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13 Aug 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ashlee
04:24jgmizeFYI we saw a brief outage on MDN, but it appears to have recovered
04:40ashleeThanks jgmize
04:40ashleePlease reach out if needed
04:41jgmizebeen keeping an eye on it since the alerts, no action needed at this time AFAICT
04:42ashleejgmize: rgr
08:06safwanHi ashlee, Do you have any alert for ?
08:06safwanIt seems to be too slow from my end
08:07ashleesafwan: hi
08:07ashleeI don't have an alert
08:07safwanBut it seems to be too slow
08:08safwanTaking so much time to connect
08:09ashleesafwan: can you please file a bug for this
08:10safwanashlee: Do you also facing it?
08:10safwanor only me
08:13ashleesafwan: I'm not seeing what you see
08:13safwanashlee: What are you seeing?
08:14ashleesafwan: I'll pm
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ashlee
14 Aug 2017
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