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8 Aug 2017
00:17mcomellafarhan: Where does page-metadata-parser.js come from?
00:17mcomellafarhan: Is that ?
00:18mcomellafarhan: (I'm discussing in slack with bbell so maybe respond there)
06:33ahuntmcomella: is the field count limit issue only for mach builds?
06:34ahuntNvm looks like n.alexander is on it
06:36ahunt(We hacked around something similar (for Mach) last year, but I think we exhausted all the "easy" fixes at that time.)
06:39ahunt just in case it's any help
06:39firebotBug 1306021 FIXED, Reduce mach build field wastage by removing unneeded copies
07:27keehooHi, sorry to repear myself, but I was logged out yesterday.
07:28keehooI asked aquestion regarding adding new code to fennec and would like to know how to update the build files to incorporate my new classes ( i'm talking bout java classes)
07:28keehooAny help much appreciated
07:30sebastiankeehoo: If you add new files then you will need to add them to mobile/android/base/
07:30sebastiankeehoo: The error you posted looks a bit like you are maybe missing the "import" in the Java file too?
08:12keehoook, I did that yesterday, just added one more line to
08:12keehooand got an error as pasted above
08:13keehoothe java file I added is
08:13keehooit extends
08:13keehooand is returned as a default profile
08:15keehooI think there is a way to inform build script to use this new files...
08:15keehooto tell it not to complain if new line is added to
08:19sebastiankeehoo: As mentioned in the error, files in need to be sorted alphabetically
08:21keehooomg... thanks a lot i went through ;/
08:22keehooI thought it's just a matter of running another python script that will sort the list maybe?
08:22keehoothanks again :)
08:28sebastiankeehoo: Build running now? :)
08:36keehooyes sir
08:36keehoolike a charm
08:51akatsukimcomella: Thank you. Now I am able to build Firefox mobile.
14:39RyanVMholy Fennec UI changes
14:40nemoRyanVM: oh?
14:40nemoRyanVM: linky?
14:40RyanVMcheck out today's nightly :)
14:40nemoRyanVM: oh fiiine.
14:40nemohadn't installed nightly on the new phone yet
14:40nemowasn't sure what exactly had caused my old one to fail semi-prematurely
14:41RyanVMstill on the old icon though?
14:41nemonightly wasn't a super-high suspect but, eh, was treating the new one more kindly
14:42nemotrippy fox logo
14:47nemoRyanVM: first impression. oh. so basically chrome
14:47RyanVMi thought I'd launched chrome by accident at first too
14:47nemoalso. would love it if I could invert the colours
14:47nemoso sick of white everywhere on my AMOLED screen
14:47nemohunting around in about:config for anything promising
14:48nemoRyanVM: I browse in private browsing just to avoid flashes of blinding white late at night.
14:48nemosetting aside the whole battery thing
15:23nine_millianyone know about
15:23nine_millii seem to get ALOT better performance with this turned off but will i be able to use webgl with it turned off?
15:25nemohuh. turning it off improves perf? that's surprising
15:25nemonot to mention should only impact, well, canvas
15:28nine_millii now get 60fps on my phone & fire tv with it off
15:28nemonine_milli: in a particular web app?
15:29nine_millimy personal app
15:33nine_millii cant provide a login though
15:34nemonine_milli: some kind of emulator?
15:34nine_millikind of
15:35nemonine_milli: oh. GBA - you using Grant Galitz'?
15:35nemo'cause that would make a decent test page
15:35nemohave a snapshot of that one lying around somewhere
15:36nemoiodine-gba that is
15:37nine_millii have a bunch of emulators for various platforms compiled to wasm using emscripten
15:37nemothese dudes say they use IodineGBA
15:37nine_milligba, nes, genesis, snes, dos
15:37nemonine_milli: oh. m'k - grant galitz spent a lot of time on performance of his GBA one anyway
15:37nemobut. was hoping for something to test
15:37nine_milliim using visual boy advance for gba
15:38nine_millicreate an account if you want to test
15:38nemonine_milli: testing on my phone now
15:38nine_millii cant give mine for legal reasons
15:38nemosure obv
15:39nine_milliwill disabling that flag disable webgl cuz im working on n64 now?
15:39nemonine_milli: AFAIK it just impacts acceleration of 2D canvas
15:40nemonine_milli: are you using skia for azure?
15:40nine_millii dont know?
15:41nine_millican you elaborate a bit? im not sure what exatcly that is?
15:42nemonine_milli: in my experience that's what tends to matter a bit more. wondering if toggling acceleration is impacting that
15:42nemonine_milli: trying out - and this New Game screen for fire emblem is definitely a lot slower on my phone. in FF stable anyway
15:42nemolet's see w/ nightly
15:42nemo(compared to my crappy ancient linux desktop which has NP with it)
15:44nemostill slow in nightly. righto. let's try that flag
15:46nemonine_milli: welp... at least with my phone and the emulator above, turning that flag off and restarting browser made the New Game screen even slower
15:46nemonine_milli: like... maybe going from 20fps to 10fps
15:47nine_millimade a big impact for me
15:47nemotitle bar says "20%"
15:47nemoresetting and loading it up again
15:49nemonine_milli: yep. desktop is 100%, FF Nightly with accleration on, 33%, with acceleration off, 20%
15:49nemoat least according to their title bar
15:49nemoGalaxy Note 4
15:49nemotesting on New Game screen of fire emblem
15:50nine_milliim using s8 and a custom build from a couple months ago
15:50nine_milliand im using wasm
15:51nemo has no mention of android unfortunately
15:51nemomaybe someone on this channel will pipe up
15:53nine_milliim not too concerned, i made the optiosn easily togglable on the app, was more concerned that it would disabled 3d
15:54nemonine_milli: so... if you're just emulating a pixel grid, is webgl really an advantage?
15:54nemoI mean, maybe it is, but you'd kinda hope browsers are pretty good at accelerating canvas too
15:55nine_milliwell like i said im working on n64 now, and the calls needs to be translated to webgl
15:55nine_milliall the other emulators were just 2d
15:55nemoit's not like you're doing low level emulating of shaders or whatnot like the dolphin guys are right
15:56nemonine_milli: so you actually are using dolphin
15:56nine_millidolphin is gamecube
15:56nine_milliim not that far yet
15:56nemowell. gamecube and wii
15:57nemo I was reading this the other day
16:15nemonine_milli: sure wish we could find someone to resurrect the wasm port of our game :/
16:15nine_milliwhich game?
16:15nemonine_milli: last time someone tried was a year ago - apparently emscripten had some physfs issue or something
16:15nemowe have an old old old asm.js port from years ago but that's it
16:16nemoalso needs a frontend anyway. the old port basically just launched a preset config
16:16nemoyou vs AI
16:17The0x539aaaaaa mobile photon is so bright
16:27nemoThe0x539: is photon what nightly is using? the chrome look alike?
16:27nemoit *is* hard on my eyes.
16:27nemocouldn't figure out how to do a dark theme either - which you'd think would be trivial given how minimalist the interface is
16:27The0x539I...don't like it *nearly* as much as desktop photon
16:27nemoit's a palette of like 2 colours
16:27The0x539where's mah tinted status bar
16:29nemoyeah. I dislike the overall trend to minimalism when it makes it harder to locate interface elements. I think google's material design strikes a good balance
16:29nemobut. eh. mostly it's the brightness that is bugging me right now
16:30nemoThe0x539: the most annoying thing is... if I do "new private browsing tab" which used to be my way to escape the white. the blank tabs are still filled with it
16:30The0x539as it is, pure white, same-color status bar, it's pretty iOS-y
16:30nemoThe0x539: yeah. iOS design is something I fight about w/ our designer allll the time. he's all in on it
16:31nemoThe0x539: I want to know what's a button, what's a label. what can I interact with. without having to relearn it for every app
16:31nemoand it's not true that this is just 'cause I'm an old curmudgeon
16:31The0x539iOS design belongs on iOS
16:31nemothey tested millenials on these new flat sites - they figured 'em out just like me - hovering and hunting and testing
16:31The0x539where I can avoid it by avoiding iOS
16:32nemoI do wish FF mobile had themeing. :/
16:32nemobut I guess that's not practical need a native UI for responsiveness or something
16:32nemowonder if I rooted this phone if XPosed could intervene
16:32The0x539i'd like some degree of customization but I have no desire for the full range offered by desktop
16:32nemoThe0x539: I just want dark really. that's all saves battery on my AMOLED and is less obtrusive in dark environments
16:33nemoeasier on my eyes too
16:33The0x539i want dark
16:33nemoThe0x539: non-flat would be a nice bonus, but so far sticking with stable ensures that
16:33The0x539i got no AMOLED, i want no black
16:33nemoThe0x539: dark, black, whatever
16:33nemoThe0x539: but. yeah. private browsing on stable solves most of that for me
16:34The0x539there's a big difference tho :(
16:35nemoThe0x539: eh... for how I use it, dark grey and black solve same purpose. power consumption isn't that different either
16:35nemoThe0x539: for regular web pages I do use the black background firefox addon - you could customise it to use dark grey if that's what you prefer
16:35* The0x539 shrugs, wants exclusively one of the two depending on his display type
16:35nemowish there was an addon to force readability mode on a page, but couldn't find anything like that
17:46mcomellanemo: We supported lightweight themes with the pre-Photon UI but I don't know if they're intended to be supported with Photon (or if they are, if they're implemented yet)
17:47nemomcomella: oh???
17:47* nemo hunts for a theme
17:47nemothis has bugged me for so long on mobile
17:49nemomcomella: can lightweight themes override that blinding new tab screen?
17:50nemoseems like no
17:50nemojust impacts the bit around the url bar.
17:50nemohelps a bit at least
17:50nemoprivate browsing is still a good fix on stable
17:53mcomellanemo: Settings -> General -> Home, you can set a new homepage which might work. However, when you touch the url bar to type in a query, I think the Top Sites Pager will appear
17:53nemomcomella: and if I do want to get to the homepage? I know it isn't often, but sometimes it is useful. bookmarks and such
17:53nemoI'd much rather the homepage honoured the background color setting in about:config :/
17:54mcomellanemo: I think when you click on the url bar to enter a url or query, it'll come back
17:55nemomcomella: I wonder if this will fix the flash of white when loading a new page too
17:55mcomellanemo: Unfortunately, all of that is written in native Android UI which makes it non-trivial to customize (whereas CSS in the desktop environment makes it pretty straightforward)
17:55nemothought for sure setting background colour to black would fix that, but again, private browsing was the fix
17:55mcomellanemo: "all of that" being the Top Sites pager
17:55nemomcomella: well. it's just weird that it can't simply read those config vars? background/foreground colour are things in android too
17:55nemodoesn't really need CSS
17:57mcomellanemo: That would assume that we consistently use color identifiers and it requires a non-trivial branch in the code to actually change the colors and then there are various problems (how do the fonts change colors? did they use consistent identifiers? What happens when we enter private browsing?)
17:57mcomellaMany of the about:config values are simple to do in desktop but require a lot more overhead with native mobile UI so we tend to ignore a lot of them
17:57nemoeh. just use mine if they are set, period
17:57mcomellalol :P
17:57nemootherwise use your preferred defaults
17:57nemoif my setting 'em screwed you up, I can always unset 'em
17:57nemomcomella: like in nightly about:config honoured foreground colour, but not background colour, making setting worse than useless
17:58nemomcomella: you set the foreground colour and background colour and bam. invisible text.
17:58nemono idea what other pages honoured foreground colour
17:58mcomellaWell, even if we partially implemented, I'd think it has to work the way you want it to otherwise we'd be having the same conversation :P
17:59mcomellaSo it has to work like a feature and we tend to prioritize features that affect a wider audience
17:59nemoyeah, yeah. I know :/
17:59nemoit's the same way with every app
17:59nemoslack does the same thing. hangouts...
17:59mcomella(fwiw, I'm not currently on the fennec team so I can't say what their priorities are now)
18:01mcomellaI don't know exactly what you dislike about the default colors but fwiw, I used to struggle with whiteness/brightness of UIs (I'd get headaches) and tried to get all of my UIs to be dark and low contrast. However, it was always a struggle because most apps don't work that way. I eventually discovered I could set everything to be light-colored and just reduce
18:01mcomellathe brightness of my devices, and it achieved the same effect.
18:01mcomella(you mentioned the battery-use issue, which won't help here, unfortunately - but if there are other concerns, maybe it will)
18:04nemomcomella: battery is a big one for me. Screen is an enormous part of power draw and it bugs me that reading for long periods of time unnecessarily drains battery
18:05nemomcomella: firefox is one of the more controllable ones though
18:05nemothanks to Private Browsing (well, in stable) which does entire UI in dark
18:05nemoand the Dark Background/Light Text addon which I use tons
18:05nemomcomella: reducing brightness isn't reaaally same thing. I do keep mine low and it does help the eyes like that
18:05nemomcomella: but even on very lowest brightness setting, at night, a white screen is still very bright
18:06nemowhen my device was rooted I used CF.Lumen which helped very much
18:06mcomellaI also use Twilight to reduce brightness/whiteness
18:06nemounfortunately I'm not currently rooted due to google's BS
18:06nemomcomella: yeah. twilight kinda sucks unfortunately due to lack of root
18:06nemomakes dark things redder
18:06nemosince it is just an overlay
18:07nemoI'm hoping something official eventually comes to android, but right now CF.Lumen works best
18:07nemoI'll probably root this one again. I also miss my linux chroot
18:07mcomellanemo: As far as dark UI, you could try using reader mode, Focus (it's a little darker!), or Pocket (which I think you can set dark backgrounds for)
18:08mcomella^ wrt reading long articles
18:08nemomcomella: yeah. I use reader mode a lot
18:08nemoone of the annoying things about firefox is you can't force reader mode
18:08nemoeven if a site sorely needs it
18:08nemofirefox just wants to guess
18:08nemoI hunted for addons to do this but couldn't really find one. all I wanted was an icon that always shows reader so I can try it
18:08nemoif it fails, oh well
18:09nemomcomella: one nice thing about reader is it is also a fix for sites that insist on rendering blank unless you enable JS - I think it is sometimes some designer thinking this is a workaround for "flash of unstyled content/font" but it is super annoying
18:09nemounfortunately not all sites display reader
18:10nemomcomella: I found a decentish workaround is to use Stylish, and write an override style as a data: uri - that way I don't need to host new styles CSS for each broken site
18:10nemomcomella: anyway. I've got quite a few workarounds at this point - probably the only one that nightly will screw me over on is the fact that private browsing no longer has the dark screen
18:11nemoit's actually a bit odd to me that private browsing shows the default homepage - that seems like a bad idea
18:12mcomellanemo: fwiw, we used to suggest this add-on for always reader but it looks like it might not work anymore:
18:13nemomcomella: yeah. that one looks like the one I tried
18:13nemohm.. there's a userChrome option eh
18:13nemoshame I probably need root to do that :/
18:14nemopretty sure the profile is somewhere under /data not my user profile
18:14nemos/user profile/user folder/
18:14nemomcomella: also. obv I don't want to *always* load pages in reader view - what I just want is the option to try the button always
18:14nemoso that userChrome seems like a good idea
18:14nemohm.. didn't think userChrome worked in mobile
18:14nemomaybe that's just for desktop users
18:15nemomcomella: wish there was a hidden pref "always show reader button"
18:15nemoseems it'd be helpful for guys in testing too
18:15mcomellaYeah, it's possible that it was a desktop workaround
18:16nemomcomella: another nice thing about dark-everything is. let's say I'm being a liiiittle rude and looking up something on browser in movie theatre. If I have sound off and display brightness set to minimum, the white is still noticeable. with black background tho, not even my friend next to me necessarily notices
20:40liucheI've been away from fennec for a trychooser still the place where you make your try commands? What are the valid platforms we can build on? Apparently android-15+ isn't a valid platform, so if trychooser is still active, we should get that removed as an option.
20:41liuche[task 2017-08-08T20:36:44.051139Z] Exception: Unknown platform(s) [android-api-15-frontend,android-api-15-gradle-dependencies] specified for try
20:47rnewmanliuche: I think it's 16+ now
20:48rnewmanbug 1316462
20:48firebotBug is not accessible
20:49rnewmansee in particular
20:50liuchenice, okay, looks like it's because 16+ builds are still named 15+:
20:50firebotBug 1384482 NEW, RelEng work for dropping API 15 for android fennec builds
23:11liuchemcomella: I can't find the documentation for how to change the config to build a nightly, or beta build, do you remember where that might be?
23:11liucheit's one of the ac_add_options , I know that much
23:12liuchethat needs to be overridden in the mozconfig/common.override
23:16liuchehm, maybe it's this one:
23:16mcomellaliuche: That looks right
23:17mcomellaLooks like strs are "nightly", "beta", etc.
23:17* liuche adds that to the wiki
23:17mcomellaliuche: Which wiki? :P
23:17mcomella ?
23:18liuchemaybe the dangling "Advanced Topics" one
23:18liucheprobably not Simple Firefox Build...
9 Aug 2017
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