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12 Jul 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is ryanc
03:22Tonneshey.. is down
03:27ryancHey Tonnes
03:28Tonnesryanc: hi
03:29ryancNot familiar with that domain
03:29ryancAh, I see
03:32Tonnesit's not under moco i guess..?
03:33ryancYeah, I'm not seeing much, if any info on it in our documentation
03:47ryancReaching out in #frenchmoz
04:34Tonnesi did so in #l10n but very quiet.. thanks is now responsive
06:16tchevalier|travelTonnes: answered in #l10n, but i think you were disconnected :) And yup we're back up thanks to geb
06:18ryanctchevalier|travel: Saw in #frenchmoz
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
10:31Tonnestchevalier|travel: thanks - yes for a few mins :)
14:54mhoyeDo we have a jlin or a saleh on the scene today?
14:56jlinhi there
14:56jlinwhats up? (Im in the union room with the ux people doing a traning session)
14:56jlinsaleh is up and around though
16:02phrozynpir will be there in a sec, having vidyo probs
16:04phrozynpir seems my account in vidyo is disabled
16:09cknowlespir is PTO today ... unixfairy is running things - we were just looking for you
16:09Usulunixfairy: ^^^
16:10phrozynack ty cknowles and Usul
16:31unixfairythnx all
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
18:07hwinejbarnell: fyi - accessing SF07 IDF
19:26hwinejbarnell: fyi - accessing SF07 IDF
20:28arrfauweh: for the log permissions bug, I assume we'd apply whatever fix to all the nagios 4 servers?
20:33fauweharr, yep we'd modify/add needed puppet modules
20:33fauwehwill rap with ryan when we're done with our meeting here in a few
21:33phrozynsal gonna ping you direct
21:33salphrozyn: cool
21:55danielhHey @sal We have been notified of this expired SSL certificate for I heard that your team might be able to help take ownership of that issue.
21:55firebotBug 1380463 UNCONFIRMED, Expired SSL
21:55danielhCan you help out with that?
21:55fauwehdanielh: yep, panopticon is owned by in our team
21:56danielhAlright, cool. Would you mind grabbing that bug and adding any relevant details. I'm probably going to get back to my own work now that you're aware of the bug.
22:03danielhAh, it looks like it was bumped over to your queue in Bugzilla anyway.
22:05daveiodanielh: thanks for the report, I've updated and resolved the bug. there's no live service there, the existing cert is just for dev work, so no exposure or userfacing downtime.
22:05daveiofauweh: ^^
22:05danielhPerfect. Thanks, daveio
22:07fauwehawesome daveio
13 Jul 2017
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