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9 Sep 2017
00:20gandalfrnewman: once you land your patch I'll review all the blockers on the meta locales bug.
01:13rnewmangandalf: I'm waiting for my HG permission to exist again, so I can push to review and get a Fennec peer to review it.
01:13rnewmanI'll flag someone to take a look in Splinter, too.
05:17sysKinheyhey ~ anyone knows why would my android firefox fail to update to the latest version? play is downloading the package three times and then says it failed to update
14:33suneetsrihow to unbundle the bundle file of mozilla
14:34suneetsriError :abort: bundle.hg: unknown bundle feature, Stream Parameter - Compression='ZS'
14:34suneetsri(see for more information)
16:40nalexandersuneetsri: I think that will mean your hg is too old -- can you check with `hg --version`?
16:40nalexanderYou want a very new version, which I think is 4.3.1.
17:12suneetsrinalexander : Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 3.7.3)
17:14nalexandersuneetsri: based on zstd (ZS) was added in 4.1, so you'll need to update.
17:14nalexandersuneetsri: plus, pre 4.3.1 hg has a severe sec bug :)
17:15nalexandersuneetsri: sorry I haven't been responding to your mail / IRC; I'm on parental leave and just moved house yesterday. I'll be back at work Monday-ish.
17:15nalexandersuneetsri: and I'll make a point of getting you up and running next week.
17:15suneetsriOk sir no problem :)
17:16suneetsriI am stuck in this build since the last week and not been able to contribute
17:16suneetsriI am updating the mercurial :) and trying once again
17:24suneetsri@nalexander: Thanks its working :)
19:42suneetsriWhile building the frontend getting this error Chck Comment 8 on
19:42firebotBug 1394879 NEW, Replace TouchDelegate usage with TouchDelegateWithReset
10 Sep 2017
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