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11 Jul 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is pir
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is vinh
18:27catleevinh: hey - any chance you could look at today?
18:27firebotBug 1380069 NEW, Commit access (level 3) for Simon Fraser (sfraser) on projects/date
18:27vinhcatlee: give me one sec to enable the bit
18:30catleevinh: thank you!
22:29ericzunixfairy: I&#39;ve been tasked with coordinating runbook documentation for Web-ops stuff this quarter, is there anyone in particular I should hit with any questions that arise?
22:30unixfairySo many funny answers ericz but I will behave :)
22:30unixfairyDuring the early morning hours hit up U.sul or
22:30ericzWell runbooks *are* pretty funny.
22:30ericzMine at least. You could frame them and put them on the wall.
22:30unixfairyduring US 10a-6p hit up fauweh or myself
22:30ericzThat good.
22:31ericzOk, thank you.
22:31ericzI guess for starters do you have a template and a shining example I can aspire to?
22:31unixfairyWe are excited to partner with you
22:31unixfairywe do
22:31fauwehshining example...
22:31unixfairytwo seconds while I pull up template in mana
22:31unixfairyand then grab a great example
22:31fauwehI can snag that stuff to unixfairy if you are busy
22:31unixfairyor fauweh or vinh do you have a runbook you consider gold standard when you have one
22:32fauwehericz: do you have an example of a process you&#39;d like to document and I&#39;ll find a corresponding example runbook?
22:33unixfairy here is the basic template
22:33ericzfauweh: This would be for web- ops production websites for the most part
22:33ericzI&#39;m not sure if runbook would mean documenting nagios alerts
22:33ericzOr the service or what exactly.
22:34fauwehso, making a general statement here but
22:34fauwehall current nagios alerts should have runbooks
22:34fauwehso, are you looking to add new nagios alerts that need documentation?
22:35fauwehor, runbooks that are potentially outside of a received nagios alert
22:35fauwehhappy to just meet in vidyo if that&#39;s a better medium for this discussion
22:35ericzI don&#39;t really know, do you perceive an area of shortcoming?
22:38fauwehnot really, runbook creation is a fairly smooth process
12 Jul 2017
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