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9 Oct 2017
14:47rnewmantatowilson: re the file log identifier: I expect once it's been used, we shouldn't change it, otherwise file rolling will leave orphan files.
14:47rnewmanplease file a bug for the former.
20:28Caspy7I don't have my Android phone anymore. Can someone have a look at this post?
20:28Caspy7they're reporting that Privacy Badger is not installable for them on Android
20:42kumarCaspy7: ugh, they are hitting this bug I am working on a fix right now but it won't go out until Thursday.
20:42kumarhowever, I was ugh'ing because my fix won't actually let them install it. D'oh.
20:42kumarit's a Russian doll bug
20:43Caspy7kumar: is yours a fix if it doesn't fix the issue?
20:43kumarCaspy7: they should be getting an error explaining that the add-on is not compatible with Android
20:43kumarso that's the bug I'm fixing
20:44kumarbut the *reason* it's incompatible with Android is due to another bug:
20:44kumarand we don't have a fix for that yet
20:44Caspy7I was about to ask...
20:44Caspy7because that addons *says* it's compatible w/ Android
20:44kumarYeah. I think it's a Devhub bug in how it let them upload a new version.
20:45kumarThanks for this. I didn't know it was impacting a high profile add-on like that so I'll make some more noise about it.
10 Oct 2017
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