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17 May 2017
01:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is jlaz
09:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is daveio
11:27arrdo we have a known issue with gcal? Every time I try to do something with an event, it says it failed
11:34arrinterestingly, I share my work calendars with my personal account and I can manage it just fine from there
13:18gcoxfwiw, some folks at lunch yesterday said dev editions was misbehaving for them in just that way.
14:07agibsonthe gcal issue was happening for me in Nightly last week too
14:07agibsonre-logging in with a new session fixed it
15:57arrryanc: we think the issue we were having with the AD dfs share is fixed now, so hoping to get those nagios allowed_hosts rules updated this week
16:18ryancarr: Great
16:30catleeunixfairy, arr: anything to discuss today?
16:31arrcatlee: no brainz
16:31unixfairyno sir - nothing that should impact releng specifically
16:31arrI got nuttin
16:31unixfairywe have 1 change for jive/phone/vidyo
16:31unixfairyand one for changing out ldap certs
16:31unixfairycomms will come out on both
16:31unixfairyappreciate you checking catlee++
16:32unixfairyah that meeting oh hell
16:32unixfairyI am so meeting saturated I cannot think straight - no I think IT is good
16:32unixfairyI will cancel
16:32unixfairyarr catlee cshields jbarnell fox2mike
16:32catleehalf an hour of your life back!
16:40fox2mikeyay unixfairy
16:42unixfairyok gcal is derping I will send cancel when it decides to play nicely
16:43Caspy7can anyone point me to the channel for Firefox build driver folk?
16:53ashishCaspy7: has some info, if that's relevant
16:53Caspy7ashish: thanks
17:00nagios-scl3New Sysadmin OnDuty is sal
17:19unixfairythanks gcox - yes the magical world of google is not working
21:08kbrosnani need to double check my hg access is still active is this the right people to ask?
21:09salvinh when you have some free time can you check? ^
21:10vinhsal: sure after my meeting
21:13vinhkbrosnan: give a few mins and you should have access again
21:14kbrosnanthank you!
21:14vinhIt was disabled most likely due to inactivity
21:14kbrosnanyep. totally reasonable
21:30kbrosnanvinh: still getting Permission denied (publickey) trying to ssh or using hg push
21:31vinhkbrosnan: i'll PM you
18 May 2017
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