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9 Aug 2017
08:34GuyHey people
08:34Guya quick question.
08:34GuyHow do you read preference values? Using getDefaultSharedPreferences doesn't work
09:04nyuszika7hwhy is it not possible to remove the default site suggestions like Facebook on the Android nightly?
09:04nyuszika7hwithout pinning / visiting other websites
14:54WolfKillerETis there any port of Firefox for java midp nokia phones?
14:56wlachAaronMT: what's the magic incantation to get a bug tracked for fennec? i can't find tracking-fennec anymore. thinking of bug 1388417
14:56firebot NEW, 1.85% installer size (android-4-0-armv7-api15) regression on push 6df7dff00b94cf7232b7d507eee373fe6
15:04katsWolfKillerET: no
15:05WolfKillerETkats: :(
15:08katswlach: there's a "fennec" flag under "Firefox Tracking Flags"
15:08katsi /think/ that's the one you want
15:25jryansis there a bug to update the fennec nightly icon?
15:26AaronMTjryans: bug 1388679
15:26firebot NEW, Replace other Fennec Nightly icons
15:27AaronMTand the other bug mentioned in that one
15:27jryansAaronMT: ah great! will those update the icon in the play store as well?
15:28AaronMTsebastian: ^ ?
15:33firebotBug 1372911 NEW, Single locale builds on Beta 55 don't open
15:34sebastianAaronMT: jryans: Yes, the play store icon should change tomorrow as well :)
15:34jryanssebastian: ah okay, great! haha, i just sent ni? to ask...
15:56wlachkats: thanks!
16:00snorpwoo new icon
17:28esawinsnorp: on fennec? don't see it
17:29jfkthameok, i'm confused... i use "./mach reftest ..." to run some tests on my android device; then i edit one of the test files; then i run it again... but it continues to use the old file
17:30jfkthamewhere's it being cached, and what do i have to do to make "./mach reftest" actually run my edited test?
17:31snorpesawin: will be soon I guess
17:32snorpjfkthame: maybe need to build/package?
17:32jfkthamesnorp: i tried that, didn't seem to make any difference
17:32snorpjfkthame: hmm.
17:32snorpdunno then?
17:32snorpgbrown: ^^^ ideas?
17:33rbarkerI find I have to clear data for fennec on the device to prevent it from using a cached version of a test.
17:33jfkthamerbarker: ah, i'll try that - thanks
17:33rbarkerwhen I make changes. It's annoying.
17:34snorpwtf, we need to fix that
17:34droehI thought "clear cache" is sufficient rather than "clear data"
17:35droehor at least was the last time I had to run reftests locally
17:35rbarkerdroeh: yeah probably.
17:35jfkthamethough needing to do anything manually on the device every time you edit a test sounds sucky
17:35rbarkerI don't remember.
17:36rbarkerI think I just nuked everything from orbit, it was the only way to be sure... :)
17:36nalexanderrbarker: that's terrible. We should address this.
17:36jfkthamei'd tried re-doing build/package/install, but forgot to try clearing data... sigh. what a waste of time :(
17:37nalexanderjfkthame: there's logic to push test files to the device; it's clearly not correctly updating the files correctly.
17:37rbarkernalexander: there is a lot of terrible when it comes to fennec that should be addressed :)
17:37nalexanderjfkthame: it's possible that the startup cache is interfering as well.
17:37nalexanderrbarker: aye.
17:37nalexanderIn this case, I expect gbrown to know the most about the push-to-device/update code.
17:37jfkthamejust to confirm, after doing a Clear Data it *is* running my modified test
17:38jfkthamerbarker: thanks, i was getting really frustrated here!
17:38mbrubeckAre there any plans to add a "dark" theme to Firefox for Android?
17:39mcomellanyuszika7h: I believe you can use "delete from history" to remove it from top sites
17:40mcomellasebastian: It seems unintuitive that ^ is the solution to this problem: "why is it not possible to remove the default site suggestions like Facebook on the Android nightly?
17:40mcomella02:04 without pinning / visiting other websites"
17:40nalexanderjfkthame: this is really sounding like a web server caching issue, since a quick scan of suggests that test files are served using httpd.js.
17:40mcomellaDo we think that's a concern?
17:41nalexanderjfkthame: which makes me wonder if there's a symlinking issue or build issue, where the new test file isn't making it into the web server correctly.
17:41nalexanderjfkthame: what OS are you running on?
17:41jfkthamenalexander: running macOS
17:41nalexanderjfkthame: oh, wait, Fennec -- you can't be on Windows, so you must have symlink soupport.
17:42jfkthamenalexander: after clearing data on the device, the right file gets served on the next test run
17:42nalexanderjfkthame: rbarker: can one of you file this pain, explain the workaround, and CC me and gbrown? I can't guarantee fast action (I'm on parental leave), but clearing data gives a good lead on what's going wrong and we should try to make this less awful.
17:43jfkthamenalexander: so the web server is clearly finding it - but it may not be sending the right responses for the client to realize its cached version is out-of-date
17:43nalexanderjfkthame: if you could dig in to figure out exactly that -- if the web server is wrong or if Fennec's caching is wrong or ... --- that would be helfpul.
17:43* nalexander -> out
17:44jfkthamenalexander: thanks, will get back to this in a bit if rbarker doesn't file it first (if you do, please cc me as well)
17:50gbrownfjkthame,nalexander,rbaker,snorp: sorry I missed the party. there was a similar report for mochitests, bug 1364381. I found and fixed one possible cause of trouble there but then couldn't reproduce and wondered if I had fixed the issue or not.
17:50firebot NEW, Should request test file everytime instead of using cache's one
17:51gbrownfrom the test harness perspective, both mochi and reftest should be getting test files from the webserver, running on the host (ie, your desktop)
17:51mbrubeckI like the new toolbar design, but I find the white system bar is very distracting when reading dark-background web sites (especially since it doesn't scroll away).
17:51snorpmbrubeck: I agree about that
17:51mbrubeckChrome (and our Photon UI design for tablet) use a white toolbar but black system bar. Any chance we could do the same in our phone UI?
17:52nalexandergbrown: that sounds likely. I had to introduce cache busting parameters to Robocop specifically to work around this; why wouldn't we need cache busting (or httpd.js changes) for other test suites?
17:52gbrownnalexander: I'm not aware or don't recall your robocop cache busting. where's that?
17:53snorpcan't the webserver put no-cache headers?
17:53snorplike why would we ever cache this stuff
17:55nalexandergbrown: -- but maybe that's harness-only.
17:55nalexandergbrown: it's the same problem, of course.
17:55nalexandergbrown: and it's not harness only, we do that for all the test files.
17:56nalexandersnorp: I think the webserver needs to do lots of things, including act like a real webserver for tests.
17:57gbrownnalexander: I see. thanks.
19:57katssnorp: i think i saw somewhere that you had the profiler working on android at some point. is that true?
19:57snorpkats: I do, but it's a bit janky
19:57snorpkats: you gotta install that addon, and it will give you start/stop options in the menu
19:57snorpwhen you stop it, the profile gets dumped to sdcard
19:57katsah cool
19:58snorpthen you pull it off and symbolicate using a script in the repo there
19:58snorp*then* you can upload to
19:58katssnorp: thanks, that's better than i was hoping for :)
19:59snorpkats: np
19:59snorpkats: I don't know if anyone but me has ever gotten it to work, so lmk if you have issues
19:59katssnorp: i'm going to ask dietrich in bug 1388762 to try it
19:59firebot NEW, large blank spots while scrolling on
20:02snorpkats: nice
20:03snorpkats: that reminds me, are advanced layers a thing on android?
20:03snorp(what are advanced layers?)
20:04katsi'm trying to find the doc for it
20:05katsi don't think it's a thing on android
20:07snorpkats: ah, because it's d3d only
20:07snorpfor now
20:16rbarkerSome times I wonder if people in the org know that Android is actually a thing now.
20:35katsit is?
20:39rbarkerkats: I think I saw a tweet once?
22:21amoghbl1Is the Fennec project localised into many languages?
22:21amoghbl1I was under the impression that it was, but don't seem to find any translated strings or anything...
22:23RyanVMamoghbl1: yes
22:23amoghbl1RyanVM: could you give me a path to the files please?
22:27RyanVMfor beta
22:27RyanVM has a lot more info on how l10n works
22:29amoghbl1Well, I meant, where are the strings in the mozilla-central repo...
22:30RyanVMthey don't live in mozilla-central
22:31RyanVMif you want the equivalents for mozilla-central, you want
22:33amoghbl1Oh I see, thanks a ton RyanVM :D
22:33RyanVMnp :)
10 Aug 2017
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