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11 Sep 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
15:20Callekdaveio: ping -- wikimo
15:20daveioCallek: what's up?
15:21Callekdaveio: so, I was trying to login to my account (username `Callek`) and the password I have had stored wasn't working, so I tried a few others just in case, none worked. Then I did a reset, and the e-mailed password from the reset also said it was invalid... now `Please wait 5 minutes before trying again. ` - but my concern is the inability to login with
15:21Callekexpected password
15:21CallekI'm a wikimo admin level user, so its particularly concerning...
15:22Callek(err I *was* )
15:23Usuldaveio: is what Callek is refereing to :)
15:23daveioCallek (Talk | contribs) (accountapprovers, antispam, confirm, emeritus)
15:24Callekyea, my piece is "I want to be able to login" I have no concern with the groups I'm assigned
15:25daveiosure. give me a sec, I'm more concerned by the reset password showing as invalid
15:25Callekme too
15:25* Callek wouldn't be shocked if some update or something broke his `Callek` without a `lc()` here
15:26* Callek has seen things break in the past because of that, but I like doing the case-cap-sens thing where its supported
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is vinh
18:30jlazhlangi++ hlangi++ hlangi++
19:03jlazvinh++ vinh++ vinh++
19:42hwinejbarnell: into the depths of the SFO7 IDF I tread (just once)
19:42jbarnellrodger ... there's rats in there
19:43hwinedoesn't bother me -- I use a trackpad
19:46hwineoohhh, but I might make off with that adjustable height table -- that's nice :)
19:51vinhhlangi: were you able to reboot the mac mini?
19:53hlanginope, wasn't able to find it, but I'll head back and check again
19:57hlangivinh: rebooted
19:58vinhhlangi: thx
20:01vinhhlangi: plus plus
20:09vinhjbarnell: johnb you guys aren't working on ber3 at the moment are you?
20:09jbarnellthey have a vendor maintenance right now sent linda the notes
20:10vinhah thx
12 Sep 2017
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