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8 Oct 2017
02:12rnewmanMarcWeber: if you mean "can Firefox load more than one page at a time?", yes.
02:12rnewmanyou can open links in new tabs, and choose whether to switch or not.
08:56cousteauDamn, they changed the logo of Firefox beta
08:56cousteauI thought it was Chrome's, lol
10:21tatowilsonHi, I found 2 typos in `RollingFileLogger.swift` file of firefox-ios project. (1) `TwoMBsInBytes` is defined as 2 * 100000. it should be 2 * 1000000, right? (2) `fileLogIdentifierPrefix` is defined with trailing dot(.), and it is used in `fileLogIdentifierWithRoot(_:)` method definition, which adds another dot after `fileLogIdentifierPrefix`. I think the trailing dot should be removed.
9 Oct 2017
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