRMED, Missing IPv6 support for
02:13Caspy7...can you just share the link instead?
02:14fauwehit's the same link you shared above,
02:14fauweh(that's now missing)
02:20Caspy7that's weird, bug 1237199 is assigned to Mitchell
02:29fauwehCaspy7: thanks, was pondering checking too
02:29* Caspy7 nods
02:31Caspy7so, having read it, though I'm very sleepy, I didn't notice any actual reason given
02:31Caspy7I'm assuming it's mainly to encourage https adoption
02:32Caspy7...though is still perfectly good
02:32fauwehpossibly and to lessen MITM manipulation of FF binaries in flight
02:32fauwehhmm HTTP, makes ^ argument go out the window
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is Usul
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
21:33gtgtrying to find the meaning of "moc" .. can't guess any better than "mods on xx"
21:33gtgmight be better to just ask :P what does it stands for lol ?
21:38gtg!knock @sal
21:45philorMozilla Operations Center
16 Apr 2017
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