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18 May 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
15:47TheOnedaveio: can we please ban "LOLIPS" for pm spamming?
15:49daveioTheOne: what are they sending?
16:10joeykdaveio: it might be a malicious link, I got one too
16:12daveioit's attempted maliciousness
16:14daveiothey've been G-lined
16:20daveiolet me know if they come back, I'll get in touch with abuse at their ISP if they evade the ban
16:21daveioif you're going to play silly buggers maybe don't do it from your home dsl I guess
16:41joeykoh this could be fun, I should have taunted them lol
16:44daveiowouldn't recommend it, the last thing you want is a skid with a botnet with you in their sights
16:44daveioyou will never win a contest of who has the most free time with a skid
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
19 May 2017
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